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uncle ray Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Dec-29-03 02:56 AM
Response to Reply #86
91. sorry, no fancy degrees here...
not that there's anything wrong with a good education...just wild assed speculation here, but then you probably suspected that.

"1. You would have to be able to exactly predict earthquakes. You would have to know where the plates were stressed to the point of fracture so you woould know where to aim your weapon. And you would have to be able to do that remotely. Current science is not able to do that."

why would we have to exactly predict them? hypothetical device could generate a increasing sine wave type pattern, at some resonant frequency of the earth in the targeted earthquake prone area. sure, i don't know of the exact current science that can do this, but i don't keep up with very many top secret government breakthroughs. they don't teach much about those at the schools i can attend.

"2. Once you have the target located, you have to be able to put enough energy into the fault to make the plates release. The amount of energy required for that is so extreme that even our mightiest nukes are notup to the task. You are talking about pushing a tectonic plate around. We simply are not able to release that much energy."

so how big of a force would it take to trigger an earthquake? i don't know. how big of an energy source have we been able to create? i don't know that either, or how it could be accurately measured. done all at once, probably a tremendous force, unimiganeable force. but, think of that force in practical terms, like rocking your car to get it unstuck, or bending a piece of metal repeatedly until it finally breaks, using smaller uses of energy to accomplish a larger task.

"3. You have to get that huge amount of energy to the target. Since one may assume that your aren't going to go to the target and drill down to the fault line, then you are talking about some means of doing it remotely. So you have to transmit an amount of energy that we can't even generate, to a target. (Star Trek Phasers?) We don't have the means to transmit that much energy."

well i don't keep track of much drilling in the mideast, but i suppose if they were so inclined, it could be disguised as maybe uh, an oil drilling operation? your idea not mine, sounds more plausable than the theories about a rocket not an airplane hitting the pentagon.

"4. You have to dispose of waste energy at the transmission site. When energy is put into a transmission system, there is ALWAYS waste, because no transmission system is 100%. Some of that incredible amount of energy is going to leak out at the transmission site and will have to be disposed of. We are talking about waste energy on the level of nukes. The waste energy alone would blow your transmission site to hell."

waste energy? allow me to take a drink of beer and a hit off my bong while i ponder the waste energy, ok i'll go along with a phenomonal nuclear explosion for the sake of your point, but suppose that transmission site is well below the surface, "all" the energy is going into the matter you are trying to affect. no? whatever is wasted is of little concern down there.

surely i know less than you on the math or science of this, of which nobody on the topic here has mentioned, and maybe the person who felt it was worth investigating to defend aganst teutonic weapons know more than you do about the status of devolpment of this kind of weapons? again, causing earthquakes sounds pretty far out to me, but why wait until after someone else figures out how to do it to worry about it? let us ask the questions without being ridiculed.

