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Reply #35: Maybe this counts as a pattern. [View All]

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Dervill Crow Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun May-01-05 12:53 PM
Response to Reply #23
35. Maybe this counts as a pattern.
I have applied for supervisory positions three times, and each of those times I have been the second choice. When we did the Myers-Briggs test at work I found I'm an ISTJ, I being for "introvert," of course. The three department supervisors and the department manager are all ESTJs, which seems to me to be a pretty crazy coincidence. I have at least equal qualifications and years of experience as those women, and I'm less obese, so if it's weight discrimination it's that I'm not chubby enough. I do quality assurance and train new hires, so I'm in as high a position as I can go without directly supervising people. I communicate well enough at work, because that's my turf and I feel comfortable, but I suck in social situations or at small talk, and I really believe there is a perception that I'm not quite as smart as those who have the gift of gab.
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  -Are you an introvert? Do you find society is discriminating against you? valis  May-01-05 09:43 AM   #0 
  - I am painfully introverted.  bertha katzenengel   May-01-05 09:45 AM   #1 
  - But, you see, males would say that being "female" is a problem...  valis   May-01-05 09:49 AM   #3 
     - Maybe I'm missing your point, valis.  bertha katzenengel   May-01-05 09:54 AM   #5 
        - Ok, my reply is that society would like you to think it is YOUR problem...  valis   May-01-05 10:00 AM   #7 
           - Everyone has something to contribute -- not just us introverts -- and MANY  bertha katzenengel   May-01-05 03:57 PM   #84 
              - Hmmm, not really protected class status... But I think there are enough  valis   May-01-05 10:45 PM   #118 
  - I am generally an introvert.  Tandalayo_Scheisskopf   May-01-05 09:48 AM   #2 
  - What field are you in?  valis   May-01-05 09:51 AM   #4 
  - Horribly so.  mutley_r_us   May-01-05 09:57 AM   #6 
  - Yes, and no  phaseolus   May-01-05 10:14 AM   #8 
  - I'm the same way  deutsey   May-01-05 01:52 PM   #53 
  - sometimes intro, sometimes extro  sundog   May-01-05 10:16 AM   #9 
  - I was going to say the same thing  belladonna   May-01-05 10:29 PM   #113 
     - You are in good company bd!  valis   May-01-05 10:31 PM   #114 
  - Introverted.  coloradodem2005   May-01-05 10:38 AM   #10 
  - I'm a social introvert...  SarahBelle   May-01-05 10:43 AM   #11 
  - Exactly right... Many times, deals and opportunities are discussed  valis   May-01-05 10:47 AM   #12 
     - I guess I'm saying I can "fake it" when I have to.  SarahBelle   May-01-05 11:24 AM   #19 
     - i'm not an introvert (anymore) but i don't like the "inane chatter"  bettyellen   May-01-05 11:47 AM   #27 
  - i wouldn't say that that's discrimination...  mark414   May-01-05 10:51 AM   #13 
  - You mean, like the way segregation was in the South?  valis   May-01-05 11:17 AM   #15 
  - are you really comparing  mark414   May-01-05 11:19 AM   #16 
     - Yes, it's a fair comparison.  valis   May-01-05 11:23 AM   #17 
        - ok...well  mark414   May-01-05 11:31 AM   #23 
        - "Introvert" is not just being "shy" and it's not always associated with it  valis   May-01-05 11:35 AM   #24 
        - Maybe this counts as a pattern.  Blue in Portland   May-01-05 12:53 PM   #35 
        - You should fake the Myers-Briggs test next time...  valis   May-01-05 01:04 PM   #36 
        - too many people want to blame all of lifes problems on others, Mark  Zuni   May-01-05 01:25 PM   #42 
           - Nice baiting... Won't work... Women are oppressed... And so are introverts  valis   May-01-05 01:27 PM   #44 
              - Deleted message  Name removed   May-01-05 01:33 PM   #47 
              - so then answer me this  mark414   May-01-05 01:46 PM   #51 
              - Lol!  Lorien   May-01-05 02:06 PM   #59 
