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Reply #37: I agree, and I think most women know that under normal circumstances its [View All]

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undeterred Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu May-26-05 06:46 PM
Response to Reply #33
37. I agree, and I think most women know that under normal circumstances its
unnecessary. I'm not sure men understand that though. And when I hear the douchebag insult the negative view of 'women as rank' is packed into it.
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  -I hide threads with the word "douche" or some variant of it in the subject undeterred  May-26-05 04:30 PM   #0 
  - .  redqueen   May-26-05 04:31 PM   #1 
  - Did you hide your own thread?  Cooley Hurd   May-26-05 04:31 PM   #2 
  - It is the French word for shower.  Swede   May-26-05 04:33 PM   #3 
  - LOL  Goldmund   May-26-05 04:33 PM   #4 
  - I think hiding threads with the word "douche" in them ...  OldLeftieLawyer   May-26-05 04:36 PM   #5 
  - Don't be a shower!  Rick Myers   May-26-05 04:36 PM   #6 
  - This thread is on ignore.  BikeWriter   May-26-05 04:37 PM   #7 
  - VINEGAR IS EEEEVVVVIIIILLLLLLL  matcom   May-26-05 04:38 PM   #8 
  - It means shower in French  bicentennial_baby   May-26-05 04:40 PM   #9 
  - What about "douchebag?"  wallwriter   May-26-05 04:44 PM   #10 
  - he said variant  sniffa   May-26-05 04:46 PM   #11 
     - True, but people keep saying "shower,"  wallwriter   May-26-05 04:56 PM   #15 
  - I think douche ads are demeaning to women  LeftyMom   May-26-05 04:46 PM   #12 
  - you said "ballskin"  matcom   May-26-05 04:48 PM   #13 
  - Calling someone a "douchebag" is meant to insult or demean someone  undeterred   May-26-05 04:50 PM   #14 
  - aLrighty then  sniffa   May-26-05 04:59 PM   #16 
  - A former boss of mine used to use say the word on occasion  wallwriter   May-26-05 05:04 PM   #17 
  - haaahaahaaahaahaha! Ballskin wash!  redqueen   May-26-05 05:05 PM   #18 
  - Make it flavored and you'll retire a billionare  LeftyMom   May-26-05 05:11 PM   #19 
  - Ballskin Wash is a GREAT name for a band...  enigmatic   May-26-05 05:24 PM   #21 
  - I think yer on to something.  trof   May-26-05 05:26 PM   #22 
  - Bag Balm?  Blue-Jay   May-26-05 06:33 PM   #34 
  - Ballskin? I've never heard "ballskin".  trof   May-26-05 05:15 PM   #20 
  - Yeah, but there are "jock itch" products  skygazer   May-26-05 07:13 PM   #38 
  - I'm a woman and I use it all the time  demily   May-26-05 05:31 PM   #23 
  - I think they lose their force for the user, but not for other people  undeterred   May-26-05 05:51 PM   #26 
     - What about pussy? n/t  demily   May-26-05 05:52 PM   #27 
  - Personally, I've found that as long as it's being used perjoratively  BlueIris   May-26-05 05:35 PM   #24 
  - It usually is directed at men when people use it, but to me  undeterred   May-26-05 05:45 PM   #25 
  - Ironically, I accidentally ignored this thread a few seconds ago.  name not needed   May-26-05 05:54 PM   #28 
  - Douche is unhealthy for women.  SarahBelle   May-26-05 06:19 PM   #29 
  - I understand this word causes consternation for some women.  Bunny   May-26-05 06:20 PM   #30 
  - thank you for being the first to acknowledge what I was trying to express  undeterred   May-26-05 06:28 PM   #31 
     - Yeah, women are given the impression that their vagina is dirty.  Bunny   May-26-05 06:31 PM   #33 
        - I agree, and I think most women know that under normal circumstances its  undeterred   May-26-05 06:46 PM   #37 
  - douches are bad for women.  fleabert   May-26-05 06:29 PM   #32 
  - Yep, I posted my rant up above.  SarahBelle   May-26-05 06:33 PM   #35 
  - me too.  fleabert   May-26-05 06:38 PM   #36 
  - Yup. They can wash out the GOOD stuff that needs to be there.  Left Is Write   May-26-05 07:21 PM   #40 
     - Every part of the body has its normal "flora" and pH  undeterred   May-26-05 07:25 PM   #41 
  - Touche  rug   May-26-05 07:17 PM   #39 

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