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Reply #27: Your cousin is a fucking asshole. [View All]

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driver8 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jun-21-10 10:02 AM
Response to Original message
27. Your cousin is a fucking asshole.
You can tell him I said that.
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  -So I posted a Jim Croce video to my Facebook page... lanlady  Jun-20-10 08:19 PM   #0 
  - I think he thinks he's being funny, and he failed miserably  Ishoutandscream2   Jun-20-10 08:21 PM   #1 
  - I think your cousin is thinking of Cat Stevens.  onehandle   Jun-20-10 08:22 PM   #2 
  - ok, that makes sense  lanlady   Jun-20-10 08:25 PM   #6 
     - Yes. nt  onehandle   Jun-21-10 08:28 AM   #25 
  - He's talking about Yusuf Islam, no doubt, aka Cat Stevens ...  babylonsister   Jun-20-10 08:23 PM   #3 
  - He was probably thinking about Cat Stevens. Doesn't make it any less effed up.  Mayberry Machiavelli   Jun-20-10 08:23 PM   #4 
  - Maybe your cousin has him confused with Cat Stevens.  rocktivity   Jun-20-10 08:24 PM   #5 
  - Cat Stevens is about as dangerous as my cat.  rurallib   Jun-20-10 09:17 PM   #17 
  - I gotta say, if I ever had a cat I would name him "Stevens"  Capn Sunshine   Jun-21-10 02:02 AM   #21 
  - Freepers aren't big on history. n/t  Orsino   Jun-21-10 12:26 PM   #30 
  - I am so picky about who I let on my FB page.  Kerrytravelers   Jun-20-10 08:27 PM   #7 
  - a good policy  lanlady   Jun-20-10 08:32 PM   #11 
  - Sadly...  liberalmuse   Jun-20-10 08:29 PM   #8 
  - Do you think maybe he has the late Jim Croce...  Tikki   Jun-20-10 08:30 PM   #9 
  - it's scary  lanlady   Jun-20-10 08:36 PM   #12 
  - Yeah, that's my thought. He has Jim Croce confused with Cat Stevens.  Warren DeMontague   Jun-20-10 08:31 PM   #10 
  - confused for sure. Croce died in 1973  havocmom   Jun-20-10 08:39 PM   #13 
  - Jim Croce and Gilbert O'Sullivan are the devil's spawn.  rug   Jun-20-10 08:41 PM   #14 
  - One of the more than 500 reasons I am no longer using Facebook. (nt)  Haole Girl   Jun-20-10 09:05 PM   #15 
  - Perhaps you could just delete your cousin?  Merlot   Jun-20-10 09:13 PM   #16 
  - well, your cousin is delusional or the worst comedian ever... lol  OhioBlue   Jun-20-10 10:42 PM   #18 
  - I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for telling about yourself.  Bertha Venation   Jun-21-10 07:13 AM   #23 
  - Ironic given the fact that Croce died in a plane crash.  6000eliot   Jun-20-10 11:14 PM   #19 
  - Maybe your cousin thinks having a name makes one a left wing nut job?  jobycom   Jun-21-10 01:49 AM   #20 
  - Well I think you picked a great song.  dmr   Jun-21-10 02:33 AM   #22 
  - Wish he and his music partner had been on a no fly list!  whistler162   Jun-21-10 07:19 AM   #24 
  - Definitely confused him with Cat Stevens.  Berry Cool   Jun-21-10 09:53 AM   #26 
  - Your cousin is a fucking asshole.  driver8   Jun-21-10 10:02 AM   #27 
  - Regardless of what your d'oh-ass cousin thinks  Mopar151   Jun-21-10 10:17 AM   #28 
  - Hate-mongers and loonies  hamsterjill   Jun-21-10 11:50 AM   #29 

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