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Reply #36: Where are the tens of thousands of Chernobyl dead? [View All]

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Dogmudgeon Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jul-14-07 06:31 AM
Response to Reply #19
36. Where are the tens of thousands of Chernobyl dead?
They're not dead because most of them didn't even get sick.

Some did. There were cancers. There were deaths. The number is FAR lower than "tens of thousands".

Here's what the UNSCEAR report had to say about it:

For the last two decades, attention has been focused on investigating the association between exposure caused by radionuclides released in the Chernobyl accident and late effects, in particular thyroid cancer in children. Doses to the thyroid received in the first few months after the accident were particularly high in those who were children and adolescents at the time in Belarus, Ukraine and the most affected Russian regions and drank milk with high levels of radioactive iodine. By 2002, more than 4,000 thyroid cancer cases had been diagnosed in this group, and it is most likely that a large fraction of these thyroid cancers is attributable to radioiodine intake. It is expected that the increase in thyroid cancer incidence due to the Chernobyl accident will continue for many more years, although the long-term level of risk is difficult to quantify precisely.

Among Russian recovery operation workers with higher doses there is emerging evidence of some increase in the incidence of leukaemia. However, based on other studies, the risk of radiation-induced leukaemia would be expected to fall within a few decades after exposure.

Apart from the dramatic increase in thyroid cancer incidence among those exposed at a young age, and some indication of an increased leukaemia incidence among the workers, there is no clearly demonstrated increase in the incidence of solid cancers or leukaemia due to radiation in the most affected populations. Neither is there any proof of other non-malignant disorders that are related to ionizing radiation. However, there were widespread psychological reactions to the accident, which were due to fear of the radiation, not to the actual radiation doses.

There is a tendency to attribute increases in the rates of all cancers over time to the Chernobyl accident, but it should be noted that increases were also observed before the accident in the affected areas. Moreover, a general increase in mortality has been reported in recent years in most areas of the former Soviet Union, and this must be taken into account when interpreting the results of Chernobyl-related studies.

UNSCEAR's assessments of the radiation effects

The bold format is mine.

There is a great deal of material on Chernobyl. It was studied in depth. Although I do not expect to change anyone's mind with a few postings, I do hope that you will become better acquainted with what happened -- and with all aspects of the issue of nuclear energy. Thirty years is way too long to fear science fiction when science fact is within easy reach.

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