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johnbraun Donating Member (197 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Feb-22-08 12:29 AM
Response to Reply #24
25. Exactly.
"What's a member of a "well-regulated militia" without a gun? "

Dead weight.

"I have no formal military training, I have no basic gear or skills to be of any use to any military unit."

Well, under the 2nd Amendment, best go and get you some gear and skills. The purpose is not to get military-equivalent training, but to get familiarity with weapons systems and operations.

"I have no firearm appropriate for any sort of defense against a well-armed invader, likely with armor and air support."

If you have a rifle capable of making hits out to 600m, you're on par with the Iraqis. They seem to be doing OK.

"Am I subject to be press-ganged into this unorganized militia against my will?"

You're already in it.

"Who has command-and-control over this unorganized militia? What exactly is the order of battle? Is this under the command of my governor and National Guard, or is this under command of the DoD?"

You are under the COC of the governor of your state, then the CIC. But the real responsibility for your militia duties lies with you.

"I have no idea who I am to report to, if called up, or where."

That's the point. You are not "called up". You're in it, and if there is civil unrest or another major problem in your area then you have the responsibility to hook up with other members of the militia and coordinate things. No one is going to tell you what to do at first, if ever.

"And how is an unorganized militia different from a well-regulated militia? I thought the 2nd amendment specifies a well-regulated militia?"

A well-regulated militia is one codified under law. Your membership in it is regulated and codified under law. Therefore, the unorganized militia is well-regulated.

Look, 999/1000 times your militia status applies, it's not going to be because the Chinese are invading. It's because a hurricans just hit and people are looting neighborhoods so you grab your rifle. Or there's a snowstorm and Florence down the block needs her heart medication. Or there's a massive fire and you need to volunteer in a burn unit. Your participation in a well-regulated militia means that you give help where help is needed, and in order to help others you cannot be helpless yourself - and that is the reason that you have a firearm. When there are problems, civil society and protection falls apart because they're dealing with the really big problems, and you as a helper have to be able to ensure your safety as you go about helping people.
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  -The pesky meaning of "Well Regulated" Elmer1007  Feb-21-08 08:49 AM   #0 
  - I missed the last Official State Militia Training date...  Hobarticus   Feb-21-08 08:53 AM   #1 
  - You're already in the militia.  johnbraun   Feb-21-08 09:46 AM   #5 
     - deleted  johnbraun   Feb-21-08 09:48 AM   #6 
     - So, if I'm in the militia...  Hobarticus   Feb-21-08 10:46 AM   #10 
     - Nope. It's your responsibility to know the law.  johnbraun   Feb-21-08 11:10 AM   #11 
        - LOL!  Hobarticus   Feb-21-08 11:12 AM   #12 
           - Laugh if you want, the law is the law.  johnbraun   Feb-21-08 11:15 AM   #13 
              - Maybe you should turn me in...  Hobarticus   Feb-21-08 11:16 AM   #14 
                 - Dude, it doesn't say you have to own a gun. Just that you're in the militia by law.  johnbraun   Feb-21-08 11:32 AM   #15 
                    - Dude, if I don't own a gun, what good am I in this militia?  Hobarticus   Feb-22-08 12:12 AM   #24 
                       - Exactly.  johnbraun   Feb-22-08 12:29 AM   #25 
     - Crimminy. If you could read you would be dangerous. It says no such thing.  bluerum   Feb-21-08 04:56 PM   #20 
  - Although - one could say that part of being a "well regulated" and military  bluerum   Feb-21-08 09:01 AM   #2 
  - Hamilton was in favor of a "select militia", instead of one where everyone was mandated  jmg257   Feb-21-08 09:16 AM   #4 
  - And this will be the next anti argument, mark my words.  johnbraun   Feb-21-08 09:57 AM   #8 
     - The wording is clear - that there shall BE a well regulated militia to protect  bluerum   Feb-21-08 04:52 PM   #19 
        - That is from the Federalist Papers (#29) - not the Constitution or the 2nd amendment,  jmg257   Feb-21-08 08:52 PM   #23 
  - Of course that's what it means. An "effective militia" is necessary, because the recourse is a  jmg257   Feb-21-08 09:09 AM   #3 
  - USC 10.311 places all males 17-45 not in the armed forces in a militia.  johnbraun   Feb-21-08 09:49 AM   #7 
  - Yes, Well regulated, as in well functioning  Indy Lurker   Feb-21-08 10:44 AM   #9 
  - Maybe I'm confused...  Plague   Feb-21-08 02:04 PM   #16 
     - It does seem clear to me as well.  Indy Lurker   Feb-21-08 02:28 PM   #17 
        - As I said, USC 10.311 "regulates" the unorganized militia.  johnbraun   Feb-21-08 02:32 PM   #18 
           - Righto then. I am in the militia.  bluerum   Feb-21-08 04:56 PM   #21 
  - Well regulated, er stated  WWFZD   Feb-21-08 06:27 PM   #22 
  - Congress must "provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia". It's derelict in that  jody   Feb-22-08 12:53 PM   #26 

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