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Reply #14: Been the "challenge" route [View All]

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lizziegrace Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-23-05 08:54 AM
Response to Original message
14. Been the "challenge" route
It's not worth the anguish. I'll take a kind, decent, caring man with a good heart and a passion for life any day over some superficial asshole.

The author probably believes Dr. Phil's new book is THE guide for women too.
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  -Why being a nice guy won't get you laid pokerfan  Dec-23-05 05:33 AM   #0 
  - Oh christ...  primate1   Dec-23-05 05:38 AM   #1 
  - I especially liked this section on the ladies site  pokerfan   Dec-23-05 05:50 AM   #3 
     - Well I married a nice guy  OhioBlues   Dec-23-05 02:44 PM   #17 
     - several naked international fashion models  LSK   Dec-23-05 02:47 PM   #18 
  - ....  Lochloosa   Dec-23-05 05:48 AM   #2 
  - This is utter and total bullshit.  Maddy McCall   Dec-23-05 05:51 AM   #4 
  - I agree  XemaSab   Dec-23-05 06:24 AM   #5 
  - Total caveman.  grace0418   Dec-23-05 02:50 PM   #20 
  - I disagree  HypnoToad   Dec-23-05 07:51 AM   #10 
  - Yep...If most men would just "Be Themselves" and quit......  BlueJazz   Dec-23-05 08:47 AM   #13 
  - Loser can't get a date and wonders why.  Dangerously Amused   Dec-23-05 06:42 AM   #6 
  - Bullshit alarm!  AirmensMom   Dec-23-05 06:48 AM   #7 
  - So... pokerfan... do you agree with the author?  Misunderestimator   Dec-23-05 06:50 AM   #8 
  - It's written for humor  pokerfan   Dec-23-05 02:39 PM   #15 
     - All that proves to me is that there must be more whiney men than women.  Misunderestimator   Dec-23-05 04:14 PM   #23 
  - I have only ever dated  Ellen Forradalom   Dec-23-05 07:47 AM   #9 
  - This is simply not true.  Finnfan   Dec-23-05 07:51 AM   #11 
  - Sounds like the puke cleaner-upper  Ellen Forradalom   Dec-23-05 07:54 AM   #12 
  - Been the "challenge" route  lizziegrace   Dec-23-05 08:54 AM   #14 
  - Conversely, if that's true, Dick Cheney should be getting sucked off 24/7  DS1   Dec-23-05 02:41 PM   #16 
  - Wow. My boyfriend must be a total asshole and just kept it from me for  jane_pippin   Dec-23-05 02:48 PM   #19 
  - Of course it's bullshit  Oeditpus Rex   Dec-23-05 02:53 PM   #21 
  - Exactly  LeftyMom   Dec-23-05 04:16 PM   #24 
     - And speaking of naughty  Oeditpus Rex   Dec-23-05 04:26 PM   #26 
  - i like nice guys, but sometimes they SEEM nice and they're not  LeftPeopleFinishFirst   Dec-23-05 03:05 PM   #22 
  - Oh fer fuck's sakes....  fudge stripe cookays   Dec-23-05 04:21 PM   #25 
  - This article is wrong  johnnie   Dec-23-05 04:44 PM   #27 
  - That there are-tickle is HI-larious! HI-larious I tells ya!  dpbrown   Dec-23-05 09:19 PM   #28 
  - You don't have to be a wimp to be nice.  Jed Dilligan   Dec-23-05 10:26 PM   #29 
  - All the self-pitying bozos, yes bozos, who complain that women  Lydia Leftcoast   Dec-23-05 11:00 PM   #30 

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