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Reply #25: you can't take the day off and go with the class? [View All]

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BigMcLargehuge Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Feb-25-05 08:11 PM
Response to Original message
25. you can't take the day off and go with the class?
When I was a preschool teacher we always had some parents that came along to experience the first film with their kids.

I took Ian to a Three Stooges marathon for his first film, it was in a great art house theater here in New Hampshire named The Ioka Theater. He was about 2 and a half.
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  -I VETOed the new Pooh Movie for my son's first flick... 4_Legs_Good  Feb-25-05 05:46 PM   #0 
  - You savage.  Placebo   Feb-25-05 05:49 PM   #1 
  - Pixar is okay  4_Legs_Good   Feb-25-05 05:56 PM   #5 
     - True, Pixar isn't divine, but it's as good as it gets...  Placebo   Feb-25-05 05:58 PM   #7 
        - Hee hee  4_Legs_Good   Feb-25-05 05:59 PM   #10 
           - June 9, 2006  Placebo   Feb-25-05 06:03 PM   #11 
              - Gah! That is a long wait  4_Legs_Good   Feb-25-05 07:21 PM   #20 
  - You Know What They Say About Pooh?!  stepnw1f   Feb-25-05 05:53 PM   #2 
  - Oooh, then sign me up!  4_Legs_Good   Feb-25-05 05:58 PM   #8 
  - I've also heard that the new Pooh movie takes a swipe at Bush ...  Lisa   Feb-25-05 07:47 PM   #21 
  - Not Possible  khashka   Feb-25-05 10:55 PM   #29 
  - The thing is  johnnie   Feb-25-05 05:55 PM   #3 
  - LMAO  4_Legs_Good   Feb-25-05 05:57 PM   #6 
  - You're a great Dad!  oregonjen   Feb-25-05 05:55 PM   #4 
  - Thanks Oregonjen!  4_Legs_Good   Feb-25-05 07:05 PM   #16 
  - I would wait a year or so,  rwheeler31   Feb-25-05 05:58 PM   #9 
  - Assuming you like to go to the movies  wideopen   Feb-25-05 06:08 PM   #12 
  - Oh I'm a big screener...  4_Legs_Good   Feb-25-05 07:12 PM   #17 
  - My first theater movie as a kid...  InvisibleTouch   Feb-25-05 06:12 PM   #13 
  - Actually, that was "Sleeping Beauty"  dback   Feb-25-05 07:04 PM   #15 
     - Pinocchio is one of my son's favorites  4_Legs_Good   Feb-25-05 07:18 PM   #18 
     - "Sleeping Beauty" - of course!  InvisibleTouch   Feb-25-05 07:48 PM   #22 
     - I actually had to play a clip from "Sleeping Beauty" ...  Lisa   Feb-25-05 07:52 PM   #24 
  - I can see myself in the same position  Ariana Celeste   Feb-25-05 06:50 PM   #14 
  - It's amazing what parents take their kids to see.  4_Legs_Good   Feb-25-05 07:18 PM   #19 
  - My sister took my kid to her first movie.  tjdee   Feb-25-05 07:51 PM   #23 
  - you can't take the day off and go with the class?  BigMcLargehuge   Feb-25-05 08:11 PM   #25 
  - Had I had more notice I would have done that...  4_Legs_Good   Feb-25-05 09:46 PM   #26 
  - Go as a chaperone  seemunkee   Feb-25-05 09:51 PM   #27 
  - I Wish More Dad's Were That Involved  khashka   Feb-25-05 10:53 PM   #28 
  - I totally relate -- my MIL wanted to take my son to Finding Nemo  KaliTracy   Feb-25-05 11:11 PM   #30 
  - Being a former Disney animator, I may be biased but  Lorien   Feb-25-05 11:26 PM   #31 

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