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Reply #26: They can also quit with the Minnesota Twins worship (nt) [View All]

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UrbScotty Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Oct-06-09 03:43 PM
Response to Original message
26. They can also quit with the Minnesota Twins worship (nt)
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  -Will ESPN quit with the Favre worship? Archae  Oct-05-09 07:36 PM   #0 
  - Are Peabody and Sherman hosting?  rucky   Oct-05-09 07:38 PM   #1 
  - Say are you the person  TZ   Oct-05-09 07:39 PM   #2 
  - I wish they'd focus on the rookie third string tight end instead.  jobycom   Oct-05-09 07:52 PM   #3 
  - It's still way overboard.  Forkboy   Oct-05-09 07:54 PM   #4 
  - Maybe a little. But he's the biggest story on the field, so what else would they talk about?  jobycom   Oct-05-09 08:08 PM   #8 
  - Dude..  TZ   Oct-05-09 07:56 PM   #5 
     - Who knows? I was adopted.  jobycom   Oct-05-09 08:07 PM   #7 
     - I smell a Brett Farve facts website coming on...  SKKY   Oct-06-09 03:46 PM   #27 
  - Only when he stops playing with so much heart,and success.  Swede   Oct-05-09 07:58 PM   #6 
  - He hasn't made it to a Super Bowl since the 1997 season  SoxFan   Oct-06-09 09:52 AM   #12 
     - Did you see that block he threw last week?  Swede   Oct-06-09 11:37 AM   #18 
        - No, THIS is a winner  SoxFan   Oct-06-09 03:51 PM   #28 
  - No. They will not.  Iggo   Oct-05-09 10:45 PM   #9 
  - When that guy retired the first time, those ESPN idiots were showing that damm guy....  pinniped   Oct-06-09 05:10 AM   #10 
  - I think Jaworski had a hard-on the entire game  PVnRT   Oct-06-09 06:03 AM   #11 
  - Another ESPN pet rock  SoxFan   Oct-06-09 09:55 AM   #13 
  - You forgot Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez  ipfilter   Oct-06-09 11:11 AM   #17 
     - How could I forget Tebow?  SoxFan   Oct-06-09 03:40 PM   #25 
  - Only after they quit with the Yankees worship.  Tommy_Carcetti   Oct-06-09 10:12 AM   #14 
  - Red Sox too.  Initech   Oct-06-09 12:26 PM   #21 
  - After last night? Not a chance. Favre-haters will just have to stop watching TV for a few seasons.  jobycom   Oct-06-09 10:38 AM   #15 
  - Yeah, you're right  Rosie1223   Oct-06-09 10:49 AM   #16 
     - Hehe! But you'll still have to watch the slo-mo lingering shots of his introspective gazes  jobycom   Oct-06-09 02:13 PM   #23 
        - Just shoot me now.  Rosie1223   Oct-06-09 03:39 PM   #24 
  - He peed on a dead puppy and it came back to life.  Throd   Oct-06-09 11:42 AM   #19 
  - On the flip side, the bandwaggoner's network did show GB fans burning Farve jerseys last night.  Initech   Oct-06-09 12:25 PM   #20 
  - No, they won't  PVnRT   Oct-06-09 01:32 PM   #22 
  - They can also quit with the Minnesota Twins worship (nt)  UrbScotty   Oct-06-09 03:43 PM   #26 

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