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Reply #20: Hey!!!! I was just there! That's the Fremont Troll in Seattle! [View All]

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GOPisEvil Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jul-30-05 04:18 PM
Response to Reply #5
20. Hey!!!! I was just there! That's the Fremont Troll in Seattle!
That thing is HUGE!!!
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  -Yes, it's REALLY a business name: Cretin Homes Maddy McCall  Jul-30-05 03:28 PM   #0 
  - That's freaking hilarious  flamingyouth   Jul-30-05 03:29 PM   #1 
  - LOL!  Maddy McCall   Jul-30-05 03:32 PM   #2 
  - Ain't that where that little ol Tammy's from......  WCGreen   Jul-30-05 03:33 PM   #3 
  - From Old San Francisco(gone now)  mitchtv   Jul-30-05 03:34 PM   #4 
  - Cretin Homes ...  merh   Jul-30-05 03:38 PM   #5 
  - I LOVE that sculpture!  Maddy McCall   Jul-30-05 03:39 PM   #6 
  - Yeah, that's a VW  merh   Jul-30-05 03:45 PM   #9 
  - Hey!!!! I was just there! That's the Fremont Troll in Seattle!  GOPisEvil   Jul-30-05 04:18 PM   #20 
  - Trolls in Seattle  merh   Jul-30-05 04:25 PM   #23 
     - It was actually quite close to where I was staying.  GOPisEvil   Jul-30-05 04:28 PM   #24 
        - I am grateful that you were able to attend and represent  merh   Jul-30-05 04:32 PM   #26 
           - I had to go.  GOPisEvil   Jul-30-05 04:33 PM   #27 
              - I wish I could have gone.  merh   Jul-30-05 04:59 PM   #28 
  - That's the kind of cretin I pictured. That name is too funny. nt  blondeatlast   Jul-30-05 04:29 PM   #25 
  - Boring Business Systems  lpbk2713   Jul-30-05 03:43 PM   #7 
  - There is a Cretin Avenue in St. Paul, MN.  ocelot   Jul-30-05 03:44 PM   #8 
  - SE Louisiana is heavily Catholic.  Maddy McCall   Jul-30-05 03:46 PM   #10 
     - Bet they pronounce it creh-TANH.  trof   Jul-30-05 03:55 PM   #11 
  - We had a congressman in NH named Dick Sweat.  trof   Jul-30-05 03:59 PM   #12 
  - OMG! I would certainly change my name.  Maddy McCall   Jul-30-05 04:04 PM   #13 
  - There's a urologist here in Austin named Dr. Dick Chop  GOPisEvil   Jul-30-05 04:06 PM   #14 
  - There is an OB GYN in New Orleans named Dr. Bush.  Maddy McCall   Jul-30-05 04:08 PM   #15 
  - And he's a karate instructor on the side? ..... n/t  lpbk2713   Jul-30-05 04:09 PM   #16 
  - Hey! Cretins gotta live somewhere  nothingshocksmeanymore   Jul-30-05 04:09 PM   #17 
  - Anybody up for Chinese?  no name no slogan   Jul-30-05 04:12 PM   #18 
  - where else do neanderthals look for homes?  Zuni   Jul-30-05 04:17 PM   #19 
  - Hi, Zuni!  Maddy McCall   Jul-30-05 04:19 PM   #22 
  - Gotta mention Bunghole Liquors--a classic.  tofunut   Jul-30-05 04:19 PM   #21 
  - Out here we have Hummer's meat market  hallc   Jul-30-05 05:11 PM   #29 
  - What an unfortunate business name...  Spock_is_Skeptical   Jul-30-05 05:17 PM   #30 
  - All Erection Signs.....  WCGreen   Jul-30-05 05:20 PM   #31 

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