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Reply #27: I only meant that hopefully...... [View All]

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XNASA Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-27-04 10:07 AM
Response to Reply #25
27. I only meant that hopefully......
the primitive ideals expressed by these neanderthals would eventually be proven wrong, because they don't work and not because anyone had to force them to change.

I only meant that I believe nature will take it's course.
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  -Ugly Scene In My Old Hood Last Night XNASA  Mar-27-04 08:02 AM   #0 
  - I have similar issues with the only two friends I have from that time.  DarkPhenyx   Mar-27-04 08:11 AM   #1 
  - are you straight? cause that's  xchrom   Mar-27-04 08:14 AM   #2 
  - How's the line go?  XNASA   Mar-27-04 08:23 AM   #8 
     - oooh that's scary  xchrom   Mar-27-04 08:40 AM   #16 
  - It's shocking when you see it close-up.  zanana   Mar-27-04 08:15 AM   #3 
  - The people at the bar-do they live there or is this a stop off after work?  ChavezSpeakstheTruth   Mar-27-04 08:16 AM   #4 
  - They live there.  XNASA   Mar-27-04 08:24 AM   #9 
  - Truly an ugly scene, XNASA.  greatauntoftriplets   Mar-27-04 08:17 AM   #5 
  - Not "Hizzoner Da Mare"  XNASA   Mar-27-04 08:30 AM   #12 
     - Ah, not dat mare.  greatauntoftriplets   Mar-27-04 08:33 AM   #13 
        - I don't think that the local parties are divided along Dem/GOP lines.  XNASA   Mar-27-04 08:47 AM   #19 
  - You did the right thing....  democrank   Mar-27-04 08:18 AM   #6 
  - If working class whites are divided against  ikojo   Mar-27-04 08:20 AM   #7 
  - So true. And if you mix this with homophobia and  OldEurope   Mar-27-04 08:28 AM   #11 
  - goodness... very well said.  Bog Frog   Mar-27-04 10:35 AM   #31 
  - Exactly. Most of these people have huge self-esteem issues.  XNASA   Mar-27-04 08:42 AM   #17 
     - They are doomed? But they will doom your whole country if  OldEurope   Mar-27-04 08:50 AM   #21 
        - Oh, it make take some time, but......  XNASA   Mar-27-04 09:01 AM   #24 
           - Darwinism is one of the rare scientific issues that the Nazis  OldEurope   Mar-27-04 09:13 AM   #25 
              - I only meant that hopefully......  XNASA   Mar-27-04 10:07 AM   #27 
                 - And I only meant that hopefully ...  OldEurope   Mar-27-04 10:13 AM   #28 
  - "Ugly Scene" - Was Linda Tripp There??  CO Liberal   Mar-27-04 08:25 AM   #10 
  - Buncha insecurity there, eh?  GOPisEvil   Mar-27-04 08:38 AM   #14 
  - Funny thing is......they're 90% union workers.  XNASA   Mar-27-04 08:49 AM   #20 
     - True...sounds like my dad's family.  GOPisEvil   Mar-27-04 08:52 AM   #22 
  - I'm sad to say I'm seeing more and more incidents like this, too.  SOteric   Mar-27-04 08:39 AM   #15 
  - We seem to be sliding backwards, don't we?  BiggJawn   Mar-27-04 08:46 AM   #18 
  - I think it's old behavior, that they now feel is 'safe' to express.  XNASA   Mar-27-04 08:53 AM   #23 
  - I guess Howard Zinn was right about pitting 'poor' whites against blacks  underpants   Mar-27-04 09:27 AM   #26 
  - WHAT?! Call the police.  ih8thegop   Mar-27-04 10:19 AM   #29 
  - Sounds exactly like the atmosphere in which I grew up.  NightTrain   Mar-27-04 10:21 AM   #30 

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