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Reply #54: Of course it isn't. It's a teenage angst thing. [View All]

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UncleSepp Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-24-07 06:06 PM
Response to Reply #49
54. Of course it isn't. It's a teenage angst thing.
Teenagers on through the mid twenties have always had this "nobody understands me, the world sucks" thing going on. Pop songs have always been about "oh, I'm so miserable because I can't have (insert love object) here" - I've got a lovely emo tune from the 14th century called "In Darkness Let Me Dwell" that would fit right in if it had some percussion and electrified instruments. It's a human being thing, expressing itself in a different way in each generation, always in a way that the earlier generations find incomprehensible. That's how it's supposed to happen. Always has, always will.

In times that really do suck, though, it's hypocritical and self-serving to argue that "we" can complain about how much the world sucks, but "they" are stupid fools for complaining because "they" aren't complaining for the right reasons. How is it that we can defend their right not to be drafted, we can lament that they are going to inherit a crushing debt, a ruined environment, a devalued dollar and a Constitution full of holes, but they had better play along, look as we want them to, act as we want them to, think as we want them to, and listen to music we understand?

Isn't that a bit... well... conservative?
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  -Here's something I don't understand: Why all the hate for the emo kids? otherlander  Nov-23-07 03:15 PM   #0 
  - Middle-aged people in quiet despair don't want to be reminded of it?  Peake   Nov-23-07 03:17 PM   #1 
  - I don't know.  LynzM   Nov-23-07 03:19 PM   #2 
  - My problem with them are that many of them are poseurs!  GOPisEvil   Nov-23-07 03:23 PM   #3 
  - Texas?  otherlander   Nov-23-07 03:53 PM   #6 
     - In Austin?  GOPisEvil   Nov-23-07 03:58 PM   #9 
        - Beg to differ. Here in Houston they're breeding like rabbits. Reproducing like pod aliens  Bucky   Nov-23-07 06:07 PM   #26 
        - I'm surprised Texas hasn't made it legal to hunt emos.  Rabrrrrrr   Nov-24-07 06:43 PM   #57 
           - someone put some eyeliner on Ty Pennington and dye his hair black  DS1   Nov-24-07 07:00 PM   #70 
  - is there really hatred for emo kids? i think its more a mocking of emo kids  lionesspriyanka   Nov-23-07 03:25 PM   #4 
  - because all their pictures are some derivative of this  DS1   Nov-23-07 03:34 PM   #5 
  - I think that one is in my art class.  BarenakedLady   Nov-24-07 06:57 PM   #65 
  - Heres one reason..  RedCappedBandit   Nov-23-07 03:55 PM   #7 
  - So when they reject normal standards  otherlander   Nov-23-07 04:02 PM   #12 
  - Kind of like riders  cloudbase   Nov-23-07 05:46 PM   #24 
  - because Republicans are running the country  idgiehkt   Nov-23-07 03:58 PM   #8 
  - Yes. They should STFU  JVS   Nov-23-07 03:58 PM   #10 
  - If I was 16 now, I'd be EMO.  graywarrior   Nov-23-07 04:00 PM   #11 
  - I think it's a mass parental 'What do *you* have to complain about?'  Oeditpus Rex   Nov-23-07 04:05 PM   #13 
  - Yes being a teenager is tough. But acting like a fucking shitbrick isn't going to help  JVS   Nov-23-07 04:08 PM   #15 
     - this isn't helping  DS1   Nov-23-07 04:14 PM   #16 
     - LOL!  JVS   Nov-23-07 04:17 PM   #18 