              - and how can i forget  mark414   May-01-05 02:21 PM   #64 
              - Ok, you made your sarcastic point and we all laughed.  valis   May-01-05 02:26 PM   #67 
                 - okay...this is getting out of hand  mark414   May-01-05 10:12 PM   #110 
                    - Ok, thanks for clarifying, but I disagree.  valis   May-01-05 10:26 PM   #111 
                       - ok im just going to say it  mark414   May-01-05 10:27 PM   #112 
              - Totally irrelevant, I'm afraid. Some women overcome their being  valis   May-01-05 02:22 PM   #65 
                 - Michael Jackson never "overcame" being black  Lorien   May-01-05 03:06 PM   #72 
                    - Why will white men always be treated better?  valis   May-01-05 08:41 PM   #106 
              - well, the cops did beat me real good for being shy sometimes  Zuni   May-01-05 02:13 PM   #62 
                 - have you talked to the NAAIP lawyers yet?  mark414   May-01-05 02:18 PM   #63 
                    - Not yet, it's being formed as we speak.  valis   May-01-05 02:23 PM   #66 
                       - what about my other questions?  mark414   May-01-05 02:26 PM   #68 
                          - What questions? You made empty sarcastic remarks...  valis   May-01-05 02:27 PM   #69 
              - Well, that explains why my post was ignored. n/t  Lorien   May-01-05 02:00 PM   #57 
        - That is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard  Zuni   May-01-05 01:23 PM   #40 
           - Yeah, I see, that's why women are having trouble getting tenured jobs  valis   May-01-05 01:25 PM   #41 
           - I wasn't talking about women. I was talking about your BS argument  Zuni   May-01-05 01:26 PM   #43 
              - Same argument. Women are born that way. Introverts too.  valis   May-01-05 01:28 PM   #45 
                 - that is beyond asinine  Zuni   May-01-05 01:32 PM   #46 
                    - I'm not talking about people with mental problems  valis   May-01-05 01:35 PM   #48 
                       - I think your question is an interesting one  tigereye   May-01-05 08:08 PM   #102 
                          - Thanks for providing meaningful input!  valis   May-01-05 09:06 PM   #108 
           - See my comments about society and my class participation  Nikia   May-01-05 01:44 PM   #50 
              - Where is society forcing the break down of  Lorien   May-01-05 01:59 PM   #55 
                 - From a couple of aspects  Nikia   May-01-05 02:32 PM   #70 
                    - That has nothing to do with being introverted  Lorien   May-01-05 03:12 PM   #74 
                       - I am just saying that it hurts introverts more  Nikia   May-01-05 03:57 PM   #83 
                          - It really depends on why the person is  Lorien   May-01-05 05:14 PM   #96 
                             - For me as an introvert  Nikia   May-01-05 06:10 PM   #98 
  - I don't see any reason to call it discrimination.  Radical Activist   May-01-05 08:29 PM   #105 
  - Sometimes I am shy and other times I can be outgoing. I guess it  Shell Beau   May-01-05 11:09 AM   #14 
  - I'm an extrovert, but if you looked like me, you'd be too:  RandomKoolzip   May-01-05 11:23 AM   #18 
  - You certainly are no Jerry Seinfeld...  valis   May-01-05 11:25 AM   #20 
  - And nor are you Philip K. Dick.  RandomKoolzip   May-01-05 11:27 AM   #21 
  - I recognize the last name, I think...  valis   May-01-05 11:30 AM   #22 
  - Now that I've re-read your post, can you explain what the fuck it means?  RandomKoolzip   May-01-05 11:59 AM   #31 
  - hahahahahha  mark414   May-01-05 09:39 PM   #109 
  - I'm introverted and I know what you mean  Nikia   May-01-05 11:38 AM   #25 
  - Very thoughtful post. Thanks.  valis   May-01-05 11:55 AM   #29 
  - I've always been very introverted  Will Robinson   May-01-05 11:40 AM   #26 
  - I think extroversion is very important for job interviews  Nikia   May-01-05 11:57 AM   #30 
  - Jung (who coined the terms "introversion" and "extroversion"  deutsey   May-01-05 01:59 PM   #56 
