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Reply #84: You have a choice [View All]

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FloridaJudy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Nov-30-11 04:38 AM
Response to Reply #81
84. You have a choice
Of whose advice to take:

1) That of the medical team who just helped you survive a serious illness that likely would have killed you a generation ago.


2) That of the clerk at the health food store wearing lots of patchouli and crystals, who'd just love to sell you a few hundred bucks worth of Beta Quatra Herbal Immunology Supplement. Or just about anybody on this board who doesn't have an advanced degree in the biological sciences or medicine.

I'm a huge fan of crystals and patchouli myself. I like looking and smelling good, so I might ask the health food lady's advice before buying incense or a mood ring. But when it comes to my health, I'd prefer to listen to someone who's actually passed epidemiology, physiology and statistics, and who's intimately acquainted with my medical history. If your doctor reviewed your symptoms and said "Whoa! That sounds serious. You probably shouldn't get another flu shot", then I'd take that advice to heart, and spend the flu season washing my hands frequently, avoiding touching my face, getting lots of rest, and staying away from crowds.

But you implied that your doctor had encouraged you to get the flu vaccine. If I'm wrong about that, then excuse me. But if I'm not, you might want to check back with him or her, and really listen this time.

Your life might depend on it.
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  -For the life of all that is worth living I will NEVER EVER get another flu shot - NEVER LynneSin  Nov-28-11 09:54 AM   #0 
  - sick a week could be better than death  Kali   Nov-28-11 09:58 AM   #1 
  - There are alot of things that could kill me but as long as I have some sort of health care plan  LynneSin   Nov-28-11 10:00 AM   #3 
  - It can kill the elderly and people with underlying medical conditions.  Incitatus   Nov-28-11 08:14 PM   #21 
     - I had a healthy 45 y/o friend spend a week or two on a ventilator.  Hassin Bin Sober   Nov-29-11 12:34 AM   #32 
  - The one time I got a flu shot, I got sicker than I've ever been in my life.  Pithlet   Nov-28-11 09:59 AM   #2 
  - The nurse who gave it to me insisted whatever made me sick was already brewing  LynneSin   Nov-28-11 10:02 AM   #4 
  - "Coincidence only goes so far."  GirlinContempt   Nov-29-11 02:39 AM   #35 
  - Injecting you with DEAD virus won't cause a disease anymore than injecting you with sterile saline  uppityperson   Nov-29-11 01:36 PM   #61 
     - Simply not true  Humansletstalkok   Nov-30-11 11:48 AM   #91 
        - Simply is true. Dead virus can not give you an active infection.  uppityperson   Nov-30-11 02:42 PM   #96 
  - Same here.  Bunny   Nov-28-11 11:29 AM   #7 
  - I have had the flu only once in my life...  Phentex   Nov-28-11 10:07 AM   #5 
  - I agree 100%  rurallib   Nov-28-11 11:27 AM   #6 
  - The flu shot kicked my ass too  Betty88   Nov-28-11 11:36 AM   #8 
  - About 40 YEARS ago, I got a flu shot and that night ran an EXTREMELY high temp -- felt L-O-U-S-Y!!!!  MiddleFingerMom   Nov-28-11 11:40 AM   #9 
  - I have not gotten a flu shot since as far back as I can remember.  Richardo   Nov-28-11 11:53 AM   #10 
  - Me too, I've had a flu shot for the past 20 years at least. Never once made me sick.  Lasher   Nov-28-11 09:19 PM   #22 
  - I've never gotten a shot, nor the flu, but my mom got one recently and also felt sick.  Arugula Latte   Nov-28-11 11:59 AM   #11 
  - How many people do you think you will get sick  TZ   Nov-28-11 12:25 PM   #12 
  - I'm one of the lucky ones that had the sick time so I could stay home from work  LynneSin   Nov-28-11 12:44 PM   #14 
  - The few times I *didn't* get a flu shot  FloridaJudy   Nov-28-11 11:51 PM   #30 
  - Same here.  Jamastiene   Nov-29-11 04:04 AM   #36 
  - My wife used to get a flu shot every year.  hobbit709   Nov-29-11 07:31 AM   #43 
  - Hint for future reference:  MiddleFingerMom   Nov-29-11 02:07 AM   #34 
  - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Nov-29-11 06:56 AM   #40 
  - And you don't convince many  FloridaJudy   Nov-29-11 10:27 PM   #78 
     - HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You seem to have extrapolated a LOT from what I clearly presented...  MiddleFingerMom   Nov-30-11 12:58 AM   #81 
        - You have a choice  FloridaJudy   Nov-30-11 04:38 AM   #84 
           - And for your information  FloridaJudy   Nov-30-11 10:51 AM   #89 
              - THIS is something I can use... and respect. This whole subthread started out...  MiddleFingerMom   Nov-30-11 11:24 AM   #90 
