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Should polar bears be allowed to use food stamps to buy time machines? [View All]

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Electric Monk Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Dec-03-11 02:34 PM
Original message
Poll question: Should polar bears be allowed to use food stamps to buy time machines?
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Poll result (58 votes)
Yes, polar bears should be allowed to use food stamps to buy time machines (49 votes, 84%)Vote
No, polar bears should not be allowed to use food stamps to buy time machines (9 votes, 16%)Vote

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  -Should polar bears be allowed to use food stamps to buy time machines? Electric Monk  Dec-03-11 02:34 PM   #0 
  - Of course. What kind of an asshole would be against it? nt  Guy Whitey Corngood   Dec-03-11 02:35 PM   #1 
  - I don't want my tax dollars used for Polar bears to travel thru time  Liberal_in_LA   Dec-03-11 02:36 PM   #3 
  - What if they're using the time machine to travel back in time to murder  Guy Whitey Corngood   Dec-05-11 01:26 PM   #22 
  - Won't someone think of the cubs?!?  hatrack   Dec-03-11 02:38 PM   #6 
     - .  Guy Whitey Corngood   Dec-05-11 01:27 PM   #23 
  - I was just wondering about this very same issue!  Liberal_in_LA   Dec-03-11 02:35 PM   #2 
  - Absolutely not--polar bears should buy food with those stamps.  MADem   Dec-03-11 02:37 PM   #4 
  - agreed. They are "food" stamps, not "time travel machine" stamps  Liberal_in_LA   Dec-03-11 02:40 PM   #8 
  - They would send robot terminator polar bears back to change the course of history  jpak   Dec-03-11 02:37 PM   #5 
  - Let them buy  Turbineguy   Dec-03-11 02:38 PM   #7 
  - An example of why greatest page should not be based on recs. nt  Obamanaut   Dec-03-11 02:41 PM   #9 
  - Polar Bears should be allowed to do whatever they want with  sabrina 1   Dec-03-11 02:42 PM   #10 
  - It's obviously a food-related expense  Silent3   Dec-03-11 02:43 PM   #11 
  - If they want to use their time travel resources to go back in time and eat the  Guy Whitey Corngood   Dec-05-11 01:31 PM   #24 
  - it doesn't matter what we answer because they can come back in time and change it  Motown_Johnny   Dec-03-11 02:43 PM   #12 
  - Depends... are Daleks involved in this scenario? n/t  demmiblue   Dec-03-11 02:44 PM   #13 
  - Hell no.  freshwest   Dec-05-11 02:18 PM   #28 
  - nope, but Blorgons are  Spock_is_Skeptical   Dec-05-11 05:35 PM   #31 
  - This is a decision for the Super Committee. nt  tomg   Dec-03-11 02:50 PM   #14 
  - They should use them to buy lost hunters  ThoughtCriminal   Dec-03-11 03:06 PM   #15 
  - As long as it doesn't lead to sudden Kodiak Arrest, yes I think they should be allowed to use  HysteryDiagnosis   Dec-03-11 03:25 PM   #16 
  - Lol, 'sudden Kodiak Arrest'  sabrina 1   Dec-03-11 03:35 PM   #17 
  - Polar bears deserve a high degree of latitude.  dimbear   Dec-03-11 04:26 PM   #18 
  - i think everyone should be allowed...  madrchsod   Dec-03-11 05:39 PM   #19 
  - WHY CAN'T I RECOMMEND THIS THREAD?????  redwitch   Dec-03-11 06:15 PM   #20 
  - Probably not, but who's gonna tell them no?  petronius   Dec-03-11 06:24 PM   #21 
  - Get a job, you arctic slackers! nt  Deep13   Dec-05-11 01:40 PM   #25 
  - if i sees a polar bear tryin t'buy a time machine w'food stamps, i'm gonna mind m'own bidness.  struggle4progress   Dec-05-11 01:45 PM   #26 
  - Absolutely.  KamaAina   Dec-05-11 02:00 PM   #27 
  - I think we all should  slay   Dec-05-11 03:04 PM   #29 
  - And what, pray tell, brought this subject up?  Lady Freedom Returns   Dec-05-11 04:32 PM   #30 
  - Are they regular bears or Bi-Polar bears?  BlueJazz   Dec-05-11 11:55 PM   #32 
  - No, they might use the time machine to go to Hawaii.  ellisonz   Dec-06-11 12:40 AM   #33 
  - Of course they should.  HappyMe   Dec-06-11 07:25 AM   #34 
  - I was gonna vote yes...  Bucky   Dec-06-11 08:11 AM   #35 

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