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Reply #25: If only I lived in Europe [View All]

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iluvchicago86 Donating Member (422 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-12-03 06:18 PM
Response to Reply #19
25. If only I lived in Europe
When I was there last summer many people had them. They seem to make up the landscape in a weird way. But, when you had your scooters(plural!) did you have any safety problems as you were out and about, because thats my main problem...the issue of me(small 17 year old) versus earth destroyer SUV's. thanks for any help!
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  -So I am thinking of getting a scooter iluvchicago86  Aug-12-03 12:23 AM   #0 
  - yeah, i have some good stories about a scooters  Keithpotkin   Aug-12-03 12:24 AM   #1 
  - They are cheap and reliable, but share the same problems  WannaJumpMyScooter   Aug-12-03 12:25 AM   #2 
  - Thanks, and the safety issue is a concern of mine  iluvchicago86   Aug-12-03 12:30 AM   #4 
  - two things  binaryline   Aug-12-03 12:30 AM   #3 
  - Lol, me and my friend want to be the scooter duo  iluvchicago86   Aug-12-03 12:34 AM   #5 
     - heh-heh  binaryline   Aug-12-03 12:41 AM   #8 
        - Well we will probably  iluvchicago86   Aug-12-03 12:48 AM   #9 
           - hells yes (on the helmets)  binaryline   Aug-12-03 12:55 AM   #11 
              - Oh man!  iluvchicago86   Aug-12-03 12:58 AM   #13 
                 - they will be!  binaryline   Aug-12-03 01:04 AM   #14 
  - May I suggest a helmet, elbow and knee pads, an general body armour?  MissMarple   Aug-12-03 12:34 AM   #6 
  - Indeed safety always comes first...  iluvchicago86   Aug-12-03 12:36 AM   #7 
     - Don't think so, sweetheart.  MissMarple   Aug-12-03 12:49 AM   #10 
        - Yeah i have  iluvchicago86   Aug-12-03 12:55 AM   #12 
           - Check out this site... it is NYC, but I am sure there is something  WannaJumpMyScooter   Aug-12-03 01:42 AM   #15 
              - This is a neat-o link!  iluvchicago86   Aug-12-03 02:03 AM   #16 
  - talk to DUer susang  bunnyj   Aug-12-03 05:18 AM   #17 
  - My daughter wants to join the Vesparazzi, too...  BiggJawn   Aug-12-03 07:40 AM   #18 
  - The problem with getting a more powerful one  iluvchicago86   Aug-12-03 06:22 PM   #27 
  - I had TWO in the years before I upgraded to a car with doors  radwriter0555   Aug-12-03 08:35 AM   #19 
  - If only I lived in Europe  iluvchicago86   Aug-12-03 06:18 PM   #25 
  - How would buy you a VW Beetle?  LeftPeopleFinishFirst   Aug-12-03 09:20 AM   #20 
  - Well the VW is out of the question anyways  iluvchicago86   Aug-12-03 06:12 PM   #23 
  - Stop  DemOverseas   Aug-12-03 09:26 AM   #21 
  - I desperately want one  geniph   Aug-12-03 05:51 PM   #22 
     - Hey... how much is the insurance?  WannaJumpMyScooter   Aug-12-03 06:13 PM   #24 
        - That's what he says!  geniph   Aug-12-03 06:21 PM   #26 

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