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Reply #20: "Vinny Shinblind, The Invisible Sex Maniac" [View All]

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Amerigo Vespucci Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-18-09 09:39 PM
Response to Original message
20. "Vinny Shinblind, The Invisible Sex Maniac"
NatLamp didn't have a "slow decline," it just fell off the effin' CLIFF. One day it was mighty, the next it was crap. But the moments of genius? Their "High School Yearbook Parody" STILL stands as one of the greatest pieces of satire of all time. The real "core" stuff...written largely by the same guys who were responsible for "Animal House" still golden.

I don't think I would have had an adolescence without the late, legendary Don Martin in "Mad." Don't think I ever had a single belly laugh over any of the "Dave Berg's Lighter Side Of..." stuff. Loved Mort Drucker's movie parodies. Favorite moment was the "Summer of 42" parody, where the kid's under the blankets humping up and down and yelling war whoops and the Jennifer O'Neil character says "Just think of how much fun it will be when I get in there WITH you..."

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  -Did you read MAD or National Lampoon, back in the day? mix  Dec-18-09 06:36 PM   #0 
  - Just Mad Magazine.  kentauros   Dec-18-09 06:37 PM   #1 
  - I haven't thought about those mags for years,  mix   Dec-18-09 06:44 PM   #2 
  - Neither (nt)  bigwillq   Dec-18-09 06:47 PM   #3 
  - Just MAD  ThatsMyBarack   Dec-18-09 06:49 PM   #4 
  - Read Both  AsahinaKimi   Dec-18-09 06:57 PM   #5 
  - Mad--an adolescent rite of passage.. way back in the 60's for me  abq e streeter   Dec-18-09 07:00 PM   #6 
  - I still have the late 60's one that essentially predicted WalMart.  HopeHoops   Dec-18-09 07:21 PM   #7 
  - MAD in the 60's. and...  LeftyFingerPop   Dec-18-09 07:27 PM   #8 
  - Do you remember the thing in NL about dog fishing?  mix   Dec-18-09 07:58 PM   #11 
  - LOL! I don't remember that, but it sounds like NL!  LeftyFingerPop   Dec-18-09 08:00 PM   #12 
  - I loved both, especially National Lampoon  martymar64   Dec-19-09 10:22 PM   #51 
  - I think that was a small world map.  Manifestor_of_Light   Dec-19-09 11:19 PM   #53 
  - Both and you're right.  sarge43   Dec-18-09 07:28 PM   #9 
  - Both, in fact I subscribed to NL for a few years.  begin_within   Dec-18-09 07:33 PM   #10 
  - The Sunday newspaper Parody! What a classic. And the High School Yearbook!  rurallib   Dec-18-09 09:34 PM   #19 
  - This is mad checking in. Are you ready for the game tomorrow night, mix?  madinmaryland   Dec-18-09 08:05 PM   #13 
  - prediction  mix   Dec-18-09 08:08 PM   #14 
     - Well,  madinmaryland   Dec-18-09 09:11 PM   #15 
        - it is all certainly possible, and like you,  mix   Dec-18-09 09:12 PM   #16 
           - Without DeMarcus Ware this weekend, we are in real trouble. I think  madinmaryland   Dec-18-09 09:15 PM   #17 
              - Garrett is so hot and cold.  mix   Dec-18-09 09:21 PM   #18 
                 - Garrett called a good game tonight, and his guys executed real well.  madinmaryland   Dec-20-09 12:30 AM   #56 
  - "Vinny Shinblind, The Invisible Sex Maniac"  Amerigo Vespucci   Dec-18-09 09:39 PM   #20 
  - Don Martin was an artistic comic genius.  Common Sense Party   Dec-18-09 11:19 PM   #29 
     - +1  Auggie   Dec-19-09 10:05 AM   #40 
  - Yes. I had subscriptions. I gathered old issues.  Gold Metal Flake   Dec-18-09 09:42 PM   #21 
  - I was a Spy reader, I liked it too. nt  mix   Dec-18-09 11:03 PM   #25 
     - Spy was GREAT! They got the name for it from the mag that Jimmy Stewart worked for in  Captain Hilts   Dec-18-09 11:14 PM   #28 
  - MAD and Cracked  AwakeAtLast   Dec-18-09 09:46 PM   #22 
  - MAD.  Iggo   Dec-18-09 10:08 PM   #23 
  - Only MAD. I still have some very old MAD books around we still read.  GreenPartyVoter   Dec-18-09 10:12 PM   #24 
  - I read Mad as a kid and it freaked me out more than made me laugh  rcrush   Dec-18-09 11:07 PM   #26 
  - Started reading MAD in 1969. nt  Captain Hilts   Dec-18-09 11:13 PM   #27 
  - About 1962 for me.  The Velveteen Ocelot   Dec-18-09 11:20 PM   #30 
  - Big fan of both.  leeroysphitz   Dec-18-09 11:52 PM   #31 
  - MAD. I love Sergio Aragones  arcadian   Dec-19-09 12:02 AM   #32 
  - Both  Doc_Technical   Dec-19-09 01:30 AM   #33 
  - I loved me some 'Poon, and Mad, of course.  Orsino   Dec-19-09 07:45 AM   #34 
  - I don't like the idiom "back in the day"  Bucky   Dec-19-09 08:40 AM   #35 
  - My bad.  mix   Dec-19-09 10:02 AM   #37 
  - The day when P.J. O'Rourke was still funny  gratuitous   Dec-19-09 11:21 AM   #44 
     - OMG!  RobinA   Dec-19-09 10:11 PM   #50 
  - never really got into Mad, loved Lampoon.  KG   Dec-19-09 09:55 AM   #36 
  - Mad in the 60s, Lampoon later.  TreasonousBastard   Dec-19-09 10:02 AM   #38 
  - I had the opportunity to work with Jack Davis back in the 80's  Auggie   Dec-19-09 10:05 AM   #39 
  - MAD as a kid. NL when I was in high school and college.  bif   Dec-19-09 10:44 AM   #41 
  - yeah  madmx19790   Dec-19-09 10:47 AM   #42 
  - My father, of all people, was an inveterate reader of MAD magazine.  Ikonoklast   Dec-19-09 10:53 AM   #43 
  - MAD when I was in junior high back in the late '50s, early '60s.  Blue_In_AK   Dec-19-09 12:46 PM   #45 
  - "Absolutely MAD" DVD-ROM  Graybeard   Dec-19-09 01:04 PM   #46 
  - They made me what I am today  LiberalEsto   Dec-19-09 02:50 PM   #47 
  - Even though I haven't really thought about these mags for years,  mix   Dec-19-09 02:53 PM   #48 
  - I HAD that mag at the time; don't know where it got to. Also: Visited MAD offices in NYC, ca. '70.  WinkyDink   Dec-19-09 06:00 PM   #49 
  - MAD, all through the 60s! n/t  tilsammans   Dec-19-09 10:45 PM   #52 
  - hells yes  Kali   Dec-19-09 11:33 PM   #54 
  - Lampoon in the 70's  S n o w b a l l    Dec-19-09 11:57 PM   #55 
  - A song parody from MAD that's been stuck in my head for a long long time...  Iggo   Dec-20-09 01:06 AM   #57 
  - what, me worry?  grasswire   Dec-20-09 02:10 AM   #58 

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