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Reply #17: Fuckin’ limeys. [View All]

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3.14158675309 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-07-09 02:47 PM
Response to Reply #15
17. Fuckin’ limeys.
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  -If Sinatra were still alive, I'll bet he could kick EACH and EVERY one of your ASSES. Amerigo Vespucci  Jun-07-09 11:55 AM   #0 
  - Excuse me...are you reading “Yes I Can”?  3.14158675309   Jun-07-09 12:00 PM   #1 
  - You know what the title of that book should be? "Yes, I Can If Frank Sinatra Says It's OK".  Amerigo Vespucci   Jun-07-09 12:18 PM   #4 
     - ‘Cause Frank calls the shots for all of those guys.'  3.14158675309   Jun-07-09 12:51 PM   #7 
        - *rolls window up*  Dr. Strange   Jun-07-09 02:40 PM   #15 
           - Fuckin’ limeys.  3.14158675309   Jun-07-09 02:47 PM   #17 
              - Well, you know...  Dr. Strange   Jun-07-09 02:52 PM   #20 
                 - Yeah yeah.  3.14158675309   Jun-07-09 02:53 PM   #21 
                    - You know Frank Sinatra...  Dr. Strange   Jun-07-09 02:54 PM   #22 
                       - You know, it’s just that people like know... they get all they want so they don’t  3.14158675309   Jun-07-09 02:59 PM   #24 
  - He could even kick all your asses NOW!!  latebloomer   Jun-07-09 12:01 PM   #2 
  - ..  Sky Masterson   Jun-07-09 12:02 PM   #3 
  - Then he would break our hearts singing "Night and Day".....nt  Jade Fox   Jun-07-09 12:23 PM   #5 
  - A very cool and very unique album:  Amerigo Vespucci   Jun-07-09 01:41 PM   #12 
  - He'd be 94 years old  taterguy   Jun-07-09 12:26 PM   #6 
  - I sincerely doubt he'd want to kick my ass.  Left Is Write   Jun-07-09 12:56 PM   #8 
  - You should give him his records back.  Sky Masterson   Jun-07-09 01:10 PM   #10 
     - No, he wouldn't.  Left Is Write   Jun-07-09 01:12 PM   #11 
        - I think he would give a lovely gasser such as yourself a little slack.  Sky Masterson   Jun-07-09 02:48 PM   #18 
  - Of course, it would be his bodyguards doing all the ass kicking  TK421   Jun-07-09 01:03 PM   #9 
  - "Steve...kick his ass."  Amerigo Vespucci   Jun-07-09 01:44 PM   #13 
     - I loved that sketch - thought of it immediately upon seeing this thread.  Left Is Write   Jun-07-09 01:46 PM   #14 
  - fav Sinatra story: when he offered to have Woody Allen beat up over his affair with Soon Yi  NightWatcher   Jun-07-09 02:45 PM   #16 
  - Well Abe Vigoda IS still alive  azmouse   Jun-07-09 02:52 PM   #19 
  - Sinatra was a douche. n/t  Mojambo   Jun-07-09 02:56 PM   #23 
  - Yeah, but...  Amerigo Vespucci   Jun-07-09 04:24 PM   #27 
  - But first, he'd probably ask someone to dig him up  Orrex   Jun-07-09 03:01 PM   #25 
  - No, I prefer to believe that if he WILLED it, Frank could dig HIMSELF up.  Amerigo Vespucci   Jun-07-09 05:02 PM   #29 
     - He'd probably will Dean-o and Sammy back to life and have *them* dig him up  Orrex   Jun-07-09 05:22 PM   #30 
        - OK, that one makes sense to me...  Amerigo Vespucci   Jun-07-09 05:35 PM   #31 
  - If Sinatra were still alive, he'd be older than fucking dirt and probably  old mark   Jun-07-09 03:16 PM   #26 
  - As an Italian, I tend to look right past the "he was a prick" stuff...  Amerigo Vespucci   Jun-07-09 04:59 PM   #28 
  - He'd never have to throw a punch - all he'd have to do to make me suffer is sing.  Zavulon   Jun-07-09 07:01 PM   #32 
     - BLASPHEMY!!!  latebloomer   Jun-07-09 09:27 PM   #33 
        - I know.  Zavulon   Jun-07-09 10:32 PM   #34 
           - Yes, and you would get it from me! :-)  latebloomer   Jun-08-09 06:36 AM   #35 
              - uh  blueknight   Jun-08-09 06:44 AM   #36 

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