              - Deleted message  Name removed   Nov-30-11 02:32 PM   #95 
                 - I like you.  MiddleFingerMom   Nov-30-11 03:26 PM   #102 
              - +1000  Kajsa   Nov-30-11 07:05 PM   #116 
  - +1000000  Jamastiene   Nov-29-11 04:07 AM   #37 
  - poor logic  handmade34   Nov-29-11 10:34 PM   #79 
  - It's better than getting full-on flu  WolverineDG   Nov-28-11 12:42 PM   #13 
  - Never had a flu shot and never will.  RebelOne   Nov-28-11 02:37 PM   #15 
  - I'm with you. No thanks. n/t  LibDemAlways   Nov-28-11 04:28 PM   #16 
  - I promised myself I would get a flu shot this year  suninvited   Nov-28-11 07:08 PM   #17 
  - Read what TZ said upthread  Lasher   Nov-28-11 09:27 PM   #23 
  - I wouldn't let what people post in this thread decide it for you.  Pithlet   Nov-28-11 09:42 PM   #24 
  - I wish some people that had the flu shot and didnt get sick would chime in  suninvited   Nov-28-11 10:55 PM   #27 
  - I've gotten the flu shot for the last three years  Lisa D   Nov-28-11 11:09 PM   #28 
  - thank you  suninvited   Nov-28-11 11:14 PM   #29 
  - I have gotten the flu shot for about the last five years and  murielm99   Nov-29-11 01:58 AM   #33 
  - I've gotten a flu shot the last two years in a row  Rob H.   Nov-29-11 12:37 PM   #49 
  - I truly do believe I am the exception  LynneSin   Nov-29-11 02:10 PM   #69 
  - I didn't get sick this year  WolverineDG   Nov-30-11 06:40 AM   #86 
  - Flu vx has been out and given for the last 2 months. You want something not anecdotal? Ok, here  uppityperson   Nov-29-11 12:33 PM   #48 
  - ^^^^^ Yes ^^^^^^  GirlinContempt   Nov-29-11 12:41 PM   #51 
  - Yes. I get that.  Pithlet   Nov-29-11 01:47 PM   #62 
     - Ah, I did understand, reread it. Flu vx comes on often in Sept. People wait  uppityperson   Nov-29-11 01:59 PM   #64 
        - That's okay.  Pithlet   Nov-29-11 02:09 PM   #68 
  - Walgreens puts up their flu shot signs in August  WolverineDG   Nov-30-11 06:37 AM   #85 
  - dupe  Pithlet   Nov-28-11 09:42 PM   #25 
  - Flu shot has never  emilyg   Nov-28-11 10:52 PM   #26 
  - never had a flu shot. and never had the flu, that i know of. and if i had it and didnt know....  seabeyond   Nov-28-11 07:44 PM   #18 
  - If you got the flu, trust me, you'd know it  WolverineDG   Nov-30-11 06:41 AM   #87 
  - never had one, never will.  Tuesday Afternoon   Nov-28-11 07:45 PM   #19 
  - I think I had the flu really, really bad when I was 14. I don't think I've had it since.  valerief   Nov-28-11 07:50 PM   #20 
  - I've gotten the flu shot every winter since 1993-4  Piltdown13   Nov-29-11 12:21 AM   #31 
  - I'll take my chances, too.  AngryOldDem   Nov-29-11 04:40 AM   #38 
  - Blaming flu on flu shots is like blaming plague on "witches", Gypsies and Jewish people  CreekDog   Nov-29-11 06:37 AM   #39 
  - .  TZ   Nov-29-11 07:06 AM   #41 
  - I have a compromised immune system. I WILL get my flu shot  auntAgonist   Nov-29-11 07:53 AM   #44 
  - Last time I actually caught the flu was 1968.  hobbit709   Nov-29-11 07:28 AM   #42 
  - You cannot get the flu from a flu shot  TZ   Nov-29-11 08:16 AM   #45 
     - I never said I had the flu  LynneSin   Nov-29-11 08:25 AM   #46 
     - My doctor said it was the flu after running tests.  hobbit709   Nov-29-11 08:29 AM   #47 
        - Do you get mail? Do you handle money? Do you go shopping? Do you leave your house, or get  uppityperson   Nov-29-11 12:39 PM   #50 
           - Not to mention the fact that even if you don't get really sick  GirlinContempt   Nov-29-11 12:50 PM   #52 
           - ive been getting them for 30 years  blueknight   Nov-29-11 01:02 PM   #53 
           - And, you can pass it around before you show symptoms.  uppityperson   Nov-29-11 01:04 PM   #54 
           - Funny how the only two times in over 40 years was after the shot.  hobbit709   Nov-29-11 01:07 PM   #55 
              - Next time, get it as soon as they are available, before people have the flu  uppityperson   Nov-29-11 01:12 PM   #57 
                 - Since 1968, flu TWO times after the shot. 0 times in 41 other years.  hobbit709   Nov-29-11 01:21 PM   #58 
                    - What were your symptoms? You can not get a live infection from dead virus  uppityperson   Nov-29-11 01:25 PM   #59 
                       - All I know is that both times it was corroborated by the doctor.  hobbit709   Nov-29-11 02:03 PM   #66 
                          - No, the fact that you had the flu was corroborated, not that you got it from the vaccination  stevenleser   Nov-30-11 11:51 AM   #92 
                             - whether or not the shot gave me the flu, I ended up having the flu.  hobbit709   Nov-30-11 02:45 PM   #98 
