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Reply #24: MGDEM - I also want everyone to be safe.. you must realize [View All]

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Pallas180 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Aug-26-04 08:30 PM
Response to Reply #22
24. MGDEM - I also want everyone to be safe.. you must realize
Edited on Thu Aug-26-04 08:33 PM by Pallas180
or I am trying to make you realize, these are not the same times even
as Seattle.

By the way, there is a poster here who saw what happened in Seattle and actually saw behind a building the so-called "anarchists" being given money by a man in regular those were not regular
citizen protesters.

But what is going on now is not normal police behavior....these are
much more dangerous times....and constitutional rights of citizens
have been short-circuited.

You don't seem to understand that...nor do most of these protesters.

So, I'm getting it from both sides. When I tell them to be careful and be peaceful - I'm trying to scare them.

When I tell them be prepared to protect yourself from assaults of
gas and batons, I get from people like you that I'm trying to incite.

Do me a favor. I was in a city where Martial Law was actually declared formally, although the rest of America didn't know it.

Go to Indy media...they have pictures of Miami and Savannah.

Today is not three or four years ago.

You can be standing there, quiet, doing nothing and be assaulted by
these forces, gassed, have rubber bullets shot at your back as you're walking away. What I saw in Savannah was cops and guard and contractors PUMPED UP and looking for trouble - looking to create trouble.

There's a funny old expression " Was you dere Chollie" - meaning I was there and I saw it; were you?

we live in dangerous times, and I think these protesters have a right to know it and what to expect. The best would be peaceful.
The worst will be what happened in Miami.

I have not changed from the other things I write with passion, nor honesty.

and PS - I also was at rallies in DC - when it was fun, when you were
welcomed, when you never even saw a cop......under this regime, those
days are gone forever.
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