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Reply #33: Yeah, I've been on the hunt for 4 months now. [View All]

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Nicholas D Wolfwood Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed May-25-05 09:17 AM
Response to Reply #27
33. Yeah, I've been on the hunt for 4 months now.
Just had a 2nd interview on Monday, and everything seemed to go really well. The Chief of Staff worked on the same campaign that I did and the President went to my alma mater too. Had some high-level VIPs call in a glowing recommendation for me. They loved my skills and experience, were impressed with my answers and the questions I asked them. Not much else I could do to score this job. Still need those vibes though - you never know what someone else might've had.

And I absolutely will send some vibes your way as well. A change of scenary can do a world of good for you (and that's not even accounting for a higher salary!)
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  -Post here and I'll make your day. Beware the Beast Man  May-25-05 09:01 AM   #0 
  - sign me up B  cassandra uprising   May-25-05 09:02 AM   #1 
  - You're smart and funny, and your fiancee is a wonderful person.  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 09:03 AM   #3 
     - Thanks B  cassandra uprising   May-25-05 09:35 AM   #48 
  - Yeah, right.  whoisalhedges   May-25-05 09:02 AM   #2 
  - I'll buy you a Straub if you make it!  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 09:03 AM   #6 
     - You mean if *we* "make it."  whoisalhedges   May-25-05 09:04 AM   #10 
  - really? You can make the sun appear in the skies over Boston?  MissMillie   May-25-05 09:03 AM   #4 
  - Time for me to test that weather-changing machine I've been working on.  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 09:05 AM   #11 
  - Hey BtBM  LynzM   May-25-05 09:03 AM   #5 
  - Thank you. Hope yours is going better today!  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 09:05 AM   #12 
  - Well, an offer I can't refuse.  terrya   May-25-05 09:03 AM   #7 
  - Take your best shot. Good use a little kindness and humor this morning. nt  Democrat 4 Ever   May-25-05 09:05 AM   #13 
  - Morning T! You're one of the good guys.  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 09:06 AM   #17 
     - So are you, BtBM.  terrya   May-25-05 09:07 AM   #19 
  - Go ahead. Make my day.  Heidi   May-25-05 09:04 AM   #8 
  - Done.  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 09:09 AM   #21 
     - Thanks, BtBM!  Heidi   May-25-05 09:11 AM   #24 
  - You're not going to shoot me, are you?  dolo amber   May-25-05 09:04 AM   #9 
  - You'll pull the trigger of my......  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 09:10 AM   #23 
  - Go ahead, make my day!  Shell Beau   May-25-05 09:05 AM   #14 
  - Morning!  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 09:13 AM   #26 
     - Thanks!!  Shell Beau   May-25-05 09:14 AM   #28 
  - Are they going to call to offer me the job today?  Vash the Stampede   May-25-05 09:06 AM   #15 
  - I certainly hope so.  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 09:14 AM   #27 
     - Yeah, I've been on the hunt for 4 months now.  Vash the Stampede   May-25-05 09:17 AM   #33 
  - Cool. I need that as well :)  DrDebug   May-25-05 09:06 AM   #16 
  - Hello, Dalai!  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 09:15 AM   #30 
  - Go ahead. Make my day.  coloradodem2005   May-25-05 09:07 AM   #18 
  - I'm getting slow in my old age.  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 09:20 AM   #34 
  - Oh, me! Me! Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaase!  asthmaticeog   May-25-05 09:09 AM   #20 
  - Never mind, you just made my day.  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 09:21 AM   #35 
  - Hello, Beastman  Zuni   May-25-05 09:10 AM   #22 
  - Greetings!  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 09:24 AM   #36 
     - but if I told the truth  Zuni   May-25-05 10:05 AM   #54 
  - Ok, make it, baby!  SarahBelle   May-25-05 09:12 AM   #25 
  - Right here, in front of everybody?  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 09:25 AM   #37 
     - Sometimes I'm an exhibitionist.  SarahBelle   May-25-05 09:50 AM   #50 
  - I'd like my day made  johnnie   May-25-05 09:15 AM   #29 
  - Thank you.  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 09:25 AM   #39 
  - m'kay  missb   May-25-05 09:15 AM   #31 
  - Good morning to one of my biggest fans!  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 09:26 AM   #40 
  - Fire when ready ....  meegbear   May-25-05 09:16 AM   #32 
  - My, sir, what a handsome avatar.  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 09:27 AM   #42 
     - Too bad it's not me!  meegbear   May-25-05 09:42 AM   #49 
  - Why should today be any different?  JimmyJazz   May-25-05 09:25 AM   #38 
  -'s my secret internet girlfriend!  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 09:27 AM   #43 
  - My day is already made  DS1   May-25-05 09:26 AM   #41 
  - Right on!  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 09:28 AM   #44 
  - hi  mutley_r_us   May-25-05 09:29 AM   #45 
  - Greetings, she of the dueling smilies and dancing banana!  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 09:30 AM   #46 
     - It is!  mutley_r_us   May-25-05 09:31 AM   #47 
  - you wouldn't dare.  xchrom   May-25-05 09:56 AM   #51 
  - I could use some good cheer this morning  Spacemom   May-25-05 10:02 AM   #52 
  - Good morning. How about a hug?  Beware the Beast Man   May-25-05 10:11 AM   #55 
  - life is good... make my day even better !!!  streblin   May-25-05 10:02 AM   #53 

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