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westerebus Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jun-01-09 11:21 PM
Response to Original message
37. But why?
But why does the market keep going up? If you come here and read our fellow comrades' point of view, you begin to get the feeling all is lost. There is no hope. Or what hope there is, is very slim to some, but barely enough for all. So why?

Firstly, given the lack of confidence any body will get this mess corrected is not speculation. There is simply to many competing self interests to carry through a comprehensive plan and as of yet, the politics of money takes precedent. Money has purchased power. Power enjoys the perks money affords it.

So who gets bailed out or cut in on the deal makes sense to those with money and power. You, comrade sit there and fume at the injustice. The party is not so interested in equality as it is in equity. That is where the rubber meets the road.

Pensions. Mutual funds. 401k's. All have a problem. How to pay out retiree's benefits with out forcing the market even lower given the recent sell off of 2008. They have reflated the bubble to the extent most obligations can be met.

Good citizens still put money into retirement accounts as do their employers. Add to that the recapitalization of the mega banks and of the investment capitalization pass through by their hedge funds, the market moves upward. Black pools are just so helpful.

The caution here is understood. They need a cushion because the next correction will test new lows. Retracing in search of a bottom that wasn't found in the last drop. Too big to fail came closer then they will admit. Intervention by the FED and Treasury prevented the great unwinding.

That policy remains in tact. It has not changed. The FED's balance sheet of debt holdings, euphemistically called reserves, and monetary intervention is perhaps the explanation why god exists. Pure faith.

As printed on our currency: " In God We Trust".

The comrades who have worked to keep all informed of the direction and disparity of the abusers are not depression-ista's, they are realists. Their message is clear. We have not cleared the mine fields.

Goldstein is not in favor of the economic destruction of wall street, if it takes down main street. The reverse can not be said of the party and their wall street backers.

The party, the reason why is not an option. To ask why denotes curiosity. Curiosity leads to questioning authority. Questioning authority provokes calculated response. All forms of political response seek to instill loyalty. Good citizens do not question loyalty.

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