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Reply #12: Gore isn't anti-nuclear [View All]

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Dogmudgeon Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Mar-15-07 01:08 PM
Response to Reply #7
12. Gore isn't anti-nuclear
He just doesn't think it will play a big role.

He could, of course, be triangulating. It's understandable for him to "keep his powder dry" for other fights.

My own prediction is a little different. We will all (well, most of us) be dutifully anti-nuclear until we realize just how much of a disaster is taking place due to the power-down. Then, we will demand it ASAP, even if we have to build reactors out of old coffee cans, garden hose, and origami birds.

I would much prefer that we plan for those days today, whether or not we commit to nuclear power. But our modern market economy is so geared to "just-in-time" planning that it may not be able to anticipate when time has run out.

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  -World's Third Largest Uranium Producer Underwater bananas  Mar-14-07 04:58 AM   #0 
  - I'm so confused...  hunter   Mar-14-07 05:31 AM   #1 
  - Now you tell me to invest in U238 - why do I not understand investing? Guess I need  papau   Mar-14-07 05:50 AM   #3 
  - Texan oil folks play hardball again - send all compaints to Dubai - seems "hardball" now means  papau   Mar-14-07 05:46 AM   #2 
  - Not good news for countries heavily dependant on uranium imports like...  jpak   Mar-14-07 09:12 AM   #4 
  - But rising corn prices are good.  hunter   Mar-14-07 05:23 PM   #5 
     - You're confusing cornbread with yellowcake  jpak   Mar-15-07 11:19 AM   #9 
        - So high uranium prices and shortages will kill the nuclear power industry...  hunter   Mar-15-07 11:47 AM   #10 
           - Gee - what is most US corn produced for - cattle feed???  jpak   Mar-15-07 01:37 PM   #13 
              - While we are at it...  hunter   Mar-15-07 02:53 PM   #14 
              - You mean the cows that contribute more to global warming than cars?  NickB79   Mar-17-07 01:30 PM   #17 
                 - but...but...ethanol is driving up corn prices and reducing meat production  jpak   Mar-17-07 02:31 PM   #18 
  - And your prediction is?  NNadir   Mar-14-07 11:21 PM   #6 
     - My prediction: I agree with Al Gore  bananas   Mar-15-07 06:24 AM   #7 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-15-07 09:06 AM   #8 
        - I think our kids are going to hate us for opposing nuclear power.  hunter   Mar-15-07 11:56 AM   #11 
        - Gore isn't anti-nuclear  Pigwidgeon   Mar-15-07 01:08 PM   #12 
           - Gore's stated position is pretty close to my own  bananas   Mar-17-07 05:39 AM   #15 
              - You are anti-nuclear.  NNadir   Mar-17-07 09:22 AM   #16 
                 - My position is very close to Al Gore's stated position  bananas   Mar-18-07 12:19 PM   #19 

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