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westerebus Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-07-09 01:42 PM
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5. Happy days are here again...
The sky is clear and we're free from fear, 'cause happy days are here again! If you don't know the words, just hum along and bob your head from side to side.

Now don't you feel so much better? No? Falling stock market got you down? Under water on the mortgage? For closed? Unemployed? No health insurance maybe? The American dream lost from sight perchance?

There is a recurring theme in our business cycle, good citizen, called despair. Our first lesson was the the downturn of the 1970's. And a repeat performance in the 1980's. Neither event had the quality this downturn brings.

Each event leaves an anger compounded by the disgust that the government would let this happen? Until the realization came that the problem is not government. Government is self serving. It's function is to ensure its' survival. That it could, should it choose to, fed you, cloth you, provide you with shelter, and health care are not utopian dreams. All may be poorer but, none would starve is not acceptable because of the Marxian bent? So the cost is the issues? The lack of riches? The opportunity to attain wealth comes be for all else? Cost in this system accounts for expenses and PROFITS. Capitalism.

This is the mind set of the government. If the government provides care to a portion of the populace it must therefore come at a cost to someone else. The wealthy purchase access to their Representatives and can influence the out come of tax laws. The cost to you for the government's programs are paid for by taxes. When the government issues bonds, debt obligations, they are backed by the faith you will pay your taxes.

The events of the past two years and with all probability the next two, have set the stage for this century's economic system's revision.

I'll repeat that. The events allowed to happen by the government have set in motion a revision of
of our place in the economic system. Not just within these borders, but across the world.

There's something burning across the seas. The party knows it.

Comrades, there is change coming.
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