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Lucian Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-24-10 11:54 AM
Response to Reply #23
33. No.
She didn't turn Jason into one in the books.
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  -True Blood recap! We now know what everyone is! *spoilers* LynneSin  Aug-23-10 10:45 AM   #0 
  - did you copy and paste that?  Tuesday Afternoon   Aug-23-10 10:54 AM   #1 
  - That was all me!  LynneSin   Aug-23-10 11:09 AM   #2 
  - They were just stuck in there...I don't know, maybe the writers  Tuesday Afternoon   Aug-23-10 11:16 AM   #3 
  - The V trip!  Hell Hath No Fury   Aug-23-10 11:34 AM   #6 
     - maybe...  Tuesday Afternoon   Aug-23-10 11:45 AM   #8 
     - I thought they had a good blend of new characters and they did thin them out a bit  LynneSin   Aug-23-10 12:10 PM   #12 
        - hmmm...most of those are major characters and help drive the plot  Tuesday Afternoon   Aug-23-10 10:55 PM   #15 
           - well here's some thoughts on some of those *spoilers if you haven't read the books*  LynneSin   Aug-24-10 08:50 AM   #16 
              - Yes, I figured out all that, I know Arlene is being whiny for a reason.  Tuesday Afternoon   Aug-24-10 08:56 AM   #17 
                 - Oh I love your feedback on the show :D  LynneSin   Aug-24-10 09:07 AM   #20 
                    - so can be the Captain of Team Eric  Tuesday Afternoon   Aug-24-10 09:11 AM   #24 
     - That V-Trip looked like something out of a Darren Aronofsky movie  LynneSin   Aug-23-10 12:07 PM   #11 
  - Another great episode!  Hell Hath No Fury   Aug-23-10 11:26 AM   #4 
  - I hope that is not true about Eric.  Tuesday Afternoon   Aug-23-10 11:40 AM   #7 
  - I like that concept about Eric using Sookie to save Russell  LynneSin   Aug-23-10 12:01 PM   #9 
     - I thought Eric wanted to kill Russell  Tuesday Afternoon   Aug-24-10 09:27 AM   #26 
  - I can't believe there are only two...  one_voice   Aug-23-10 11:28 AM   #5 
  - I don't understand why they limit it to only 12 episodes per season.  LynneSin   Aug-23-10 12:06 PM   #10 
     - I thought the show was not Married to the books...  Tuesday Afternoon   Aug-24-10 09:05 AM   #19 
  - I've never seen a show this entertaining week  xchrom   Aug-23-10 12:16 PM   #13 
  - WOW Great Episode  dr.strangelove   Aug-23-10 02:43 PM   #14 
  - It was a great episode  LaurenG   Aug-24-10 09:05 AM   #18 
  - from what I understand, Bill is not looking out for Sookie's best interest.  Tuesday Afternoon   Aug-24-10 09:07 AM   #21 
  - Wait...they revealed Sookie is part fairy before Jason becomes a werepanther?  Lucian   Aug-24-10 09:08 AM   #22 
     - so Crystal is  Tuesday Afternoon   Aug-24-10 09:10 AM   #23 
     - No.  Lucian   Aug-24-10 11:54 AM   #33 
     - At this point Ball picks storylines from the book and work them into the show  LynneSin   Aug-24-10 09:21 AM   #25 
     - Touche.  Lucian   Aug-24-10 11:53 AM   #32 
     - Please don't post spoilers about the books here  dr.strangelove   Aug-24-10 09:58 AM   #27 
        - the show is not always following the books ...  Tuesday Afternoon   Aug-24-10 10:09 AM   #28 
        - I was acually responding to Lucian's post  dr.strangelove   Aug-24-10 10:26 AM   #29 
           - There is so much going on in the series, and that is only one storyline  Tuesday Afternoon   Aug-24-10 10:38 AM   #30 
              - I hope not  dr.strangelove   Aug-24-10 03:19 PM   #35 
        - Um, the title of the thread clearly stated "spoilers".  Lucian   Aug-24-10 11:52 AM   #31 
           - Actually it doesn't  dr.strangelove   Aug-24-10 02:44 PM   #34 

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