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Reply #12: I did a rant about that show on my Xanga once... [View All]

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JadedinSC Donating Member (17 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu May-19-05 12:43 AM
Response to Original message
12. I did a rant about that show on my Xanga once...
My friend's mom refers to them as "the Pecker Bubbles." You should watch the show for all the vague sexual inuendo.

Here's what I said in my blog:

"Boohbah appears to have been thought up by someone listening to techno music, 'rolling' on ectasy, taking an overdose of Nyquil, and then puking up a various array of colors on their bathroom floor. The creatures themselves are vaguely phallic looking (at least to my perverted mind) and the way their heads 'pop' in and out only serves to reinforce this idea."
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  -Is it just me, or do Boohbah heads look like uncir... Maddy McCall  May-19-05 12:36 AM   #0 
  - Psssst.  XanaDUer   May-19-05 12:36 AM   #1 
  - LOL, or that Wildmon dude that heads up American Family Assoc.  Maddy McCall   May-19-05 12:38 AM   #4 
  - They remind me of the movie "I, Madman"  MessiahRp   May-19-05 12:38 AM   #2 
  - Is that a good movie?  Maddy McCall   May-19-05 12:39 AM   #5 
     - Not too bad..  MessiahRp   May-19-05 01:01 AM   #25 
  - T'ain't just you!  KitchenWitch   May-19-05 12:38 AM   #3 
  - ....  Maddy McCall   May-19-05 12:40 AM   #7 
     - It is like an acid trip for the toddler set  KitchenWitch   May-19-05 12:44 AM   #13 
  - Well, yeah, if they came in those colors  Bouncy Ball   May-19-05 12:39 AM   #6 
  - "halfway deployed"  Maddy McCall   May-19-05 12:41 AM   #9 
  - Wait, am I talking to a woman who actually *knows* about  Bouncy Ball   May-19-05 12:43 AM   #11 
     - Stop!  Maddy McCall   May-19-05 12:47 AM   #17 
        - Convertibles, ragtops, whatever.  Bouncy Ball   May-19-05 12:47 AM   #18 
  - i come in colours  mr fry   May-19-05 01:03 AM   #26 
  - Watch for the upcoming movie  nothingshocksmeanymore   May-19-05 12:41 AM   #8 
  - Bwahahahahaha!  Maddy McCall   May-19-05 12:41 AM   #10 
  - Lol!  XanaDUer   May-19-05 12:48 AM   #19 
  - I did a rant about that show on my Xanga once...  JadedinSC   May-19-05 12:43 AM   #12 
  - Welcome to DU, Jaded!  Maddy McCall   May-19-05 12:45 AM   #14 
     - *takes a bow*  JadedinSC   May-19-05 12:46 AM   #15 
  - When I first saw those, I thought the exact same thing.  Bouncy Ball   May-19-05 12:47 AM   #16 
  - You sound like me.  Maddy McCall   May-19-05 12:50 AM   #20 
  - hahaha!!!  Lady Effingbroke   May-19-05 12:55 AM   #23 
  - No, they look more like uncircumcised buttplugs.  Spider Jerusalem   May-19-05 12:51 AM   #21 
  - Ok THAT'S the most accurate answer.  Bouncy Ball   May-19-05 12:53 AM   #22 
     -'s that sort of inverted-strawberry shape.  Spider Jerusalem   May-19-05 12:56 AM   #24 
        - And then there is the fungi, phallus hadriani  marzipanni   May-19-05 02:05 AM   #27 
  - Also on the ones that dance  Horse with no Name   May-19-05 03:48 AM   #28 
  - I never thought of it that way  BuffyTheFundieSlayer   May-19-05 04:25 AM   #29 

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