a question i asked earlier, rephrased, isn't the middle east, kind of like a giant landfill? where DID all that oil come from? is there NO possibility that removing what? millions, billions? of gallons of oil from the region might have some affect on the stability of the earth there?
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  -Could US have caused the Iran earthquake? shawn703  Dec-26-03 08:59 PM   #0 
  - LOL. Let's hope not!  Torrey Pines   Dec-26-03 09:01 PM   #1 
  - Not really buying it, but wouldn't something like that make us terrorists?  liberal_veteran   Dec-26-03 09:02 PM   #2 
  - Yes  Mercurius   Dec-27-03 03:44 PM   #62 
  - How about killing 10,000plus civilians with magical bombs....  bvar22   Dec-27-03 03:52 PM   #64 
  - We already are terrorists by our governments own official definition...  Selwynn   Dec-29-03 09:46 AM   #102 
  - Uh.....we ARE terrorists...  veracity   Dec-29-03 10:43 AM   #108 
  - Been watching...  Columbia   Dec-26-03 09:03 PM   #3 
  - Actually, haven't seen it  shawn703   Dec-26-03 09:09 PM   #5 
  - Iran is prone to earthquakes  Zuni   Dec-26-03 09:04 PM   #4 
  - All the more reason to use Tetonic weaponry...  hexola   Dec-27-03 09:22 AM   #24 
     - You're right. The sandstorm machine is next.  picus9   Dec-29-03 01:27 PM   #120 
  - The earthquake in Iran was approximately the same  Cleita   Dec-26-03 09:14 PM   #6 
  - But you have to account for the time of day and other specifics as well.  sistersofmercy   Dec-26-03 09:24 PM   #7 
     - From what I understand it was in the night, so people  Cleita   Dec-26-03 09:28 PM   #8 
  - see "tectonic weapons" in this bill "Space Preservation Act 2001" HR2977  ElsewheresDaughter   Dec-26-03 10:29 PM   #9 
  - Very interesting. Thank you  worldgonekrazy   Dec-27-03 03:52 PM   #65 
  - EMPHATIC NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  DinoBoy   Dec-26-03 10:46 PM   #10 
  - Thanks DinoBoy.  Cleita   Dec-26-03 11:21 PM   #12 
  - Don't take all the silly  SheilaT   Dec-26-03 11:13 PM   #11 
  - Not the science fiction movies  shawn703   Dec-26-03 11:46 PM   #13 
  -  HEyHEY   Dec-26-03 11:59 PM   #14 
  - An emphatic maybe. I believe it was a natural occurance, but  Minstrel Boy   Dec-27-03 12:19 AM   #15 
  - great way to strike the FEAR of GOD in a rival... specially if they are  bpilgrim   Dec-27-03 01:53 AM   #17 
  - Quantum Physics and Mechanics have already achieved this  Tinoire   Dec-27-03 05:16 AM   #21 
  - Scalar electromagnetics  plaguepuppy   Dec-27-03 01:04 PM   #39 
  - I'm sorry, talk of earthquake weapons is complete nonsense...  Shrikeangel   Dec-27-03 02:09 PM   #50 
     - Already?  Catshrink   Dec-27-03 02:49 PM   #56 
     - yes  seekthetruth   Dec-27-03 04:26 PM   #69 
     - May I try?  nomatrix   Dec-29-03 05:18 PM   #130 
     - I DISAGREE IT IS POSSIBLE, IDJUT!  picus9   Dec-29-03 01:19 PM   #117 
  - Nice work on the out of context quote  some1noo   Dec-27-03 07:55 AM   #22 
  - The rest of the quote:  Minstrel Boy   Dec-27-03 09:34 AM   #25 
     - Well, the ring of fire is pretty active lately.  aquart   Dec-27-03 08:02 PM   #77 
  - These are directed energy systems from different sources  bobthedrummer   Dec-27-03 11:00 AM   #29 
  - I agree  Astarho   Dec-27-03 12:03 PM   #35 
  - Testing a "tectonic weapon"  VegasVixen   Dec-29-03 05:09 PM   #128 
  - failure of imagination  julia and the boyz   Dec-27-03 01:47 AM   #16 
  - Even if we did  Must_B_Free   Dec-27-03 01:57 AM   #18 
  - Iran has had nearly 1,000 eathquakes over the last decade or so. This has  oasis   Dec-27-03 03:03 AM   #19 
  - No way in hell.  Silverhair   Dec-27-03 03:40 AM   #20 
  - and what are those nifty little bombs they have called?  uncle ray   Dec-27-03 10:29 AM   #26 
     - Some of these faults are miles below ground. The bomb it would take  alfredo   Dec-27-03 11:04 AM   #30 
     - Don't think bomb think of other ways like sonic waves  bobthedrummer   Dec-27-03 11:35 AM   #32 
     - HAARP  Minstrel Boy   Dec-27-03 01:22 PM   #41 
     - He is not a scientist. His PhD is in economics.  Silverhair   Dec-27-03 01:31 PM   #46 
        - Good point, but...  worldgonekrazy   Dec-27-03 03:57 PM   #66 
           - I am speaking specifically about the ability to remotely cause  Silverhair   Dec-27-03 06:04 PM   #72 
