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spin Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jun-23-09 11:40 PM
Response to Reply #17
18. The comment was...
Edited on Tue Jun-23-09 11:42 PM by spin
"Like anybody would be surprised that a bunch of right-wing fundies think guns and God are a natural pairing."

coupled with a previous statement,

"Man, you guys got weird churches down there."

Sorry if I misinterpreted your statements. Sometimes you do tend to be obscure. Therefore, I thought I'd check.

Fundie or fundy (plural fundies) is a pejorative slang term used to refer to religious fundamentalists of any denomination, although it is primarily directed toward fundamentalist Christians. The term is intentionally derogatory, and is used most commonly by those opposed to the Christian Right movement. The term is often associated with religiously motivated conservative moral beliefs, especially those regarding social issues.

After your answer, I can see that you use the term to describe moral beliefs not intelligence. Many people I know lump the two together when describing "fundies". They simply believe that their moral beliefs are caused by a lack of intelligence and a lack of knowledge of the Bible. I chose to believe that while they may be intelligent they simply lack understanding of the Bible.

The personal encounter with a member of the Pentecostal church was very disturbing to me. He was a co-worker in a factory where I worked, but fortunately worked in a different area than I did. Occasionally we would meet on break times.

On these breaks he would turn the subject to religion. I told him that I was primarily Christian as it was the local religion, but I believed that God manifests himself in many ways to different people.

He said, "You are going to Hell!"

I told hm that I had been baptized and had been a member of a Presbyterian church for years and still held their basic views although I had given up on attending church as it was boring.

He said, "You are going to Hell unless you become a Pentecostal!"

Slightly irritated, I ask him if he believed that there were no other people who might go to heaven. I mentioned good Catholics, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Baptists, Muslims or Jews.

He answered, "No, they're all going to Hell, and you are too!"

So I decided to express my own personal theory that it is quite possible that we are merely the results of some alien species genetically altering apes to increase the intelligence level far enough to serve as workers during the time they visited our planet. (I like science fiction.)

That was fun, and caused the anticipated explosion. He said,"You are doomed to burn in Hell for eternity and YOU will SUFFER more than the average sinner".

But even that encounter failed to divert him from his mission of saving my soul. He was dedicated and determined. I had to take entirely random breaks to avoid him. He worked in a room down the hallway from my work area. I would stealthily peak around the corner of the hall to see if he was lying in wait for me to go on break.

With him around, break time had turned into Hell itself. I figured that if he was right, I needed to peacefully enjoy what time I had left.

Fortunately, he finally got moved from the 11 pm to 7 am shift. I resumed my enjoyable habit of talking to the guards about news and politics on break.

By the way, he didn't own firearms as far as I know. If I mentioned shooting, the conversation would get immediately sidetracked into religion the same as any other topic.

I did read your links on the United Church of Canada. I did find the info interesting and agree with many of their views with the exception of the position on gun control.

My daughter was married by a lesbian minister who impressed me as the smartest preacher I have ever met.

My daughter is Wiccan and her husband is an atheist, an interesting combination. He has a theory that religion is the Santa Clause myth for adults.

edited for fat fingers

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