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Reply #6: i liked it [View All]

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Sven77 Donating Member (645 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jun-07-06 03:05 AM
Response to Original message
6. i liked it
the special effects were worth the price of admission, but im a comic book fan.
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  -I saw X-Men 3 today. Is it bad I found myself rooting for Magneto? IanDB1  Jun-07-06 02:02 AM   #0 
  - LOL, I saw it this afternoon  MuseRider   Jun-07-06 02:04 AM   #1 
  - I heard it wasnt any good.  moobu2   Jun-07-06 02:14 AM   #2 
  - It was okay. Worth seeing on cable. n/t  IanDB1   Jun-07-06 02:35 AM   #3 
  - you heard wrong  Bombtrack   Jun-07-06 05:24 AM   #11 
  - Not me. I haven't been saying the movie sucks for two years.  Frank Cannon   Jun-07-06 06:45 AM   #19 
  - Very pretty, doesn't hang together as well as #2  JHB   Jun-07-06 05:53 AM   #13 
     - Me either  shadowknows69   Jun-07-06 06:15 AM   #17 
  - My grades on the movie  jerry611   Jun-07-06 02:36 AM   #4 
  - No, that's actually the sign of a really good movie.  BullGooseLoony   Jun-07-06 02:38 AM   #5 
  - i liked it  Sven77   Jun-07-06 03:05 AM   #6 
  - I hope not. I haven't seen #3 yet....  dicksteele   Jun-07-06 03:46 AM   #7 
  - Magneto isn't just angry..  JackDragna   Jun-07-06 04:00 AM   #9 
  - Magneto should be the new icon for The Pink Pistols.  IanDB1   Jun-07-06 06:13 AM   #15 
  - I saw it this afternoon, in fact. What is Kelsey Grammar?  Random_Australian   Jun-07-06 03:48 AM   #8 
  - He is Beast  all_hail_gwb   Jun-07-06 05:23 AM   #10 
  - KKKelsey is the blue furry guy. n/t  IanDB1   Jun-07-06 06:14 AM   #16 
  - what? Magneto is a freaking moron (possible spoilers)  nickinSTL   Jun-07-06 05:41 AM   #12 
  - It's not just homosexuality. It's a parable with layers.  IanDB1   Jun-07-06 06:25 AM   #18 
  - Love is a perception rooted in one's perceptions in life.  HypnoToad   Jun-07-06 06:55 AM   #20 
  - You can't pin the X-Men to one particular civil rights allegory  Bombtrack   Jun-07-06 07:43 AM   #22 
  - The previous two organized around MLK vs Malcolm X theme, which was  1932   Jun-07-06 06:06 AM   #14 
  - I saw it for the third time last night. I love Magneto and Mystique  Cannikin   Jun-07-06 07:04 AM   #21 
  - One of the weaknesses of this weak script is that the X-Men give no reason  Rabrrrrrr   Jun-07-06 08:45 AM   #23 
  - I chalked that up to absence of leadership (spoilers)  BigMcLargehuge   Jun-07-06 09:07 AM   #24 
  - it's Ian McKellen  tigereye   Jun-07-06 09:09 AM   #25 
  - Well, the highlight of the movie for me was when he ripped the bridge  TK421   Jun-07-06 09:14 AM   #26 
  - And yes, I was rooting for Magneto,too.....the two of us have a great  TK421   Jun-07-06 09:16 AM   #27 

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