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Reply #20: not using a fridge [View All]

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mopinko Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Oct-17-06 01:20 PM
Response to Reply #17
20. not using a fridge
sorry, it is hard. it requires a full time wife, or some other sort of not real world commitment. i get a little annoyed by the constant suggestion about things like this. they seem to have an undercurrent of- back in the day when women knew their place, we didn't have these problems. like drying clothes on a clothes line. i barely have time to wash clothes at all.
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  -anyone ever turn a fridge upside down? mopinko  Oct-16-06 07:27 PM   #0 
  - Some of the more expensive models are made that way.....nt  Kingshakabobo   Oct-16-06 07:29 PM   #1 
  - Hmmm...  dotcosm   Oct-16-06 07:29 PM   #2 
  - your thinking is embedded in molded plastic. There are always ways.  antifaschits   Oct-16-06 07:39 PM   #7 
     - No, it's my fridge that's embedded in molded plastic!  dotcosm   Oct-16-06 08:55 PM   #12 
        - break the paradigm. You are RIGHT ON TRACK ! ! !  antifaschits   Oct-16-06 09:02 PM   #13 
           - i would, but  mopinko   Oct-16-06 09:09 PM   #14 
  - Almost nothing is designed with energy efficiency/conservation in mind  htuttle   Oct-16-06 07:31 PM   #3 
  - Compressors were on top  jdadd   Oct-16-06 07:32 PM   #4 
  - Yuo beat me to it  tech3149   Oct-16-06 07:43 PM   #8 
  - What would make even more sense would be...  IanDB1   Oct-16-06 07:36 PM   #5 
  - This is the way to think  YankeyMCC   Oct-17-06 08:04 AM   #16 
  - Probably a safety feature so the weight of the compressor does  Poppyseedman   Oct-16-06 07:37 PM   #6 
  - maybe  mopinko   Oct-16-06 07:50 PM   #9 
     - As the fridges got larger over time, so did the compressors,  Poppyseedman   Oct-16-06 07:58 PM   #10 
  - Try here  DiktatrW   Oct-16-06 08:29 PM   #11 
  - not looking for a new fridge.  mopinko   Oct-17-06 01:21 PM   #21 
  - A TRULY efficient fridge would be chest style, not upright.  silverweb   Oct-16-06 09:24 PM   #15 
  - this would entail remodeling kitchens  mopinko   Oct-17-06 01:17 PM   #19 
     - I don't know.  silverweb   Oct-17-06 01:46 PM   #22 
        - if they were designed to fit into existing spaces, fine  mopinko   Oct-17-06 02:27 PM   #23 
           - It's doable.  silverweb   Oct-17-06 02:49 PM   #25 
              - nobody else was sorry about MIL  mopinko   Oct-17-06 03:05 PM   #26 
                 - Understood.  silverweb   Oct-17-06 03:48 PM   #27 
  - You can save a lot of energy by not using a fridge.  hunter   Oct-17-06 11:01 AM   #17 
  - not using a fridge  mopinko   Oct-17-06 01:20 PM   #20 
     - I am not giving up my washer or dryer! I'm not that kinda guy.  hunter   Oct-17-06 05:18 PM   #28 
  - In the 20's, 30's and 40's many refrigerators had the compressor on top  jpak   Oct-17-06 11:17 AM   #18 
  - don't know why  mopinko   Oct-17-06 02:30 PM   #24 
  - About the time Gas Refrigerators disappeared.  happyslug   Oct-17-06 09:33 PM   #30 
     - my trailer fridge works on gas or elec  mopinko   Oct-17-06 09:50 PM   #32 
     - That doesn't sound right.  AZCat   Oct-17-06 11:14 PM   #33 
        - The key is the increase in heat.  happyslug   Oct-18-06 09:36 PM   #34 
           - Thanks, but I'm pretty familiar with the concept.  AZCat   Oct-18-06 10:52 PM   #36 
           - nature hates temp extremes?  mopinko   Oct-18-06 11:02 PM   #38 
              - I believe the word you are looking for it entropy.  Massacure   Oct-19-06 12:07 PM   #39 
  - Some Compressors are NOT design to operate upside down.  happyslug   Oct-17-06 08:41 PM   #29 
     - i assume  mopinko   Oct-17-06 09:34 PM   #31 
        - That is why people even today are Told NOT to transport Refregerators...  happyslug   Oct-18-06 09:38 PM   #35 
           - not really  mopinko   Oct-18-06 10:52 PM   #37 

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