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Reply #23: That is a lot for a single person. Imagine if every person on the planet contributed that much. [View All]

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Statistical Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Apr-11-10 08:27 PM
Response to Reply #22
23. That is a lot for a single person. Imagine if every person on the planet contributed that much.
Edited on Sun Apr-11-10 08:29 PM by Statistical
By delaying the start of the reactor 4 years it was worse than putting a hundred thousand Hummers on the road and then fueling them by using oil from tarsands.
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  -A short piece from Greg Palast in 2007 re Confessions of an Economic Hitman kristopher  Apr-10-10 12:11 AM   #0 
  - K&R  JonLP24   Apr-10-10 12:14 AM   #1 
  - Greg sure can tell a story!  EFerrari   Apr-10-10 12:16 AM   #2 
  - As in every moral tale,  elleng   Apr-10-10 12:30 AM   #3 
  - Visicalc. Lotus 1-2-3... n/t  Ghost Dog   Apr-10-10 01:31 AM   #4 
  - K&R!  amyrose2712   Apr-10-10 05:08 AM   #5 
  - It should be called "self confessions of a dangerous fossil fuel apologist."  NNadir   Apr-10-10 11:21 AM   #6 
  - If you didn't get all your information from that circle jerk of bloggers  kristopher   Apr-10-10 01:16 PM   #9 
     - Yeah? What do you think would have built in place of this reactor had it not gone live?  joshcryer   Apr-11-10 01:30 PM   #16 
  - Good thing he failed. Seabrook Station 1 has operated for 20 years.  Statistical   Apr-10-10 11:52 AM   #7 
  - Confronted with direct evidence of malfeasance by the nuclear industry, you divert?  kristopher   Apr-10-10 01:12 PM   #8 
  - Seabrook 1 has produced more power than any wind or solar plant ever has.  Statistical   Apr-10-10 02:11 PM   #10 
  - Now it is clear why you try to discredit independent analysis of new nuclear costs.  kristopher   Apr-10-10 08:51 PM   #11 
     - *You* clearly don't care about the social, externalized costs of greenhouse warming emissions.  joshcryer   Apr-11-10 01:28 PM   #15 
  - The social costs of greenhouse gasses are completely irrelevant to you.  joshcryer   Apr-11-10 01:27 PM   #14 
  - How much did the plant cost? Divide by CO2 saved and you can compare to a fee and dividend approach.  joshcryer   Apr-11-10 02:37 PM   #18 
  - A little stroll down memory lane with 1984 Time article  kristopher   Apr-10-10 10:00 PM   #12 
  - Actually seabrook ended up costing $7 billion. Of course "Crooks" had nothing to do with that.  Statistical   Apr-11-10 06:49 PM   #20 
     - 1 tonne of carbon dioxide will lead to only 0.0000000000015 degrees of global temperature change.  joshcryer   Apr-11-10 06:59 PM   #22 
        - That is a lot for a single person. Imagine if every person on the planet contributed that much.  Statistical   Apr-11-10 08:27 PM   #23 
           - I forgot the sarcasm tag.  joshcryer   Apr-11-10 08:30 PM   #24 
  - Kick  kristopher   Apr-11-10 11:45 AM   #13 
  - Even if a nuclear plant costed $100 per ton of CO2 it'd be worth it.  joshcryer   Apr-11-10 02:33 PM   #17 
     - Well if that if your metric than it is definitely worth it.  Statistical   Apr-11-10 06:45 PM   #19 
        - Yeah, that was my guess. As progressives we *must* include externalized costs.  joshcryer   Apr-11-10 06:55 PM   #21 

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