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Reply #33: here's a partial answer [View All]

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NJCher Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jan-01-06 12:16 PM
Response to Reply #31
33. here's a partial answer
Like repukes, there are "different rules" for Dick Clark. Here's one account, a review from AlterNet:

Moore's connections aren't so much tenuous as they are incomplete -- he knows he doesn't have time to do justice to the whole picture. He's tackling the big questions. And more power to him, since no one else is raising them on 700 movie screens nationwide. "I want to get people talking about what we collectively have a responsibility to do," he says.

That mission makes some of the accusations of self-promotion and demagoguery that get thrown at Moore rather ironic. It's not so much that he doesn't deserve it, but that others seem immune to the same charges. Moore ambushes Dick Clark to ask him about the plight of the first-grader with a gun (the childs mother worked at one of Dick Clark's branded restaurants). Dick Clark gets a tax break for employing such welfare-to-work employees.

And Clark -- looking rich and slick from his career as Dick Clark and his "Dick Clark's American Bandstand" restaurants, surrounded by his entourage in a chauffeured van with tinted windows -- refuses to speak with Moore. Why doesnt Dick Clark get any flak for his callous, self-serving behavior?

And how can Moore be accused of being a demagogue in a nation where the tone is set by a president who speaks almost exclusively in black and white terms about American families versus "evil-doers"? In the course of Moore's movie, a news clip shows George W. Bush telling the American people that one way to "show our unity" is to support his budget for the Pentagon. /

