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Reply #30: Good twist of something I never said [View All]

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BeFree Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Apr-27-06 07:26 PM
Response to Reply #27
30. Good twist of something I never said
But truly wrong.

The idea that nuke plants will fix the problem is absurd.

The fix point, if we ever get there, is one where we don't commit pollution.

Reduce, reduce, reduce, is the answer. We are so far out on the limb that we need to go back and not crawl out further, as nukes would take us.

All in all, no refutation of my o.p. has occurred... instead you have shown that the premise was correct. Thanks.
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  -Anybody else hear that NPR report on "clean gas from coal?" phantom power  Apr-26-06 03:52 PM   #0 
  - Coal gasification has been around for decades  formercia   Apr-26-06 03:59 PM   #1 
  - This was a new chemical process.  phantom power   Apr-26-06 04:10 PM   #2 
     - Don't worry engineers are working on "dimming the sun"  HereSince1628   Apr-26-06 04:30 PM   #4 
     - Actually solar dimming was covered in the recent NOVA.  NNadir   Apr-26-06 04:38 PM   #6 
        - Back in the 1970's one of the first global climate models predicted  HereSince1628   Apr-26-06 05:01 PM   #7 
        - It's sad to burden children with a nighmare future.  phantom power   Apr-26-06 05:33 PM   #8 
           - Yeah, it sucked.  NNadir   Apr-26-06 07:59 PM   #10 
           - I just saw Soylent Green for the first time the other day.  megatherium   Apr-26-06 08:21 PM   #11 
              - And I read "Fahrenheit 451" again since my Jr. High days.  Sequoia   Apr-27-06 05:16 PM   #29 
     - Desequestering Carbon doesn't solve anything.  formercia   Apr-26-06 04:30 PM   #5 
  - It's all in the phrasing - "clean" gas, not clean coal, ha ha  eppur_se_muova   Apr-26-06 04:23 PM   #3 
  - Yes, there was no discussion of modern "mountain top removal" mining  TheBorealAvenger   Apr-27-06 10:02 AM   #17 
  - unfortunately there is some Republican toadie-ism at the NPR.  JohnWxy   Apr-26-06 07:51 PM   #9 
  - It is rather odd, is it not?  BeFree   Apr-26-06 09:47 PM   #12 
  - Because nuclear plants don't spit out plutonium via an exhaust pipe  Dead_Parrot   Apr-26-06 10:07 PM   #13 
     - I've never seen a Prius...  BeFree   Apr-26-06 10:14 PM   #14 
        - Are we?  Dead_Parrot   Apr-26-06 10:36 PM   #15 
           - co2 sequestration is not an option?  BeFree   Apr-27-06 09:55 AM   #16 
              - understanding the difference between a metal and a gas is hypocrisy?  phantom power   Apr-27-06 10:10 AM   #18 
              - Of course it is easier  BeFree   Apr-27-06 10:25 AM   #19 
                 - My faith in "technology", or lack of it, is beside the point.  phantom power   Apr-27-06 11:49 AM   #20 
                 - It's actually possible to store nuclear waste...  Dead_Parrot   Apr-27-06 03:08 PM   #23 
              - No, it's just reality  Dead_Parrot   Apr-27-06 02:53 PM   #22 
                 - $1.2 trillion?  BeFree   Apr-27-06 03:24 PM   #24 
                    - Try here  Dead_Parrot   Apr-27-06 03:42 PM   #25 
                       - Good link!  BeFree   Apr-27-06 04:11 PM   #26 
                          - So you would agree...  Dead_Parrot   Apr-27-06 04:39 PM   #27 
                          - Good twist of something I never said  BeFree   Apr-27-06 07:26 PM   #30 
                             - Interesting take on things...  Dead_Parrot   Apr-27-06 08:25 PM   #31 
                          - Can you point to a plan to sequester even 1% of the world's carbon dioxide  NNadir   Apr-27-06 08:35 PM   #32 
                             - Of course he can't  Dead_Parrot   Apr-27-06 09:32 PM   #33 
                             - So very wrong.  BeFree   Apr-27-06 10:40 PM   #34 
                                - My thoughts  BeFree   Apr-27-06 10:56 PM   #35 
                                - Ahh, the dead of Chernobyl....  Dead_Parrot   Apr-27-06 11:12 PM   #36 
                                   - Wrong again  BeFree   Apr-27-06 11:27 PM   #37 
                                      - Well, considering  Dead_Parrot   Apr-27-06 11:43 PM   #38 
                                         - If the shoe fits, wear it  BeFree   Apr-27-06 11:55 PM   #39 
                                            - It's no excuse...  Dead_Parrot   Apr-28-06 12:07 AM   #40 
                                - Weak dodge.  NNadir   Apr-28-06 06:55 AM   #41 
  - It was depressing  ramapo   Apr-27-06 01:53 PM   #21 
  - No such thing of course.  Sequoia   Apr-27-06 05:03 PM   #28 

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