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Reply #23: It's Still Anecdotal ... [View All]

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arwalden Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jul-08-06 12:23 PM
Response to Reply #20
23. It's Still Anecdotal ...
... and the details just don't make much sense. I'm NOT saying that such a story is absolutely impossible... just that it's highly unlikely to have happened as it was described to you. I usually need more evidence than FOAF accounts.

<<I know the hospital in question (...) I trust her implicitly.>>

What's her involvement with this? How does she know about the story? Was she personally involved? Did she see it happen, or did she hear about it after the fact?

<< (...) I am aware, from history, that Albert Sidney Johnson, Confederate General, bled to death in about 15 minutes from a wound to his foot that wasn't even all that obvious. (...) >>

I don't know anything about that, but it's not really enough to convince me that THIS particular suicide story is true.

<< Knowing the place, I'm not even sure that they wiped up the blood all that fast. It may still be there, or the sidewalk may have been hosed down. I'm not going there to see for myself. >>


<<Even without any further detail, I'm well convinced that the story is true.>>

Sorry... I just have higher standards

<< Apparently everyone who works there is aware of the case. We also know the personality of at least one of the people in the crisis center, and find it consistent. >>

Anecdotal. I'd prefer to read something from a local news outlet. How long ago did this happen? Did local news cover it at all? That sounds like the type of sensational (and tragic) story that local news would be on top of.

<< As for finding the body laying there, you are placing a cultural sensibility from your place in a a quite different place where I don't think it applies.>>

As I said before, considering the amount of time it takes someone to bleed out from their wrists, I think it's extremely unlikely that not ONE person would report it to someone in charge. --- I'm not talking about ACTIVELY rushing to her side to stop the bleeding... just casually mentioning to someone at the admission desk, "By the way, there's a lady outside sitting in a pool of her own blood, you may want to check it out."

<< There are places in the world where nobody does anything about tragedy. Many of them are right here in this country. >>

Perhaps... but this just has all the earmarks of an urban legend being born.
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  -Nurse commits suicide at hospital after crisis center is too busy for her. NNadir  Jul-07-06 07:39 PM   #0 
  - That is beyond tragic. My sympathies to her family and friends.  Midlodemocrat   Jul-07-06 07:40 PM   #1 
  - Damn  everythingsxen   Jul-07-06 07:40 PM   #2 
  - How awful  u4ic   Jul-07-06 07:42 PM   #3 
  - That is awful.  bigwillq   Jul-07-06 07:46 PM   #4 
  - Sad for anyone to get to that point and not be able to get help.  Radio_Lady   Jul-07-06 07:50 PM   #5 
     - This reminds me of a tale of from my own life, a long time ago.  NNadir   Jul-07-06 08:03 PM   #6 
        - It shakes me to the core...  YellowRubberDuckie   Jul-07-06 08:08 PM   #8 
           - for many people depression is NOT a 'temporary problem'  Skittles   Jul-07-06 08:43 PM   #9 
              - Good point.  NNadir   Jul-07-06 08:48 PM   #10 
              - yes  Skittles   Jul-07-06 10:01 PM   #12 
                 - Thanks for your sober perspective.  NNadir   Jul-07-06 10:10 PM   #13 
              - I didn't see that she had depression....  YellowRubberDuckie   Jul-08-06 08:48 AM   #14 
              - you are wrong about that  Skittles   Jul-08-06 04:51 PM   #26 
              - and for others, there's knowledge that treatment could just stop working  ncrainbowgrrl   Jul-08-06 11:00 AM   #18 
              - very often the treatment does stop working  Skittles   Jul-08-06 04:53 PM   #28 
              - are so right  ikojo   Jul-08-06 11:12 AM   #19 
              - I am very sorry for your loss.  NNadir   Jul-08-06 11:56 AM   #21 
              - so sorry, ikojo  Skittles   Jul-08-06 04:53 PM   #27 
                 - I agree Skittles...and I am sorry for your loss  ikojo   Jul-09-06 05:24 PM   #33 
              - Fully agree  hyphenate   Jul-09-06 09:18 PM   #42 
                 - yes, keep that contact going  Skittles   Jul-10-06 02:26 AM   #53 
  - Why I quit nursing.  maveric   Jul-07-06 08:07 PM   #7 
  - Same with teaching....  ikojo   Jul-09-06 05:26 PM   #34 
     - I gave it up after three years  TrogL   Jul-09-06 10:18 PM   #48 
  - That's just terrible.  AirmensMom   Jul-07-06 08:52 PM   #11 
  - It sure as heck does not get any worse than that.......  CaliforniaPeggy   Jul-08-06 09:45 AM   #15 
  - You've got that right Peggy!  KC2   Jul-08-06 03:06 PM   #25 
  - just the other night (tuesday iirc)  wildhorses   Jul-08-06 09:52 AM   #16 
  - Hmmm. It Sounds Fishy To Me...  arwalden   Jul-08-06 10:43 AM   #17 
  - I certainly don't know the details. However the story is nonetheless  NNadir   Jul-08-06 11:54 AM   #20 
  - It's Still Anecdotal ...  arwalden   Jul-08-06 12:23 PM   #23 
     - Look, let's consider that you know nothing at all about this case.  NNadir   Jul-08-06 03:03 PM   #24 
     - Let's also consider that you don't know much about this case either...  arwalden   Jul-08-06 05:34 PM   #29 
        - I can confirm this....  CanuckAmok   Jul-08-06 08:00 PM   #30 
        - Oh You... I Find Your Statement Rather Callous.  arwalden   Jul-08-06 09:10 PM   #31 
           - Seriously...  CanuckAmok   Jul-08-06 11:48 PM   #32 
              - I Wonder If ANYONE Found A Link To This Story Yet...  arwalden   Jul-09-06 06:14 PM   #37 
                 - I'll let you know.  HypnoToad   Jul-09-06 08:25 PM   #38 
                    - Certainly! If Such A Thing Exists, I'll Respond...  arwalden   Jul-10-06 07:52 AM   #54 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Jul-09-06 09:34 PM   #45 
           - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Jul-09-06 09:52 PM   #46 
           - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Jul-09-06 11:42 PM   #51 
     - Across and down ...  RoyGBiv   Jul-10-06 02:14 AM   #52 
  - I must agree. Yet I cannot.  HypnoToad   Jul-09-06 05:31 PM   #36 
  - Is That A Fair Or Accurate Comparison?  arwalden   Jul-09-06 08:53 PM   #39 
     - Self-inflicted?  HypnoToad   Jul-09-06 08:57 PM   #40 
        - Dude  GirlinContempt   Jul-09-06 09:09 PM   #41 
           - I re-read our exchange and you and he are right...  HypnoToad   Jul-09-06 09:19 PM   #43 
           - Yes... You Are Correct. -- Thank You.  arwalden   Jul-09-06 09:29 PM   #44 
           - let alone someone bleeding on the sidewalk  northzax   Jul-09-06 10:16 PM   #47 
  - MrG just said the same thing.  MrsGrumpy   Jul-09-06 10:22 PM   #50 
  - On the first of the month a friend of mine  jmm   Jul-08-06 11:59 AM   #22 
  - How can a crisis center turn away anyone who is in need of help?  Joan_Alpern   Jul-09-06 05:30 PM   #35 
  - so which hospital is this?  northzax   Jul-09-06 10:19 PM   #49 
     - Nobody Knows...  arwalden   Jul-10-06 05:45 PM   #55 

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