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Reply #24: From Dr. Giraffenstein's quiz: [View All]

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wysimdnwyg Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Dec-01-03 12:29 PM
Response to Reply #11
24. From Dr. Giraffenstein's quiz:
Q: My friend Bomby the bombardier beetle can shoot boiling-hot toxic chemicals out of his butt. Why?

A: God gave your friend that ability for defense against evil and as a testament against the false doctrine of Evolutionism!

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  -If you find an Atheist in your neighborhood, trof  Dec-01-03 11:38 AM   #0 
  - I have one in my neighborhood...and she is my best friend in the  MrsGrumpy   Dec-01-03 11:40 AM   #1 
  - most people go to church to gossip  creativelcro   Dec-01-03 11:41 AM   #2 
  - So do I  Ernesto   Dec-01-03 12:31 PM   #25 
  - HAHAHHAAHA I EAT CHILDREN  matcom   Dec-01-03 11:41 AM   #3 
  - Damn...  adamblast   Dec-01-03 11:43 AM   #5 
  - Been meaning to tell you  Jerseycoa   Dec-01-03 01:08 PM   #28 
  - great!! brainwash kids into believing rational thought equals  theivoryqueen   Dec-01-03 11:42 AM   #4 
  - Most atheists are better behaved than Falwellians.  oldtimer1942   Dec-01-03 11:44 AM   #6 
  - fascinating  trof   Dec-01-03 11:45 AM   #9 
  - Remember, little kids  Endangered Specie   Dec-01-03 11:44 AM   # 
  - Remember, little kids  Endangered Specie   Dec-01-03 11:44 AM   #7 
  - please tell me this whole site is a gag  northernsoul   Dec-01-03 11:45 AM   #8 
  - Psssst.  BurtWorm   Dec-01-03 11:50 AM   #11 
  - OK, they got me.  trof   Dec-01-03 11:59 AM   #15 
  - They got me once too.  BurtWorm   Dec-01-03 12:03 PM   #17 
  - From Dr. Giraffenstein's quiz:  wysimdnwyg   Dec-01-03 12:29 PM   #24 
  - as serious as cancer  trof   Dec-01-03 11:50 AM   #12 
     - trof...  BurtWorm   Dec-01-03 11:53 AM   #13 
        - My face is red.  trof   Dec-01-03 12:04 PM   #19 
        - Here's something to cheer you up, from their store  BurtWorm   Dec-01-03 12:09 PM   #20 
           - Whoa! That'd knock the lead out of your pencil for SURE!  BiggJawn   Dec-01-03 12:35 PM   #26 
        - Yes. Cousins of mine. They wear something very similar on their uniforms.  politicat   Dec-01-03 12:28 PM   #23 
        - I've seen that before...  YellowRubberDuckie   Dec-01-03 12:36 PM   #27 
  - .  Loonman   Dec-01-03 11:47 AM   #10 
  - This is too funny  Loonman   Dec-01-03 11:56 AM   #14 
  - My Gosh!! Is that why I am so grumpy all the time.  RebelOne   Dec-01-03 12:00 PM   #16 
  - Is it just me, or does Mr. Gruff look like a Yak? eom  SpikeTrees   Dec-01-03 12:04 PM   #18 
  - I started to break out in a cold sweat!  amandae   Dec-01-03 12:20 PM   #21 
  - I am relieved that this is parody  cmf   Dec-01-03 12:21 PM   #22 
  - Parody or not, there are many conservative Baptists who agree with it!  TXlib   Dec-01-03 01:21 PM   #29 
  - This is the best!!  dwckabal   Dec-01-03 01:27 PM   #30 
  - Wow! They're good!  Lizz612   Dec-01-03 01:32 PM   #31 

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