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  -Turned on Dick Clark. xmas74  Dec-31-05 10:37 PM   #0 
  - And it seemed that for years  bushwentawol   Dec-31-05 10:41 PM   #1 
  - It's sad to watch him.  xmas74   Dec-31-05 10:42 PM   #2 
     - I have no respect for Dick Clark. He's a first class money  0007   Dec-31-05 10:45 PM   #3 
     - I can't be pissed at him as he is now.  xmas74   Dec-31-05 10:48 PM   #6 
     - I volunteer my time with Aphasia and Hospice clients and I'd  0007   Dec-31-05 11:16 PM   #16 
        - True.  xmas74   Dec-31-05 11:19 PM   #17 
           - What if it was GWB or Rumsfeld or Cheney  ikojo   Jan-02-06 06:10 AM   #40 
              - I would still feel bad for them.  xmas74   Jan-02-06 03:18 PM   #41 
     - I hate to raise the possibility of flaming a sick man but....  hopein08   Jan-01-06 11:34 AM   #31 
        - here's a partial answer  NJCher   Jan-01-06 12:16 PM   #33 
           - It goes back further than that, NJCher  kskiska   Jan-02-06 04:07 PM   #48 
     - One of these days he's going to have to hang it up.  bushwentawol   Dec-31-05 10:48 PM   #7 
        - At this stage of the game I'd bet it's the sense of normalcy.  xmas74   Dec-31-05 10:52 PM   #11 
           - I think you're right.  Left Is Write   Jan-01-06 12:06 PM   #32 
              - Agreed - it's a tradition for me to watch him on New Year's Eve (nt)  ih8thegop   Jan-01-06 12:29 PM   #34 
              - You've got a few(just a few) years on me.  xmas74   Jan-01-06 02:03 PM   #35 
  - He will not be on for another here  CatholicEdHead   Dec-31-05 10:46 PM   #4 
  - Which means it will suck forever after.  xmas74   Dec-31-05 10:48 PM   #8 
     - Ryan Seacrest sucks donkey balls.  bliss_eternal   Jan-01-06 01:46 AM   #22 
        - why is he famous anyways ?  JI7   Jan-01-06 01:52 AM   #23 
           - I just asked my husband that earlier---  bliss_eternal   Jan-01-06 02:13 AM   #26 
  - anyone make a screen grab?  TheWebHead   Dec-31-05 10:48 PM   #5 
  - don't know how.  xmas74   Dec-31-05 10:49 PM   #9 
  - I was glad to see him back  OurVotesCount-Ohio   Dec-31-05 10:51 PM   #10 
  - It is sad.  xmas74   Dec-31-05 10:52 PM   #12 
     - I'm wondering if it will be too,  OurVotesCount-Ohio   Dec-31-05 10:56 PM   #13 
        - Just have Dick Clark's head do it for years to come  CatholicEdHead   Dec-31-05 10:58 PM   #14 
        - It does.  xmas74   Dec-31-05 10:59 PM   #15 
  - We all die. It's a matter of where, when, why, how, and sometimes by who.  HypnoToad   Dec-31-05 11:25 PM   #18 
  - What's the fuss in GD tonight?  xmas74   Dec-31-05 11:26 PM   #19 
  - He's still the world's oldest teenager.  Beware the Beast Man   Jan-01-06 12:41 AM   #20 
  - So did I.  xmas74   Jan-01-06 09:56 AM   #28 
  - hard to see him like that  JI7   Jan-01-06 01:39 AM   #21 
  - OMG---just saw him--made me cry...  bliss_eternal   Jan-01-06 01:59 AM   #24 
  - Made me wipe away a tear last night.  xmas74   Jan-01-06 09:55 AM   #27 
     - My husband reminded me--  bliss_eternal   Jan-01-06 03:05 PM   #36 
        - I just don't think Seacrest has done anything.  xmas74   Jan-01-06 09:05 PM   #37 
           - I totally agree--  bliss_eternal   Jan-02-06 05:18 AM   #38 
              - I heard something about that... what did he do again?  MiniMandaRuth   Jan-02-06 07:52 PM   #78 
                 - He's such a jack-ass--  bliss_eternal   Jan-03-06 03:23 AM   #82 
  - Happy New Year!!!!!!!  Wordie   Jan-01-06 02:00 AM   #25 
  - Do you think they had a choice?  xmas74   Jan-01-06 09:57 AM   #29 
  - Strokes really are terribly cruel.  Beausoir   Jan-01-06 10:11 AM   #30 
  - I know. It was very sad.  Vektor   Jan-02-06 06:07 AM   #39 
  - It was.  xmas74   Jan-02-06 03:46 PM   #42 
  - That's a weird image.  evlbstrd   Jan-02-06 03:52 PM   #43 
  - You were up talking to me when I originally started this thread  xmas74   Jan-02-06 03:54 PM   #44 
     - Time warp.  evlbstrd   Jan-02-06 03:55 PM   #45 
        - You're welcome.  xmas74   Jan-02-06 03:56 PM   #46 
           - It is shocking.  evlbstrd   Jan-02-06 03:59 PM   #47 
              - So do I.  xmas74   Jan-02-06 04:13 PM   #49 
                 - Heh heh.  evlbstrd   Jan-02-06 04:14 PM   #50 
                    - Dirty thoughts about everyone!  xmas74   Jan-02-06 04:26 PM   #51 
                       - Curiosity killed the cat.  evlbstrd   Jan-02-06 04:27 PM   #52 
                          - Very true.  xmas74   Jan-02-06 04:28 PM   #53 
                             - You'll be OK  evlbstrd   Jan-02-06 04:31 PM   #54 
                                - As long as I'm smarter than my dog I'll be just fine.  xmas74   Jan-02-06 04:32 PM   #55 
                                   - Do you chase cars?  evlbstrd   Jan-02-06 04:36 PM   #56 
                                      - No I don't.  xmas74   Jan-02-06 04:36 PM   #57 
                                         - That sounds pretty logical.  evlbstrd   Jan-02-06 04:39 PM   #58 
                                            - Just wait for them to hit you head on instead.  xmas74   Jan-02-06 04:53 PM   #59 
                                               - Has she been hit?  evlbstrd   Jan-02-06 04:58 PM   #60 
                                                  - Yep-a couple of times.  xmas74   Jan-02-06 05:02 PM   #61 
                                                     - She's depressed.  evlbstrd   Jan-02-06 05:04 PM   #62 
                                                     - She prefers not to think at all.  xmas74   Jan-02-06 05:07 PM   #63 
                                                     - OK, stupid dog.  evlbstrd   Jan-02-06 05:09 PM   #64 
                                                     - She really is.  xmas74   Jan-02-06 05:13 PM   #65 
                                                     - That's hilarious!  evlbstrd   Jan-02-06 05:15 PM   #66 
                                                     - I throw one over her head every night.  xmas74   Jan-02-06 05:23 PM   #67 
                                                     - Too bad it doesn't work for kids.  evlbstrd   Jan-02-06 05:28 PM   #68 
                                                     - I tried.  xmas74   Jan-02-06 05:29 PM   #69 
                                                     - Did you watch "Blazing Saddles" with her?  evlbstrd   Jan-02-06 05:33 PM   #70 
                                                     - Not yet.  xmas74   Jan-02-06 05:34 PM   #71 
                                                     - When I watched "iffy" movies with my son  evlbstrd   Jan-02-06 05:37 PM   #72 
                                                     - I'll wait for a couple of years on that one.  xmas74   Jan-02-06 06:22 PM   #73 
                                                     - We waited until he was around 12.  evlbstrd   Jan-02-06 06:27 PM   #74 
                                                     - She's still at that age where she takes everything  xmas74   Jan-02-06 06:31 PM   #75 
                                                     - Enjoy that.  evlbstrd   Jan-02-06 06:35 PM   #76 
                                                     - We've crossed that line a few times already.  xmas74   Jan-02-06 06:36 PM   #77 
  - I really hope Ryan Seacrest doesnt take over for Dick Clark.  EOO   Jan-02-06 07:57 PM   #79 
  - I wish Mark Goodman would be the chosen one.  Left Is Write   Jan-02-06 07:59 PM   #80 
  - I think it's already a done deal  OurVotesCount-Ohio   Jan-02-06 08:03 PM   #81 
  - I heard the same--  bliss_eternal   Jan-03-06 03:26 AM   #84 
  - He's also a repuke--  bliss_eternal   Jan-03-06 03:25 AM   #83 
     - Ah, even more proof that Seacrest is a complete tool!  EOO   Jan-03-06 03:05 PM   #85 
  - Clark sucks ass  kwolf68   Jan-03-06 08:05 PM   #86 

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