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Reply #29: Cool shorts! [View All]

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Career Prole Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Mar-28-04 10:55 PM
Response to Reply #27
29. Cool shorts!
I'm not making fun of 'em, promise. I was a child of the 50's...had a Hopalong Cassidy outfit. I covet the shorts! The little car made me shudder, though. My cousin had a car like that and a steep driveway that he used to blast down and then continue out into the street. I tried it just to the bottom of the driveway and the front dug in at the edge of the street. I never let go of the steering wheel and just plowed my face into the asphalt. Cheeks nose forehead chin...even my lips were scraped. My aunt set to work with iodine...

Spent the next week looking like a blue-eyed scab...

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