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Reply #29: Who are you trrying to kid, slack [View All]

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MrBenchley Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-20-03 09:28 AM
Response to Reply #28
29. Who are you trrying to kid, slack
"It's amazing how quickly civility and respect get tossed aside whenever the subject involves people carrying guns to defend themselves."
Is that why the RKBA crowd is gloating and joking about the kids who got drowned in the bathtub, slack?

The plain fact is, who cares what your particular take on it was? The issue is public policy and the deliberate LIE from the corrupt gun industry that shaped public debate....not slack's private fantasies.
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  -PRESS RELEASE - "National Poll Redefines the Gun Issue" CO Liberal  Oct-17-03 03:49 PM   #0 
  - Why not just join the damn NRA?  donco6   Oct-17-03 03:53 PM   #1 
  - What part(s) of it are unacceptable to you  slackmaster   Oct-17-03 03:59 PM   #3 
  - Good point - most folks accept controls on Guns - and the motherhood  papau   Oct-17-03 03:57 PM   #2 
  - Wonder how many of those  MrBenchley   Oct-17-03 04:12 PM   #4 
  - Most people don't link unrelated issues  slackmaster   Oct-17-03 04:24 PM   #5 
     - Gee, slack...  MrBenchley   Oct-17-03 04:47 PM   #6 
     - Most people don't know an assault weapon from their elbow  slackmaster   Oct-17-03 04:57 PM   #7 
        - Sure they do, slack  MrBenchley   Oct-17-03 05:06 PM   #8 
           - Survey data is four years old  slackmaster   Oct-17-03 05:18 PM   #9 
              - Gee, slack  MrBenchley   Oct-17-03 09:14 PM   #10 
                 - I'm not swayed by appeals to popularity  slackmaster   Oct-18-03 10:25 AM   #11 
                    - Yet You Pro-Gunners Expect Up Pro-Control Folks to Accept "Shall Issue"...  CO Liberal   Oct-18-03 05:29 PM   #12 
                       - You will notice that  MrBenchley   Oct-18-03 08:16 PM   #13 
                       - One of your favorite comebacks is...  RoeBear   Oct-18-03 08:26 PM   #14 
                       - It's A Concept That Was Once Popular......  CO Liberal   Oct-20-03 08:40 AM   #19 
                          - Or not  slackmaster   Oct-20-03 08:41 AM   #20 
                       - Why not?  thetoolshed   Oct-18-03 09:09 PM   #15 
                       - It's not just "a number" of states CO  slackmaster   Oct-19-03 09:42 AM   #16 
                          - Amazing what blood money and crooked Republicans can do, slack  MrBenchley   Oct-19-03 03:32 PM   #17 
                             - Got concrete evidence that shall-issue laws decrease public safety?  slackmaster   Oct-20-03 08:28 AM   #18 
                                - Been there, done that  MrBenchley   Oct-20-03 08:54 AM   #21 
                                   - please show us  Romulus   Oct-20-03 08:59 AM   #22 
                                   - Gee, rom...  MrBenchley   Oct-20-03 09:04 AM   #24 
                                   - And where is the causal link?  slackmaster   Oct-20-03 09:00 AM   #23 
                                      - Well, exactly....  MrBenchley   Oct-20-03 09:05 AM   #25 
                                         - Straw Man  slackmaster   Oct-20-03 09:08 AM   #26 
                                            - Gee, slack  MrBenchley   Oct-20-03 09:19 AM   #27 
                                               - Stuff a little more straw in that man, MrBenchley  slackmaster   Oct-20-03 09:21 AM   #28 
                                                  - Who are you trrying to kid, slack  MrBenchley   Oct-20-03 09:28 AM   #29 
                                                  - thank you  Romulus   Oct-20-03 09:35 AM   #30 
                                                  - When did I ever say anything about kids drowned in bathtubs?  slackmaster   Oct-20-03 09:55 AM   #31 
                                                  - Gee, slack, don't go to this thread.....  MrBenchley   Oct-20-03 10:08 AM   #32 
                                                  - Not much levity there  slackmaster   Oct-20-03 10:43 AM   #33 
                                                  - But Killing Seems To Happen Much More Often.......  CO Liberal   Oct-20-03 11:14 AM   #34 
                                                  - It certainly does...  MrBenchley   Oct-20-03 11:17 AM   #36 
                                                  - Nothing that any sane person would consider funny, no...  MrBenchley   Oct-20-03 11:14 AM   #35 
                                                  - Your post appears to be in English but I can't make any sense of it  slackmaster   Oct-20-03 11:41 AM   #37 
                                                  - Or a joke?  Superfly   Oct-20-03 11:43 AM   #38 
                                                  - I can identify humor, fly  MrBenchley   Oct-20-03 11:50 AM   #40 
                                                  - That's're brand of humor is  Superfly   Oct-20-03 12:36 PM   #42 
                                                  - Gee, slack, the fault's not on my end  MrBenchley   Oct-20-03 11:50 AM   #39 
     - "Most people don't link unrelated issues"  iverglas   Oct-20-03 12:34 PM   #41 
        - Don't be silly  MrBenchley   Oct-20-03 12:37 PM   #43 
  - Locking  FlashHarry   Oct-20-03 12:44 PM   #44 

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