     - You haven't solved the problem of the huge amount of energy  Silverhair   Dec-27-03 01:27 PM   #44 
        - I'm a generalist, not a scientist  bobthedrummer   Dec-27-03 01:35 PM   #48 
           - Please show me scientific evidence.  Silverhair   Dec-27-03 02:51 PM   #59 
              - that's not necessarily true  Terwilliger   Dec-27-03 02:54 PM   #60 
                 - Besides, you would have to know the stress point, and it  Silverhair   Dec-27-03 03:52 PM   #63 
     - You are being logical. Tinfoil hatters don't like that. n/t  Silverhair   Dec-27-03 01:24 PM   #43 
     - Because a quake is considered  smirkymonkey   Dec-28-03 03:01 PM   #81 
        - Execpt for being impossible, you would be right.  Silverhair   Dec-28-03 03:49 PM   #84 
     - A flea jumping on an elephant's back has more chance of  Silverhair   Dec-27-03 01:22 PM   #42 
        - OK then,  uncle ray   Dec-27-03 05:54 PM   #71 
           - In 1903 commiting a person talking like that would have been correct.  Silverhair   Dec-27-03 06:25 PM   #73 
           - Here, here!!  smirkymonkey   Dec-28-03 03:16 PM   #82 
  - LOL  PSR40004   Dec-27-03 09:02 AM   #23 
  - Iran is tremendously earthquake prone  Lydia Leftcoast   Dec-27-03 10:44 AM   #27 
  - I doubt it  amazona   Dec-27-03 10:47 AM   #28 
  - Scalar capability's no big deal.  flatlandr   Dec-27-03 11:34 AM   #31 
  - The Sun and Moon Alignments Trigger Earthquakes  Demeter   Dec-27-03 11:40 AM   #33 
  - I just blew coffee out of my nose  cowpie   Dec-27-03 11:42 AM   #34 
  - Is that a new trick you've just learned?  0007   Dec-29-03 08:46 AM   #97 
  - Um .... got a reputable scientific source to back that up?  phaseolus   Dec-27-03 01:28 PM   #45 
  - Um...plate tectonics?  worldgonekrazy   Dec-27-03 04:00 PM   #67 
  - Iran gets put on the axis of evil...  AngryAmish   Dec-27-03 12:09 PM   #36 
  - you got a sense of humor  private_ryan   Dec-27-03 12:44 PM   #38 
  - I was wondering. We were bombing Baghdad at the time, I believe  leesa   Dec-27-03 12:19 PM   #37 
  - Perhaps an additional layer of foil might clear your mind  chthonic   Dec-27-03 01:09 PM   #40 
  - Yes, and as another poster pointed out in another thread  shawn703   Dec-27-03 01:38 PM   #49 
  - Love the picture, BTW  worldgonekrazy   Dec-27-03 04:02 PM   #68 
  - Posting here for momentary edit . . .  blondeatlast   Dec-27-03 02:51 PM   #58 
  - uh ... how insulting can I be here without getting deleted?  maggrwaggr   Dec-27-03 01:31 PM   #47 
  - Man, that is a brutal, but great pic you have there!  Selwynn   Dec-27-03 02:17 PM   #51 
  - This is precisely the type of silly horseshit that RW talk radio loves.  2dumb2beprez   Dec-27-03 02:30 PM   #52 
  - Yup, bet it'sd already the hit of FReepeRadio.  blondeatlast   Dec-27-03 02:50 PM   #57 
  - sheer insanity  Adjoran   Dec-27-03 02:36 PM   #53 
  - Sasquatch and Aliens  VegasVixen   Dec-29-03 05:28 PM   #133 
  - I've been thinking of designing a line of fashionable tinfoil hats . . .  blondeatlast   Dec-27-03 02:42 PM   #54 
  - that's a GREAT pic  Terwilliger   Dec-27-03 02:43 PM   #55 
  - I see no post asserting the earthquake was artificially induced;  Minstrel Boy   Dec-27-03 03:42 PM   #61 
  - The former Soviet Union funded a lot of crackpottery...  Shrikeangel   Dec-27-03 05:53 PM   #70 
  - Nonsense.  TomNickell   Dec-27-03 06:31 PM   #74 
  - My God, I agree with TomNickell...  Junkdrawer   Dec-27-03 07:24 PM   #76 
     - HAH!  blondeatlast   Dec-28-03 02:30 PM   #78 
     - That's progress. n/t  TomNickell   Dec-28-03 02:47 PM   #80 
  - it looks like the whole world's shaking:  Minstrel Boy   Dec-27-03 07:22 PM   #75 
  - That is a WAY cool site--thanks.  blondeatlast   Dec-28-03 02:31 PM   #79 
  - Any bonafide Geologists or  smirkymonkey   Dec-28-03 03:24 PM   #83 
  - Here is some valid reasoning why it is so silly.  Silverhair   Dec-28-03 04:19 PM   #85 
     - Completion of above post.  Silverhair   Dec-28-03 04:39 PM   #86 
        - sorry, no fancy degrees here...  uncle ray   Dec-29-03 02:56 AM   #91 
        - That's why you should learn some science. Even high school...  Silverhair   Dec-29-03 06:56 AM   #94 
           - i never claimed to know anything  uncle ray   Dec-29-03 01:41 PM   #121 
