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Reply #12: So someone had to see him kill her? [View All]

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Lex Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Mar-16-05 11:57 PM
Response to Reply #11
12. So someone had to see him kill her?
Because even if they found the murder weapon in his car with Laci's DNA on it, we would only be assuming that he was the one who killed her. That would just be circumstantial.

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  -Scott Peterson. Did it? Didnt do it? maveric  Mar-16-05 10:42 PM   #0 
  - Why do you care?  rwheeler31   Mar-16-05 10:45 PM   #1 
  - Why is it any of your business?  Dookus   Mar-16-05 10:47 PM   #4 
     - Why can't I get a doughnut?  HEyHEY   Mar-17-05 12:36 AM   #28 
  - Don't know  donheld   Mar-16-05 10:45 PM   #2 
  - Don't know either  Mr_Spock   Mar-16-05 10:46 PM   #3 
  - There was no physical evidence linking him.  maveric   Mar-16-05 11:01 PM   #5 
     - No, but there was a pile of circumstantial evidence that added up.  Lex   Mar-16-05 11:22 PM   #9 
        - I still don't know?  Mr_Spock   Mar-16-05 11:54 PM   #11 
           - So someone had to see him kill her?  Lex   Mar-16-05 11:57 PM   #12 
              - Well, you know for sure anyway - I'm happy that you are so sure  Mr_Spock   Mar-17-05 12:03 AM   #13 
                 - I don't support the death penalty in any case whatsoever.  Lex   Mar-17-05 12:09 AM   #14 
                    - I didn't say you did - I merely said I'm not 100% sure he's guilty  Mr_Spock   Mar-17-05 12:17 AM   #15 
                       - I believe he's guilty, but I don't think he should be put to death.  Lex   Mar-17-05 12:20 AM   #16 
                          - I don't support the death penalty  imenja   Mar-17-05 12:21 AM   #17 
                          - Me either.  Lex   Mar-17-05 12:22 AM   #19 
                          - never said you were illogical, never said you supported the death penalty  Mr_Spock   Mar-17-05 12:22 AM   #18 
                             - Then I'm confused about your point! And I will go to bed!  Lex   Mar-17-05 12:23 AM   #20 
                                - My point? I'm NOT SURE enough about his guilt to KILL him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Mr_Spock   Mar-17-05 12:28 AM   #22 
                                   - I don't understand the part where  Lex   Mar-17-05 12:40 AM   #29 
                                      - I'm taking the reality based approach that IF there is a DP, then  Mr_Spock   Mar-17-05 12:46 AM   #30 
                                         - I agree with you.  Lex   Mar-17-05 12:49 AM   #31 
                                            - Right, killing is always an immoral act - especially when gov't sanctioned  Mr_Spock   Mar-17-05 12:59 AM   #32 
  - I don't know  Floogeldy   Mar-16-05 11:03 PM   #6 
  - Yes (nt).  JohnLocke   Mar-16-05 11:06 PM   #7 
  - Of course he did it.  El Fuego   Mar-16-05 11:19 PM   #8 
  - Of course he did it, the dirty dog...  CaliforniaPeggy   Mar-16-05 11:30 PM   #10 
  - He did it. No doubt. nt  bilgewaterbill   Mar-17-05 12:26 AM   #21 
  - As I was not a member of the jury, I am not qualified to answer  LSdemocrat   Mar-17-05 12:30 AM   #23 
  - Exactly. n/m  Mr_Spock   Mar-17-05 12:32 AM   #26 
  - Most likely  fujiyama   Mar-17-05 12:30 AM   #24 
  - I agree n/m  Mr_Spock   Mar-17-05 12:32 AM   #27 
  - Did it -  SW FL Dem   Mar-17-05 12:31 AM   #25 

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