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Reply #65: I'll take your very good advice, LaraMN. [View All]

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In_The_Wind Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jul-11-06 02:16 PM
Response to Reply #59
65. I'll take your very good advice, LaraMN.

It's a lot of fun which fits right in here however I might wind up with more attention than I've bargained for if I dress in Hoochie Mama Style at home sooooo I'll leave the hippie look up there when I fly or drive down as I plan to do regularly for the next few years since I already have a good friend to pick me up at the airport. :)

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  -HELP! I may need an intervention. Joan_Alpern  Jul-10-06 08:27 PM   #0 
  - Pics?  evlbstrd   Jul-10-06 08:28 PM   #1 
  - The pics are on a two week delay.  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 08:38 PM   #5 
  - Hey! Where is Sug anyway?  Dangerously Amused   Jul-10-06 08:31 PM   #2 
  - She is plum tuckered out and snoozing peacefully.  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 09:17 PM   #20 
  - Have you ever considered writing greeding card messages?  HypnoToad   Jul-10-06 09:29 PM   #21 
     - HypnoToad  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 10:57 PM   #33 
  - Swee'pea!! :D  Sugar Smack   Jul-11-06 10:59 AM   #58 
     - Hey yo sweetiecakes!  Dangerously Amused   Jul-11-06 12:58 PM   #61 
        - Gawd, I love you! We'll have pictures to show you definitely.  Sugar Smack   Jul-11-06 04:47 PM   #66 
  - Sugar Smack?  everythingsxen   Jul-10-06 08:33 PM   #3 
  - ppfftt...  bridgit   Jul-10-06 10:41 PM   #30 
     - I fear she has been gone too long.  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 11:10 PM   #37 
        - pm to follow shortly here please check...  bridgit   Jul-10-06 11:12 PM   #38 
  - Okay...and the problem is....  reyd reid reed   Jul-10-06 08:36 PM   #4 
  - I'm too sexy for my clothes!  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 08:45 PM   #7 
     - Bonus!  Dangerously Amused   Jul-10-06 09:11 PM   #14 
     - No but I've had to treat it with tender loving care while it heals.  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 10:13 PM   #23 
     - This post is worthless without photos!  dicksteele   Jul-10-06 09:12 PM   #16 
        - Darn!  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 10:24 PM   #24 
           - Well, that description DOES help. I'm picturing the dress right now...  dicksteele   Jul-10-06 10:49 PM   #31 
              - *giggle*  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 11:52 PM   #48 
  - Well now, my dear Joani....  CaliforniaPeggy   Jul-10-06 08:43 PM   #6 
  - We both have real Florida tans. We've lost weight and slept late everyday!  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 08:58 PM   #9 
  - I bet you rock Hoochie Mama clothes  miss_american_pie   Jul-10-06 08:46 PM   #8 
  - We're having a great time!  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 09:09 PM   #13 
  - She does!  Sugar Smack   Jul-11-06 11:25 AM   #60 
     - Good thanks  miss_american_pie   Jul-11-06 01:04 PM   #62 
  - I had to google the term...  HypnoToad   Jul-10-06 09:00 PM   #10 
  - A bit of a tart.  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 09:14 PM   #18 
     - Oh my! And with all that in mind,  HypnoToad   Jul-10-06 09:16 PM   #19 
  - Joan, You are ALWAYS on vacation!  redwitch   Jul-10-06 09:04 PM   #11 
  - I may not be on vacation in a few years.  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 09:29 PM   #22 
     - you can't leave upstate before we get together at least once!  redwitch   Jul-11-06 09:05 PM   #67 
        - I'll be home for two or three months. I would love to meet you.  Joan_Alpern   Jul-13-06 04:47 AM   #68 
           - yes, let's!  redwitch   Jul-13-06 01:01 PM   #69 
  - all you need is your green cape  swimboy   Jul-10-06 09:06 PM   #12 
  - the green lace is better left for another time  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 10:28 PM   #25 
  - Glad to see you're enjoying yourselves.  GOPisEvil   Jul-10-06 09:11 PM   #15 
  - You should see me in my toga...  HypnoToad   Jul-10-06 09:13 PM   #17 
  - There's no such thing as too much fun.  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 10:41 PM   #29 
  - LOL! I love it! Glad to know you two are hooked up and hopefully  Shine   Jul-10-06 10:29 PM   #26 
  - Well, we aren't getting into any trouble we can't get out of.  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 10:34 PM   #27 
     - Well, you could always howl on your own.  Shine   Jul-10-06 10:41 PM   #28 
        - I love to celebrate the full moon.  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 11:05 PM   #35 
  - You know, Hoochie Mama clothes are very okay.  mwdem   Jul-10-06 10:51 PM   #32 
  - I was beginning to feel a little too old for them  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 11:17 PM   #39 
     - Why stop at ten?  mwdem   Jul-10-06 11:24 PM   #41 
        - It's like this:  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 11:49 PM   #47 
           - Sweetie, I've seen your pics.  mwdem   Jul-10-06 11:55 PM   #49 
              - Thank you!  Joan_Alpern   Jul-11-06 12:15 AM   #50 
  - Oh dear, Joan......  WCGreen   Jul-10-06 11:03 PM   #34 
  - Take it easy Chris.  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 11:42 PM   #46 
  - "intervention"? bah, you need a hoochie coochie back-door man...  bridgit   Jul-10-06 11:10 PM   #36 
  - He'll be here in time for supper Thursday.  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 11:21 PM   #40 
     - i'd ask you what's for supper, but it sounds like you'll be supping...  bridgit   Jul-10-06 11:25 PM   #42 
        - not exactly  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 11:34 PM   #44 
  - But Joani, I thought you WERE a Hoochie Mama!  SeattleGirl   Jul-10-06 11:28 PM   #43 
  - I am/was but I was masquerading as an old hippie.  Joan_Alpern   Jul-10-06 11:38 PM   #45 
     - Then pack the Hoochie Mama stuff away until you get back  SeattleGirl   Jul-11-06 12:37 AM   #51 
  - I take it they don't have too many buttons and are tight in all  wildhorses   Jul-11-06 05:16 AM   #52 
  - Zero buttons on the red number.  Joan_Alpern   Jul-11-06 01:59 PM   #63 
  - I will decide in Septemer  MissHoneychurch   Jul-11-06 05:51 AM   #53 
  - Hi MissH  billyskank   Jul-11-06 05:55 AM   #54 
  - Hey billy  MissHoneychurch   Jul-11-06 05:55 AM   #55 
  - Remember if I only pack Hoochie Mama clothes there will be lots of room.  Joan_Alpern   Jul-11-06 08:14 AM   #56 
  - Since when did Hoochie Mama become a bad thing?  NewWaveChick1981   Jul-11-06 08:17 AM   #57 
  - It's only a bad thing when my ex sees me walking away.  Joan_Alpern   Jul-11-06 02:05 PM   #64 
  - Well, for what it's worth,  LaraMN   Jul-11-06 11:25 AM   #59 
     - I'll take your very good advice, LaraMN.  Joan_Alpern   Jul-11-06 02:16 PM   #65 

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