     - Yeah, because 'Dude, I totally waxed that emo kid's ass'  Oeditpus Rex   Nov-23-07 04:20 PM   #19 
        - RAWK ON!  JVS   Nov-23-07 04:20 PM   #20 
  - I hate sardines, the little fuckers.  porphyrian   Nov-23-07 04:08 PM   #14 
  - Actually, I do have to say I like some of the music.  GOPisEvil   Nov-23-07 04:15 PM   #17 
  - I can't stand the little snots...  Orsino   Nov-23-07 04:50 PM   #21 
  - heh  Bucky   Nov-23-07 06:08 PM   #27 
  - Because they cry and moan and write songs about not having....  Tikki   Nov-23-07 04:58 PM   #22 
  - Lack of talent + navel gazing - anything worthwhile to say = teh suck  LeftyMom   Nov-23-07 05:34 PM   #23 
  - Blame it on the original emo kid  JBoy   Nov-23-07 06:03 PM   #25 
  - Is it really any different than what Teens have been doing for years?  Taverner   Nov-23-07 06:08 PM   #28 
  - 70's punk, 50's beats, the blues pretty much since ever...  UncleSepp   Nov-24-07 09:32 PM   #79 
  - Don't know any emo kids, and I don't listen to emo music  derby378   Nov-23-07 06:19 PM   #29 
  - I don't hate them  dropkickpa   Nov-23-07 06:31 PM   #30 
  - This is nothing new.  Iggo   Nov-23-07 06:44 PM   #31 
  - The difference is that at some point all of the above were cool.  DarkTirade   Nov-23-07 09:44 PM   #32 
  - You can't think  otherlander   Nov-23-07 09:45 PM   #33 
     - Cool isn't one end of the spectrum or another.  DarkTirade   Nov-23-07 09:51 PM   #34 
  - Bingo.  Jamastiene   Nov-23-07 10:13 PM   #35 
     - BANG!  Oeditpus Rex   Nov-23-07 10:27 PM   #38 
  - What's an emo kid? n/t  madeline_con   Nov-23-07 10:17 PM   #36 
  - here is my problem with emo types  DS1   Nov-23-07 10:21 PM   #37 
  - Then I suppose we ought to all just go away in droves  UncleSepp   Nov-24-07 01:14 AM   #40 
     - then you suppose wrong  DS1   Nov-24-07 01:48 AM   #43 
     - Are they all the same? Do you know all of them?  UncleSepp   Nov-24-07 03:06 AM   #47 
     - MCR's Black Parade doesn't seem apathetic...  otherlander   Nov-24-07 04:55 PM   #52 
     - You make an excellent point.  Jamastiene   Nov-24-07 02:00 AM   #45 
        - Thank you. I suppose we both missed what's wrong with my argument  UncleSepp   Nov-24-07 03:08 AM   #48 
        - Would you guys please realize that emo sadness is not a political phenomenon?  JVS   Nov-24-07 03:23 AM   #49 
        - There's so much awesome in that post  DS1   Nov-24-07 03:30 AM   #50 
        - Thank you  JVS   Nov-24-07 06:34 PM   #56 
        - Of course it isn't. It's a teenage angst thing.  UncleSepp   Nov-24-07 06:06 PM   #54 
        - you're just wrong  JVS   Nov-24-07 06:34 PM   #55 
           - Wow, great argument. "You're just wrong".  UncleSepp   Nov-24-07 09:25 PM   #74 
           - There was more to the post than that. Their sadness is not legitimate  JVS   Nov-24-07 09:27 PM   #75 
           - Who are you to judge whether someone's emotions are legit?  UncleSepp   Nov-24-07 09:33 PM   #81 
           - Best argument against your POV: Rabrrrrrr, DS1, and I all say emo sucks.  JVS   Nov-24-07 09:28 PM   #76 
              - LOL OK, that was genuinely funny  UncleSepp   Nov-24-07 09:34 PM   #82 
           - In other words  Oeditpus Rex   Nov-24-07 10:41 PM   #91 
        - emo kitty shares your bummedness.  redwitch   Nov-24-07 07:05 PM   #71 
        - I know what you mean.  Jamastiene   Nov-25-07 03:32 AM   #101 
        - Oh, bull - the difference between emo and being Democratic  Rabrrrrrr   Nov-24-07 06:48 PM   #59 
           - or maybe it's the other way around  JVS   Nov-24-07 09:30 PM   #78 
