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Reply #17: wait...what? [View All]

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progmom Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Apr-18-06 09:36 AM
Response to Reply #14
17. wait...what?
I was agreeing that I didn't think this was mock-worthy.

And I sent you a PM last week about the other thread, apologizing for misunderstanding your intent.
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  -Video: Pakistani Lady Trying to be Sxxxy! (OMFG, Funny!) JCMach1  Apr-18-06 04:42 AM   #0 
  - Now, I know _exactly_ what I'm going to give Call Me Wesley  Heidi   Apr-18-06 04:59 AM   #1 
  - I think I have to change computers, it is too odd on dial-up.  Joan_Alpern   Apr-18-06 05:24 AM   #2 
  - That Was BAD!  Joan_Alpern   Apr-18-06 07:01 AM   #4 
  - I'm scarred.  haruka3_2000   Apr-18-06 06:51 AM   #3 
  - you're not the only one.  Alien spawn   Apr-18-06 09:33 AM   #15 
  - maybe if they changed the music...  cleofus1   Apr-18-06 07:03 AM   #5 
  - LOL! I agree with you  supernova   Apr-18-06 07:08 AM   #7 
     - or that chubby british guy  cleofus1   Apr-18-06 07:12 AM   #8 
     - OMG, I was thinking  NewWaveChick1981   Apr-18-06 10:15 AM   #22 
  - lol  Atmashine   Apr-18-06 07:07 AM   #6 
  - MOM!  underpants   Apr-18-06 07:35 AM   #9 
  - dude  cleofus1   Apr-18-06 07:40 AM   #10 
  - She has ergotism.  Deep13   Apr-18-06 08:59 AM   #11 
  - Looks like cheap erotica from another culture  alarcojon   Apr-18-06 09:04 AM   #12 
  - I have always adored you alarcojon  progmom   Apr-18-06 09:12 AM   #13 
     - Wait a goddamn minute here  sasquatch   Apr-18-06 09:24 AM   #14 
        - wait...what?  progmom   Apr-18-06 09:36 AM   #17 
        - Where do you see alarcojon mocking another culture?  lukasahero   Apr-18-06 09:38 AM   #18 
        - Thanks, L  alarcojon   Apr-18-06 11:37 AM   #26 
           - I couldn't agree more  lukasahero   Apr-18-06 02:26 PM   #29 
        - Mocking? By agreeing that it's not funny? I don't get it.  Misunderestimator   Apr-18-06 09:40 AM   #19 
        - Try reading Alarcojon's post again  Susang   Apr-18-06 10:32 AM   #23 
           - I screwed up I thought he was the OP  sasquatch   Apr-18-06 10:33 AM   #24 
  - I think it was hot. nt  XNASA   Apr-18-06 09:34 AM   #16 
  - I'm not sure what exactly is supposed to be funny.  Finnfan   Apr-18-06 10:01 AM   #20 
  - most excellent, finnfan  progmom   Apr-18-06 10:10 AM   #21 
  - Sigh. Our Pakistani friend found this and showed it to us  clyrc   Apr-19-06 12:02 AM   #33 
     - As an addition to my own post, I need to say that sometimes  clyrc   Apr-19-06 12:15 AM   #34 
     - thanks for explaining that clyrc  progmom   Apr-19-06 08:47 AM   #35 
     - I read it as some sort of Pakistani softcore porn  alarcojon   Apr-19-06 09:58 AM   #36 
     - Thank you. And I absolutely believe your motives were pure.  Finnfan   Apr-19-06 10:36 AM   #37 
  - While there are moments where I'd be biting my tongue to not giggle  DS1   Apr-18-06 10:37 AM   #25 
  - Amusing - esp the buck-buck-collapse  Taverner   Apr-18-06 11:43 AM   #27 
  - uhhhhhh  anarch   Apr-18-06 11:52 AM   #28 
  - I liked the scoot across the bed movement.  ronnykmarshall   Apr-18-06 02:49 PM   #30 
  - Interesting posts here-- I have a thing for bad films from the  JCMach1   Apr-18-06 11:51 PM   #31 
  - looks like it was from a bad comedy or something  JI7   Apr-18-06 11:57 PM   #32 

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