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Reply #3: What's really cool (or typical) is that you missed that he was guilty of a MISDEMEANOR [View All]

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Bold Lib Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Oct-15-10 01:25 AM
Response to Reply #2
3. What's really cool (or typical) is that you missed that he was guilty of a MISDEMEANOR
Edited on Fri Oct-15-10 01:29 AM by Bold Lib
but is being treated by the Feds as if he was guilty of a felony. So, do you think that a person guilty of a misdemeanor should loose the affirmed fundamental right to arms?

TWO MILLION defensive gun uses every year by lawful gun owners.
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  -SAF Sues Eric Holder, FBI Over Misdemeanor Gun Rights Denial Bold Lib  Oct-15-10 12:25 AM   #0 
  - True  lawodevolution   Oct-15-10 12:42 AM   #1 
  - It's really cool  MichaelHarris   Oct-15-10 01:11 AM   #2 
  - What's really cool (or typical) is that you missed that he was guilty of a MISDEMEANOR  Bold Lib   Oct-15-10 01:25 AM   #3 
  - I don't care what  MichaelHarris   Oct-15-10 01:29 AM   #4 
     - So he just has to be guilty of something  lawodevolution   Oct-15-10 03:00 AM   #6 
     - nice try  MichaelHarris   Oct-15-10 02:39 PM   #15 
        - Sure you do. I believe you. Yup. n/t  shadowrider   Oct-15-10 03:00 PM   #18 
        - Non-violent felonies don't involve violence either...  kwikrnu   Oct-16-10 10:07 PM   #31 
        - Yeah, sure you do.  cleanhippie   Oct-17-10 03:45 PM   #36 
           - Oh, the vision of that! Laughing all the way!  SteveM   Oct-18-10 03:24 PM   #46 
     - What he was found guilty of is the very crux of the matter, whether you care about it or not  Euromutt   Oct-15-10 04:55 AM   #8 
     - Can we finally use the word "loophole" with some accuracy here? n/t  PavePusher   Oct-15-10 10:22 AM   #12 
     - I find it shocking that I am on a liberal/progressive board...  pipoman   Oct-15-10 06:36 AM   #9 
     - Nothing astounding about it as witnessed by many anti-gun comments  shadowrider   Oct-15-10 10:33 AM   #13 
        - I'm real anti-gun  MichaelHarris   Oct-15-10 02:45 PM   #16 
           - Self deprecation is so unbecoming. You should seek help.  cleanhippie   Oct-17-10 03:49 PM   #37 
           - How can we be certain you won't 'snap' and kill someone with them?  friendly_iconoclast   Oct-17-10 05:18 PM   #38 
           - You own more guns than me.  rrneck   Oct-17-10 05:20 PM   #39 
     - I want to own slaves. (Caucasian ones only.)  PavePusher   Oct-15-10 10:21 AM   #11 
     - The Bible says that's okay  Euromutt   Oct-15-10 01:30 PM   #14 
        - I dunno.  PavePusher   Oct-15-10 05:52 PM   #23 
     - Of a Misdemeanor NOT a felony. BIG difference. The fact that you don't care has been obvious  Bold Lib   Oct-15-10 06:55 PM   #24 
     - Ol' HaHaHaHaHaHaHa is back...  SteveM   Oct-18-10 03:23 PM   #45 
  - Gun control supporter has now decided that he is GOD and  lawodevolution   Oct-15-10 02:57 AM   #5 
  - Your muscles hurt from all that stretching?  shadowrider   Oct-15-10 06:57 AM   #10 
  - hahahaha  MichaelHarris   Oct-15-10 02:47 PM   #17 
     - I didn't say it was, I said it COULD HAVE BEEN. You ever go to the mall  shadowrider   Oct-15-10 03:02 PM   #19 
     - need a  MichaelHarris   Oct-15-10 03:31 PM   #21 
        - I cannot but notice that you're not responding to my posts, Michael  Euromutt   Oct-16-10 04:19 AM   #26 
           - Maybe he is "skeered" of the truth? n/t  oneshooter   Oct-16-10 07:13 AM   #27 
           - Eh. I don't pretend to know "the truth"  Euromutt   Oct-16-10 10:45 AM   #30 
           - Me "skeered"?  MichaelHarris   Oct-17-10 01:05 AM   #32 
              - I don't take my weapon because I'm "afraid". I take it because I'm prepared n/t  shadowrider   Oct-17-10 05:30 AM   #33 
              - "Skeered" or not, you're avoiding responding to my posts  Euromutt   Oct-17-10 06:30 AM   #34 
              - Maybe he/she adjusted their settings and can't see them?  shadowrider   Oct-17-10 06:41 AM   #35 
              - Yeppers, not responding to any of Euromutt 's posts. "skeered" would be the correct term. n/t  Bold Lib   Oct-17-10 07:04 PM   #40 
              - or  MichaelHarris   Oct-17-10 11:50 PM   #41 
                 - And that brings us right back to "skeered".  Bold Lib   Oct-17-10 11:52 PM   #42 
                    - not at  MichaelHarris   Oct-18-10 01:38 AM   #43 
                    - I really have to wonder what I'm observing here  Euromutt   Oct-19-10 05:10 AM   #50 
                    - His inability to form cogent arguments was his own undoing.  Bold Lib   Oct-19-10 09:44 AM   #52 
                    - Funny post. All suspicions confirmed. Have a nice day now.  Bold Lib   Oct-19-10 09:42 AM   #51 
                    - "Ignore" is Insteatooshunalized "skeered."  SteveM   Oct-18-10 03:30 PM   #49 
              - Exercising a Civil Right is now equivalent to being "chicken shit"?  PavePusher   Oct-18-10 09:09 AM   #44 
              - Yep. Still avoiding questions in favor of the usual...  SteveM   Oct-18-10 03:29 PM   #48 
           - Never does. He tries to laugh at his own jokes, but it's nervous laughter.  SteveM   Oct-18-10 03:28 PM   #47 
     - Shadowrider's surmise has as much evidence to support it as your assertion...  Euromutt   Oct-15-10 03:16 PM   #20 
  - I assume he is not rich and white. If he was he would have had an attorney  Pavulon   Oct-15-10 03:53 PM   #22 
     - With a name like Schrader, I'd guess he was white...  Euromutt   Oct-16-10 03:59 AM   #25 
        - More of a hack at the rules. Generally rich kids have parents  Pavulon   Oct-16-10 07:52 AM   #28 
           - Do bear in mind the guy was convicted three months before LBJ signed the GCA into law  Euromutt   Oct-16-10 10:37 AM   #29 
  - Oh damn, I see what the problem is  Euromutt   Oct-15-10 03:51 AM   #7 
  - bump, for those that missed it.  Bold Lib   Apr-05-11 08:06 PM   #53 

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