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Reply #23: In what way is Dean "against" the war in Iraq? [View All]

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Voltaire99 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Oct-25-03 05:55 AM
Response to Original message
23. In what way is Dean "against" the war in Iraq?
He correctly criticizes Congress (and his fellow candidates) for voting blindly for war, but simultaneously shrugs his shoulders with the cautious "this sucks, but we're stuck" position.

That's really a convenient position to hold - and pretty useless for solving our Iraq problem.

When Dean articulates something approaching a meaningful position on Iraq, we may be able to say he's "against" the war. For now, despite his bluster, he's offering no direction other than grimacing at the status quo.

That's not enough. We need leaders who will lead us out of the quagmire.
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  -Kucinich ponders wasting precious funds to run ads in NH "correcting" Dean pruner  Oct-25-03 12:15 AM   #0 
  - Kucinich has a Napoleonic complex  jeter   Oct-25-03 12:24 AM   #1 
  - If so, it's a smart political move.  RUMMYisFROSTED   Oct-25-03 12:29 AM   #2 
  - I agree.  w4rma   Oct-25-03 12:34 AM   #5 
  - oh puhleese you guys  Desertrose   Oct-25-03 12:37 AM   #8 
  - Don't waste the money  JewelDigger   Oct-25-03 12:33 AM   #3 
  - This is where you point out the "fiction."  RUMMYisFROSTED   Oct-25-03 12:35 AM   #6 
  - This is the correct move  LuminousX   Oct-25-03 12:34 AM   #4 
  - Agreed  Egnever   Oct-25-03 03:12 AM   #21 
  - As a Dean supporter I must admit  wtmusic   Oct-25-03 12:35 AM   #7 
  - I think he knows what he is doing  LuminousX   Oct-25-03 01:19 AM   #15 
     - Nah I think he just has a big mouth  wtmusic   Oct-25-03 01:22 AM   #16 
     - "the press was talking about Dean doing it"  Mairead   Oct-25-03 09:40 AM   #27 
        - BINGO!  Desertrose   Oct-25-03 10:26 AM   #28 
  - All of America should be upset that Dean is insulting them with lies  genius   Oct-25-03 12:50 AM   #9 
  - Please..............  DumpGump   Oct-25-03 01:06 AM   #11 
  - Snerk.  Jim Sagle   Oct-25-03 01:06 AM   #12 
  - Dennis, you are a nice guy, but you don't have a chance. Pack it in.  caledesi   Oct-25-03 12:52 AM   #10 
  - Kucinich did the same thing during the last debate...  w13rd0   Oct-25-03 01:15 AM   #13 
  - exactly  pruner   Oct-25-03 01:19 AM   #14 
  - No, that's not it at all...  w13rd0   Oct-25-03 02:30 AM   #17 
  - oops  pruner   Oct-25-03 02:34 AM   #18 
  - Much ado about nothing  loyalsister   Oct-25-03 03:03 AM   #20 
     - What a bunch of Bullshit your spouting!  The Sushi Bandit   Oct-25-03 11:42 PM   #38 
  - As I said in a different thread...  ErasureAcer   Oct-25-03 02:42 AM   #19 
     - I don't know why I'm bothering...  w13rd0   Oct-25-03 03:39 AM   #22 
  - Dean didn't correct anything.  diamondsoul   Oct-25-03 10:45 AM   #29 
  - This time Dennis has a point  dsc   Oct-25-03 11:36 AM   #30 
     - You can list names all you like, but when you follow it with  diamondsoul   Oct-25-03 11:53 AM   #31 
        - At the debate he didn't do that  dsc   Oct-25-03 11:56 AM   #32 
           - Actually, he did. I have the transcript.  diamondsoul   Oct-25-03 04:53 PM   #34 
              - Wow, using words disingenuously to subtly mislead people  redqueen   Oct-27-03 12:39 PM   #43 
  - In what way is Dean "against" the war in Iraq?  Voltaire99   Oct-25-03 05:55 AM   #23 
  - Dennis has gotten more press in the last 2 days...  unfrigginreal   Oct-25-03 08:15 AM   #24 
  - He's beginning to sound  maxanne   Oct-25-03 08:27 AM   #25 
  - a Dean supporter concerned about DK's funds - how noble  cosmicdot   Oct-25-03 08:54 AM   #26 
  - There's no need for any hubris from Dean (or his supporters).  FubarFly   Oct-25-03 12:15 PM   #33 
  - You know, you'd be on ignore right now,  diamondsoul   Oct-25-03 05:04 PM   #35 
  - But will you give Howard Dean...  w13rd0   Oct-25-03 07:58 PM   #36 
     - I'll be honest, there are other reasons I'm  diamondsoul   Oct-25-03 09:05 PM   #37 
  - In the ad Dean talks about his opponents  Demobrat   Oct-26-03 01:20 PM   #39 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Oct-26-03 07:08 PM   #40 
  - Truth hurts.  Demobrat   Oct-27-03 12:49 PM   #45 
  - Probably because they didn't vote against it  Desertrose   Oct-26-03 09:54 PM   #42 
     - Dean doesn't have to dismiss Dennis to look better.  Demobrat   Oct-27-03 12:48 PM   #44 
  - Not to worry, Pruner..  hippywife   Oct-26-03 07:36 PM   #41 

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