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Reply #4: It's the bombast. The total utter lack of subtlety. The primary colours. [View All]

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Screaming Lord Byron Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-23-04 02:17 PM
Response to Reply #1
4. It's the bombast. The total utter lack of subtlety. The primary colours.
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  -Is there anyone that actually likes Creed? Screaming Lord Byron  Aug-23-04 02:13 PM   #0 
  - Hell, I'm not a music junkie or a hipster or anything  eyesroll   Aug-23-04 02:15 PM   #1 
  - It's the bombast. The total utter lack of subtlety. The primary colours.  Screaming Lord Byron   Aug-23-04 02:17 PM   #4 
  - Apparently someone liked "My Sacrifice."  Fenris   Aug-23-04 02:15 PM   #2 
  - All the smartasses will be voting yes just to mess with the results  redqueen   Aug-23-04 02:17 PM   #3 
  - It's Hedges. He has a good dozen sock-puppets for occasions such as these.  Screaming Lord Byron   Aug-23-04 02:18 PM   #5 
     - I bet he's digging out  eyesroll   Aug-23-04 02:20 PM   #9 
        - Nah. It has to involve 'Scott Stapp' 'Pestilence' and 'wang'  Screaming Lord Byron   Aug-23-04 02:27 PM   #12 
           - You are entirely too presumptive.  I_heart_Scott_Stapp   Aug-23-04 02:38 PM   #14 
              - Ooh!  eyesroll   Aug-23-04 02:40 PM   #15 
                 - Only if you're a very good girl.  Screaming Lord Byron   Aug-23-04 02:41 PM   #16 
                    - Oh, ick.  eyesroll   Aug-23-04 02:43 PM   #19 
                       - Soz.  Screaming Lord Byron   Aug-23-04 02:46 PM   #24 
                          - Yes...but just because I insinuated hedges wanted  eyesroll   Aug-23-04 02:47 PM   #25 
                             - I don't know any girls called Charlotte.  Screaming Lord Byron   Aug-23-04 02:59 PM   #27 
  - bible beaters!  sus   Aug-23-04 02:19 PM   #6 
  - I like Apollo Creed  Beware the Beast Man   Aug-23-04 02:20 PM   #7 
  - I have never listened to them...  jonnyblitz   Aug-23-04 02:20 PM   #8 
  - hell yes, "Bad Moon Rising" ROCKS  WoodrowFan   Aug-23-04 02:22 PM   #10 
  - Not just "no", but "HELL NO"  ceile   Aug-23-04 02:24 PM   #11 
  - Agreed.  Screaming Lord Byron   Aug-23-04 02:34 PM   #13 
  - And now, because I cannot get WITH ARMS WIDE OPEN out of my HEAD  redqueen   Aug-23-04 02:42 PM   #17 
  - Oh, dear lord...  eyesroll   Aug-23-04 02:44 PM   #21 
  - I can only assume he is  redqueen   Aug-23-04 02:46 PM   #23 
  - Isn't that just a wee bit gay?  Screaming Lord Byron   Aug-23-04 02:44 PM   #22 
     - Maybe?  redqueen   Aug-23-04 02:47 PM   #26 
     - Is it gay to be in love with yourself?  eyesroll   Aug-23-04 03:26 PM   #28 
        - I think maybe he's just egoamorous.  Screaming Lord Byron   Aug-23-04 03:29 PM   #29 
  - I like Creede  TheCentepedeShoes   Aug-23-04 02:42 PM   #18 
  - C'mon smartasses (and Creed lovers ?)  mrboba1   Aug-23-04 02:44 PM   #20 
  - I like a few songs  Nikia   Aug-23-04 03:51 PM   #30 
  - I like Creed.  notmyprez   Aug-23-04 04:50 PM   #31 
  - Well, music aside  redqueen   Aug-23-04 04:55 PM   #32 
     - No. I don't think I've seen more than a clip here and there.  notmyprez   Aug-23-04 05:22 PM   #33 
        - I'm going to reserve comment  redqueen   Aug-23-04 05:26 PM   #34 
           - Interesting. Now you've got me curious.  notmyprez   Aug-23-04 08:30 PM   #35 
           - Dupe. Sorry.  notmyprez   Aug-23-04 08:30 PM   #36 
  - ok. so what did creed do?  mlle_chatte   Aug-23-04 08:37 PM   #37 
  - creed and nickelback.  PittPoliSci   Aug-23-04 09:09 PM   #38 
  - Well, *I* Like "Arms Wide Open" or Whatever It Is n/t  UTUSN   Aug-23-04 09:24 PM   #39 
  - If not hating equates to liking, I suppose I do  last_texas_dem   Aug-23-04 09:46 PM   #40 

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