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Reply #30: I'm in full agreement with you. Boring, boring boring [View All]

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seemunkee Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Feb-17-05 02:26 PM
Response to Original message
30. I'm in full agreement with you. Boring, boring boring
Not as bad as House of Sand and Fog, but still not worth my time and money.

Saw Finding Neverland this last weekend and loved that.
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  -"SIDEWAYS" ..... the movie. The Academy Award Nominee... what the HELL radwriter0555  Feb-17-05 12:58 PM   #0 
  - Can you say "yet another weak year"?  Vash the Stampede   Feb-17-05 01:01 PM   #1 
  - But it wasn't..... there were some nice films this year worthy of  radwriter0555   Feb-17-05 01:04 PM   #4 
  - Kill Bill 2 and Saw were the only decent movies I saw last year.  Vash the Stampede   Feb-17-05 01:06 PM   #6 
  - "I heart Huckabees" was BRILLIANT and yet, overlooked.. I mean that  radwriter0555   Feb-17-05 01:09 PM   #10 
  - I didn't get a chance to see that one, although i wanted to  Vash the Stampede   Feb-17-05 01:35 PM   #16 
  - I heart Huckabees was very good  Finnfan   Feb-17-05 07:38 PM   #45 
  - I loved Kill Bill, but that volume 1, volume 2 crap ticks me off  gottaB   Feb-17-05 03:18 PM   #38 
     - i like it the way it is.  LiberallyInclined   Feb-17-05 10:29 PM   #48 
  - Million Dollars Baby, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind  question everything   Feb-17-05 10:04 PM   #46 
  - OMG --off topic--  Shredr   Feb-17-05 02:45 PM   #37 
  - I've never seen the movie  SCDem   Feb-17-05 01:03 PM   #2 
  - Oh NO, I LOVED Elaine... And they were at least INTERESTING, and not  radwriter0555   Feb-17-05 01:07 PM   #8 
  - Many adults regard Sideways as a good, but not great, movie  David Dunham   Feb-17-05 01:04 PM   #3 
  - I was pissed that both Eternal Sunshine and Garden State were overlooked  Melodybe   Feb-17-05 01:06 PM   #5 
  - Eternal Sunshine was fantastic.  Vash the Stampede   Feb-17-05 01:08 PM   #9 
  - Agreed.  primate1   Feb-17-05 01:58 PM   #23 
  - Both were great. Knock out "Ray" and replace with either one,  Finnfan   Feb-17-05 07:34 PM   #44 
  - HAHA Thank you for voicing OUR perspective!  MsAnthropy   Feb-17-05 01:12 PM   #11 
  - I am an adult, far past being a "kiddie"  RubyDuby in GA   Feb-17-05 01:19 PM   #12 
  - Not all adults are baby boomers  Radical Activist   Feb-18-05 02:17 AM   #51 
  - It was ten times (at least) better than Million Dollar Baby  LisaM   Feb-17-05 01:06 PM   #7 
  - I Agree. Giamatti is always good.  GalleryGod   Feb-17-05 01:32 PM   #14 
     - Did you watch it with a clueless audience, like I did?  LisaM   Feb-17-05 02:30 PM   #35 
  - Hear, hear,  dean_dem   Feb-17-05 01:21 PM   #13 
  - In truth I learned a wee bit about wine, but the whining cancelled  radwriter0555   Feb-17-05 01:43 PM   #17 
     - Pi-not, My Friend..Don't Ever forget about Pinot!  GalleryGod   Feb-17-05 01:56 PM   #22 
        - Yeah, the local market around here has said the same thing.  dean_dem   Feb-17-05 02:11 PM   #26 
        - Luckily I was into Pinot for at least 1.5 years before seeing the  radwriter0555   Feb-17-05 07:20 PM   #40 
        - Actually, the movie ushered hordes of visitors to the region  question everything   Feb-17-05 10:10 PM   #47 
  - I loved Loved LOVED Sideways  LynneSin   Feb-17-05 01:34 PM   #15 
  - Thanks, Lynne!  GalleryGod   Feb-17-05 01:52 PM   #19 
  - Really - I LOVED IT!  dr.strangelove   Feb-17-05 01:46 PM   #18 
  - Oooooooooooooooo,Vir-GIN-ia?  GalleryGod   Feb-17-05 01:53 PM   #20 
  - Fun movie, and the bonus was Jennifer Connelly  Radical Activist   Feb-17-05 02:23 PM   #29 
  - MHMM - Jennifer Connelly  dr.strangelove   Feb-17-05 02:30 PM   #34 
  - Have it on DVD  dr.strangelove   Feb-17-05 02:29 PM   #31 
  - I loved it too  Taverner   Feb-17-05 01:59 PM   #25 
     - Wow - I'm sorry?!?  dr.strangelove   Feb-17-05 02:30 PM   #32 
  - I loved Sideways myself.  primate1   Feb-17-05 01:55 PM   #21 
  - Why wasnt "Hotel Rwanda" nominated for best film?  maveric   Feb-17-05 01:58 PM   #24 
  - It should win the award for best film  Radical Activist   Feb-17-05 02:21 PM   #28 
  - The people who vote for the Academy Awards can relate to the film  Radical Activist   Feb-17-05 02:19 PM   #27 
  - I'm in full agreement with you. Boring, boring boring  seemunkee   Feb-17-05 02:26 PM   #30 
  - ## PLEASE DONATE TO DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND! ##  DU GrovelBot   Feb-17-05 02:30 PM   #33 
  - Thank you for this post.  Shredr   Feb-17-05 02:43 PM   #36 
  - Oh good, I thought it was just me.....  radwriter0555   Feb-17-05 07:22 PM   #41 
  - Ah yes, the inevitable backlash  Susang   Feb-17-05 03:32 PM   #39 
  - "DESTROY! I didn't like, so neither should anybody else!"  Fenris   Feb-17-05 07:24 PM   #42 
     - Aren't you the perceptive one!  Susang   Feb-18-05 02:02 AM   #49 
  - OHMYGAWD! Not only should this have been nominated...  Finnfan   Feb-17-05 07:33 PM   #43 
  - somebody needs to be spanked...  fleabert   Feb-18-05 02:10 AM   #50 
  - Haven't seen it, but WTF? Why was Fahrenheit 9/11 left out?  NurseLefty   Feb-18-05 02:23 AM   #52 

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