           - That could also be! The key point is, either way, the problem is: their heads are in their asses  Rabrrrrrr   Nov-24-07 09:35 PM   #83 
           - Sure beats having their heads up their asses.  Jamastiene   Nov-25-07 03:29 AM   #100 
  - I'd be curious to know how many people who bitch about emo kids actually know any emo kids.  primate1   Nov-23-07 11:32 PM   #39 
  - yes  idgiehkt   Nov-24-07 05:03 PM   #53 
  - In all honesty, the negative stereotypes associated with "emo" kids ...  primate1   Nov-24-07 08:04 PM   #72 
     - I like the way they look  idgiehkt   Nov-24-07 10:16 PM   #84 
        - If there's one thing I've learned over the years...  primate1   Nov-24-07 10:27 PM   #86 
        - I think you may have hit on something  Oeditpus Rex   Nov-24-07 10:40 PM   #90 
           - wow  idgiehkt   Nov-24-07 10:42 PM   #92 
  - From what I've read they sound like a bunch of bellyachers. n/t  madeline_con   Nov-24-07 06:48 PM   #60 
  - It's not really hate  TorchesAndPitchforks   Nov-24-07 01:17 AM   #41 
  - There is such a large market out there for this kind of music, but people are sick  TK421   Nov-24-07 01:21 AM   #42 
  - agreed, for the most part, see post 43, here's a link  DS1   Nov-24-07 01:59 AM   #44 
     - I love this quote:  xmas74   Nov-24-07 06:48 PM   #58 
        - yeah, but most 'kids' are poseurs  idgiehkt   Nov-24-07 10:37 PM   #89 
  - For some reason it makes me feel good  ashling   Nov-24-07 03:02 AM   #46 
  - i know, huh? -- i just found out about ''emo-ism''  xchrom   Nov-24-07 05:11 AM   #51 
  - Wait a minute... are emo kids Goth kids?  Writer   Nov-24-07 06:50 PM   #61 
  - Originally less makeup and tendency toward horn-rimed glasses  JVS   Nov-24-07 06:56 PM   #64 
     - Wow. What year is that layout from?  Writer   Nov-24-07 06:59 PM   #68 
     - Dunno. Found it online.  JVS   Nov-24-07 07:00 PM   #69 
     - Everyone around here wears Converses.  otherlander   Nov-24-07 08:58 PM   #73 
     - uh-oh  lwfern   Nov-25-07 02:02 AM   #99 
  - Jealous of the hair. n/t  Mojambo   Nov-24-07 06:53 PM   #62 
  - Because they're so deliciously a self-parody! How can one NOT laugh at and hate them?  Rabrrrrrr   Nov-24-07 06:55 PM   #63 
  - I dont think there are any Emos in ya know who I hate?  sheeptramp   Nov-24-07 06:58 PM   #66 
  - We should all show understanding and positive attitudes towards them.  philosophie_en_rose   Nov-24-07 06:59 PM   #67 
  - Here's something I don't understand. Why all the hate?  UncleSepp   Nov-24-07 09:30 PM   #77 
  - To quote Oscar Wilde via Uncyclopedia  JVS   Nov-24-07 09:32 PM   #80 
     - dude, Oscar Wilde was emo.  idgiehkt   Nov-24-07 10:22 PM   #85 
  - and I thought it started with the Velvet Underground, Warhol, and all that  kwassa   Nov-24-07 10:33 PM   #87 
  - that is a good point  idgiehkt   Nov-24-07 10:47 PM   #95 
  - The glorification of depression  TimeChaser   Nov-24-07 10:36 PM   #88 
  - Maybe associating themselves with a group  Oeditpus Rex   Nov-24-07 10:43 PM   #93 
  - Don't sweat it. They like it! That form of angst is part of what being "emo" is all about.  leeroysphits   Nov-24-07 10:44 PM   #94 
  - I'm pretty emo on the inside  MiniMandaRuth   Nov-25-07 01:04 AM   #96 
  - Hey, I want to get on the "I hate a whole group of kids" train too...  Mythsaje   Nov-25-07 01:43 AM   #97 
  - Emo kids, like goths before them, are dorks.  RandomKoolzip   Nov-25-07 02:01 AM   #98 

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