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Reply #26: Please don't expose your dog to such things [View All]

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Rhiannon12866 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Feb-12-04 06:56 AM
Response to Reply #25
26. Please don't expose your dog to such things
Edited on Thu Feb-12-04 07:24 AM by Rhiannon12866
I have two dogs, myself, and I barely expose them to CNN or MSNBC.

There was a post a few months ago in which three cats were watching FOX News on the TV and my favorite response was to call PETA, LOL!

I think it's pretty safe to post any website on DU as long as it's legitimate and not against the progressive principals of DU. Some people even post links to Free Republic, but just to prove a point. I have looked at this occasionally, but always regret it.

Welcome to DU, again, and thanks for posting on my friend, leftist_rebel's thread. He will appreciate it and I know that you'd like him and he'd like you. :hi:

Here's the link to the thread I mentioned. I hope it still works.

Edited to include link.
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  -Now this is why I hate Faux News... leftist_rebel1569  Aug-20-03 07:13 PM   #0 
  - A network that employs Sean Hannity calls Franken "deranged?"  breezygirl   Aug-23-03 04:15 PM   #1 
  - Yeah...I know  leftist_rebel1569   Aug-23-03 08:38 PM   #2 
     - It was thrown out of court!  Rhiannon12866   Nov-01-03 02:01 AM   #15 
  - The lawsuit has been dismissed. FOX News has no case.  Rhiannon12866   Aug-24-03 05:30 AM   #3 
  - I heard about that...  leftist_rebel1569   Aug-24-03 05:49 PM   #4 
  - Al Franken has had his share of troubles with FOX News  Rhiannon12866   Aug-26-03 05:56 PM   #5 
     - There was an excellent interview with Al Franken on  Rhiannon12866   Aug-27-03 12:50 AM   #6 
        - Aaron Brown ripped Fox good at the beginning of that segment.  SpikeTrees   Aug-27-03 07:13 AM   #7 
           - I am getting so I like Aaron Brown  Rhiannon12866   Aug-28-03 04:19 AM   #8 
              - thanks for the link and praise broadband cable internet  SpikeTrees   Aug-30-03 07:00 AM   #12 
                 - You're welcome and I hope that you enjoyed this debate  Rhiannon12866   Aug-30-03 04:50 PM   #13 
  - Faux never had a case...  PROGRESSIVE1   Aug-28-03 10:55 AM   #9 
     - Agreed. Bill O'Reilly talked FOX News in initiating the lawsuit  Rhiannon12866   Aug-29-03 03:17 AM   #10 
  - I have not read Franken's new book,  Rhiannon12866   Aug-29-03 10:04 PM   #11 
  - Kick!  Rhiannon12866   Sep-15-03 12:13 AM   #14 
  - Why else do you hate FAUX News, leftist_rebel?  Rhiannon12866   Jan-13-04 04:33 AM   #16 
  - Just one questions  mrdmk   Jan-18-04 12:15 AM   #17 
  - Excellent question.  Rhiannon12866   Feb-08-04 10:29 AM   #18 
     - Latest Fox article  mharris660   Feb-08-04 01:04 PM   #19 
        - Thank you for the information  Rhiannon12866   Feb-12-04 02:12 AM   #20 
           - Thank you for your welcome  mharris660   Feb-12-04 03:42 AM   #21 
              - I agree with you completely, mharris660  Rhiannon12866   Feb-12-04 04:34 AM   #22 
                 - Discouraged  mharris660   Feb-12-04 04:58 AM   #23 
                    - You can post a website here anytime, as long as you're not a spammer, LOL!  Rhiannon12866   Feb-12-04 05:28 AM   #24 
                       - Spam  mharris660   Feb-12-04 05:34 AM   #25 
                          - Please don't expose your dog to such things  Rhiannon12866   Feb-12-04 06:56 AM   #26 
                             - Fox morning  mharris660   Feb-12-04 07:27 AM   #27 
                                - Michael, you know what Faux News is. Why torture yourself?  Rhiannon12866   Feb-13-04 01:29 AM   #28 
                                   - torture  mharris660   Feb-13-04 03:44 AM   #29 
                                      - Fox boycott info  mharris660   Feb-13-04 07:37 AM   # 
                                      - Michael, chill. I completely agree with you  Rhiannon12866   Feb-14-04 12:07 PM   #31 
                                      - Please explain more about the cat thing.  Rhiannon12866   Feb-14-04 12:20 PM   #32 
                                      - That's the old DU  leftist_rebel1569   Feb-14-04 06:30 PM   #33 
                                      - leftist_rebel, I'm confused  Rhiannon12866   Feb-14-04 11:43 PM   #34 
                                         - The cat thing  mharris660   Feb-15-04 03:23 AM   #35 
                                         - This link didn't work for me; I don't know why  Rhiannon12866   Feb-15-04 10:12 AM   #36 
                                         - Okay...  leftist_rebel1569   Feb-15-04 12:32 PM   #37 
                                            - Thank you, my friend! I remember this thread well!  Rhiannon12866   Feb-15-04 05:50 PM   #38 
                                      - I don't know if you got leftist_rebel's explanation  Rhiannon12866   Feb-18-04 03:35 PM   #41 
  - ## Support Democratic Underground! ##  DU GrovelBot   Feb-13-04 07:37 AM   #30 
  - Fox again  mharris660   Feb-18-04 11:01 AM   #39 
  - Good God! Talk about the ugly American!  Rhiannon12866   Feb-18-04 03:31 PM   #40 
     - Speaking of Tunisia  La_Serpiente   Feb-19-04 06:19 AM   #42 
        - Thanks for this good information. I did not know this  Rhiannon12866   Mar-18-04 02:49 AM   #44 
  - Kiran Chetry is the best  sampsonblk   Feb-20-04 06:26 AM   #43 
  - That is decent news  Rhiannon12866   May-17-04 02:27 PM   #46 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   May-09-04 08:42 PM   #45 

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