  - On a more personal note  Nikia   May-01-05 11:53 AM   #28 
  - Thanks for sharing!  valis   May-01-05 12:41 PM   #33 
  - I hated classes where participation was graded  Briarius   May-01-05 01:07 PM   #37 
     - Heheh... I always did too well in school...  valis   May-01-05 01:10 PM   #38 
        - yea, even in the participation classes I did well  Briarius   May-01-05 01:20 PM   #39 
  - I've always been introverted  Lorien   May-01-05 12:14 PM   #32 
  - I'm an Outy...  tinfoilinfor2005   May-01-05 12:45 PM   #34 
  - I'm an introvert, but...  Jamison   May-01-05 01:43 PM   #49 
  - I'm an INFP (Myers Briggs) and agree that our society favors extroverts  deutsey   May-01-05 01:49 PM   #52 
  - Thanks! BTW, here is the Myers-Briggs online  valis   May-01-05 01:59 PM   #54 
  - I don't know about discrimintation  alarimer   May-01-05 02:03 PM   #58 
  - "Discriminating" and "not understanding" are two different things  gollygee   May-01-05 02:09 PM   #60 
  - True  alarimer   May-01-05 06:08 PM   #97 
     - OK, the interview is one thing you can learn...  valis   May-01-05 07:03 PM   #101 
        - It is more of a problem socially though  alarimer   May-01-05 11:04 PM   #119 
           - Ok, as somebody else pointed out being "shy" and being "introverted"  valis   May-02-05 08:51 AM   #120 
              - I tried it but I didn't really fit many of the questions  alarimer   May-02-05 10:36 PM   #121 
              - Actually having thought about it  alarimer   May-03-05 12:34 PM   #122 
  - I'm an introvert and a stutterer.  maveric   May-01-05 02:10 PM   #61 
  - I'm an introvert, and always have been.  bushwentawol   May-01-05 02:33 PM   #71 
  - Its been a HUGE problem in my professional career.  newportdadde   May-01-05 03:12 PM   #73 
  - So, I guess the sarcastic folks in this thread would say  valis   May-01-05 03:25 PM   #76 
     - Not unionized.  newportdadde   May-01-05 03:43 PM   #78 
        - Yup, INTJ here too!  valis   May-01-05 03:53 PM   #81 
           - I'm another INTJ ( I think )  Dark_Leftist   May-01-05 03:55 PM   #82 
              - Another INTJ checking in  supernova   May-01-05 03:58 PM   #85 
                 - eheheh... Joking about it is good... Sometimes it's difficult...  valis   May-01-05 04:01 PM   #87 
                 - That's good advice  Dark_Leftist   May-01-05 04:27 PM   #89 
  - A definite introvert  Dark_Leftist   May-01-05 03:21 PM   #75 
  - Good. Most people can "work on it".  valis   May-01-05 03:27 PM   #77 
  - Society is defintely built for extroverts  supernova   May-01-05 03:45 PM   #79 
  - Has mostly cost me job-wise.  Deep N RedLand   May-01-05 03:52 PM   #80 
  - Thanks for sharing...  valis   May-01-05 03:59 PM   #86 
  - Good points and...  Deep N RedLand   May-01-05 04:34 PM   #90 
     - All so true!!  valis   May-01-05 04:38 PM   #92 
  - In the introduction to The Highly Sensitive Person  supernova   May-01-05 04:22 PM   #88 
     - I read the HSP books, I even had lunch with Elaine Aron  valis   May-01-05 04:36 PM   #91 
     - Come join us in the Loners Group  supernova   May-01-05 04:57 PM   #93 
        - She is an interesting character.... Her books have good advice too...  valis   May-01-05 05:04 PM   #94 
           - Yes, it's real  supernova   May-01-05 05:12 PM   #95 
     - I read your thread about it in the Loners group  Nikia   May-01-05 06:29 PM   #100 
        - Check out her site:  valis   May-01-05 08:42 PM   #107 
  - To some degree...  sjbech   May-01-05 06:14 PM   #99 
  - There's a difference between shy and introverted.  Bouncy Ball   May-01-05 08:19 PM   #103 
  - You just described me perfectly!! N/T  belladonna   May-01-05 10:36 PM   #115 
  - Interesting. Could you take this test? I'm curious.  valis   May-01-05 10:39 PM   #116 
     - I know I'm an INFJ on the Meyers-Briggs. The rarest type.  Bouncy Ball   May-01-05 10:43 PM   #117 
  - No and no.  Beware the Beast Man   May-01-05 08:21 PM   #104 

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