                                - It takes about two weeks after vaccination for antibodies to develop in the body  stevenleser   Nov-30-11 02:58 PM   #99 
                                - So. How does that explain me not getting the flu when I did NOT get a shot  hobbit709   Nov-30-11 03:11 PM   #100 
                                   - Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc  stevenleser   Nov-30-11 04:25 PM   #103 
                                      - Thereby proving nothing  hobbit709   Nov-30-11 07:40 PM   #118 
                                - The shot contains dead viruses which are incapable of giving you the flu.  uppityperson   Nov-30-11 06:18 PM   #111 
                                   - No bronchitis, no nothing.  hobbit709   Nov-30-11 07:38 PM   #117 
                                      - OK, I was wrong on live virus incubation time. Regarding bronchitis  uppityperson   Nov-30-11 07:44 PM   #119 
  - its a pain but better than getting old people, people with suppressed immune systems sick  La Lioness Priyanka   Nov-29-11 01:09 PM   #56 
  - I always get flu shots and  frogmarch   Nov-29-11 01:28 PM   #60 
  - Me too!  trof   Nov-29-11 05:40 PM   #76 
  - I think some people are just susceptible to that  WilliamPitt   Nov-29-11 01:58 PM   #63 
  - You can get flu from a dead vaccine shot as easily as from a shot of sterile saline.  uppityperson   Nov-29-11 02:03 PM   #65 
     - I didn't get the flu, I think I just had a bad reaction  LynneSin   Nov-29-11 02:07 PM   #67 
  - FYI - I did NOT get the Flu from my flu shot. I had a reaction to the shot  LynneSin   Nov-29-11 02:15 PM   #70 
  - In which case you need to be careful with all vaccines.  uppityperson   Nov-29-11 02:46 PM   #72 
     - My brain is still in a fog from whatever happened to me so I blame that on the flu shot too  LynneSin   Nov-29-11 03:55 PM   #73 
     - to be fair  Kali   Nov-30-11 01:20 PM   #94 
        - That's my bad english at work  LynneSin   Nov-30-11 02:44 PM   #97 
  - I'm so sorry, LynneSin...  Demoiselle   Nov-29-11 02:16 PM   #71 
  - Hubby was sicker than $hi! after a flu shot one year. He has gotten  mnhtnbb   Nov-29-11 04:33 PM   #74 
  - The purpose of the flu shot is to activate the immune system. I suspect  hedgehog   Nov-29-11 04:51 PM   #75 
  - It works for me  mokawanis   Nov-29-11 06:41 PM   #77 
  - I'm totally with you, LynneSin. I've never been prone to get the flu, either, but two years ago  pacalo   Nov-29-11 11:37 PM   #80 
  - You did notice that she didn't get the flu, just had a big reaction otherwise?  uppityperson   Nov-30-11 09:56 AM   #88 
     - Perhaps you misunderstood what I wrote. I said that *I* got the flu after getting the vaccine.  pacalo   Nov-30-11 04:36 PM   #104 
        - Either you were exposed before getting the DEAD vx shot, or you got the live vx nasal spray  uppityperson   Nov-30-11 05:53 PM   #105 
           - I didn't mean to offend anyone; I'm certainly not against vaccines.  pacalo   Nov-30-11 06:08 PM   #106 
           - I'm not offended, simply pointing out that a vx with dead virus cannot give you the disease.  uppityperson   Nov-30-11 06:13 PM   #109 
           - I was wrong about a couple wks incubation time, it is only a few days.  uppityperson   Nov-30-11 07:47 PM   #121 
           - I was wrong about incubation time. For influenza it's only a couple days after exposure to live viru  uppityperson   Nov-30-11 07:45 PM   #120 
  - I never got one.  Lugnut   Nov-30-11 01:24 AM   #82 
  - In college, I watch hundreds of students get sick when they get the vaccination.  saras   Nov-30-11 02:16 AM   #83 
  - Have had the flu shot for the last 16 or so years  Mudoria   Nov-30-11 12:42 PM   #93 
  - The idea is the devil you know rather than the devil you don't  Taverner   Nov-30-11 03:16 PM   #101 
  - you canNOT get the flu from the flu shot  mzteris   Nov-30-11 06:09 PM   #107 
  - I've never had one and never will because I've known too many Spaniards.  EFerrari   Nov-30-11 06:10 PM   #108 
  - Yet you have more of a chance of needing health care from influenza.  uppityperson   Nov-30-11 06:15 PM   #110 
     - You are thinking in terms of health risk  EFerrari   Nov-30-11 06:34 PM   #112 
        - And, if you get pneumonia? Need antibiotics? Or hospitalization when your lungs fill  uppityperson   Nov-30-11 06:39 PM   #113 
           - Wait -- are you tellng me that not having access to health care has consequences?  EFerrari   Nov-30-11 06:48 PM   #114 
              - My 21 yr old cousin had access and chose to not use it. He tried to "tough it out" at home  uppityperson   Nov-30-11 06:57 PM   #115 
  - Locking  Rhiannon12866   Nov-30-11 08:02 PM   #122 

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