        - maybe you are with the administration ...  VegasVixen   Dec-29-03 05:34 PM   #134 
  - I highly doubt it...  Darranar   Dec-28-03 05:04 PM   #87 
  - Then why did nobody notice this? The Euro media would have said something  HypnoToad   Dec-28-03 05:23 PM   #88 
  - Tom Bearden describes how a Tesla Howitzer works  shawn703   Dec-28-03 09:46 PM   #89 
  - The post above is...  Shrikeangel   Dec-29-03 02:27 AM   #90 
  - blah blah blah blah blah  sujan   Dec-29-03 04:50 AM   #92 
  - well since earthquakes are an act of god  corporatewhore   Dec-29-03 04:52 AM   #93 
  - Whatever you're smoking  Loonman   Dec-29-03 07:03 AM   #95 
  - Thank you Silverhair....  Abaques   Dec-29-03 08:33 AM   #96 
  - I will second that  Blue_Chill   Dec-29-03 09:00 AM   #99 
  - Interesting...  Aries   Dec-29-03 08:53 AM   #98 
  - No, not interesting. STUPID!!!!!  Silverhair   Dec-29-03 09:29 AM   #100 
  - It's really sort of entertaining to see the overreaction  Aries   Dec-29-03 09:56 AM   #104 
     - Most politicians and journalists are quite ignorant of the sciences. n/t  Silverhair   Dec-29-03 10:00 AM   #106 
        - And that includes the Secretary of Defense?  Minstrel Boy   Dec-29-03 10:32 AM   #107 
           - That assumption would require intelligent on that member of  Silverhair   Dec-29-03 11:39 AM   #111 
           - It seems pretty clear to me...  Shrikeangel   Dec-29-03 01:09 PM   #114 
              - your ad hominem attack aside, I agree with you  Minstrel Boy   Dec-29-03 01:19 PM   #116 
                 - Ad hominem attack, forsooth!  Shrikeangel   Dec-29-03 04:22 PM   #126 
                    - If Cohen thought that the pursuit of such exotic weapons lacked merit,  Minstrel Boy   Dec-29-03 08:37 PM   #137 
                       - That's really a lot...  Shrikeangel   Dec-29-03 10:01 PM   #138 
                       - And don't forget the Soviet command economy  bobthedrummer   Dec-29-03 10:11 PM   #139 
  - You left out the part where the Fantastic Four  Blue_Chill   Dec-29-03 09:34 AM   #101 
  - Bovine Excrement.  picus9   Dec-29-03 01:24 PM   #119 
  - Nicely argued!  Aries   Dec-29-03 02:27 PM   #122 
  - Tesla's notes and papers...  Shrikeangel   Dec-29-03 04:44 PM   #127 
  - There are a lot of fault lines in Iran.  noonwitch   Dec-29-03 09:53 AM   #103 
  - Sorry for posting this  shawn703   Dec-29-03 09:58 AM   #105 
  - Actually...  RBHam   Dec-29-03 10:54 AM   #109 
  - What is significant - in my mind... is the level of cynicism  salin   Dec-29-03 11:01 AM   #110 
  - An interesting observation indeed. Unfortunately, I remember  Silverhair   Dec-29-03 11:48 AM   #112 
  - Interesting indeed  salin   Dec-29-03 11:53 AM   #113 
  - Yes, indeed it is interesting...  Shrikeangel   Dec-29-03 01:13 PM   #115 
     - Interesting  salin   Dec-29-03 02:30 PM   #123 
        - First Amendment rights...  Shrikeangel   Dec-29-03 03:50 PM   #125 
           - Again I didn't say anything of the sort  salin   Dec-29-03 05:24 PM   #132 
  - Gee, Mister y'all sure do spin a good yarn n'all.  picus9   Dec-29-03 05:22 PM   #131 
     - Is simply calling me a liar the best you can do for reasoning  Silverhair   Dec-29-03 11:58 PM   #145 
  - well said...  VegasVixen   Dec-29-03 05:46 PM   #135 
  - And they can turn around and use the cynicism against the cynics.  FDRrocks   Dec-29-03 10:12 PM   #141 
  - If it's on the Third World Network it has to be true.  picus9   Dec-29-03 01:21 PM   #118 
  - Iran earthquake conspiracy  VegasVixen   Dec-29-03 02:46 PM   #124 
  - I started to read...  Larry Gude   Dec-29-03 05:16 PM   #129 
  - This thread posed a hypothetical question:  Minstrel Boy   Dec-29-03 06:26 PM   #136 
  - Reptiloid aliens...  Shrikeangel   Dec-29-03 10:15 PM   #142 
  - Not all opinions are worthy of respect.  Silverhair   Dec-29-03 11:32 PM   #143 
     - And that includes the opinion "I don't know"?  Minstrel Boy   Dec-29-03 11:47 PM   #144 
        - If someone asked, "Do you think that liquid water might be dry?"  Silverhair   Dec-30-03 12:05 AM   #146 
           - LOL, you are the one with the space aliens and devils in this thread.  bobthedrummer   Dec-30-03 11:44 AM   #151 
  - Short answer: No  FDRrocks   Dec-29-03 10:12 PM   #140 
  - That was a Steven Seagal Movie  Fescue4u   Dec-30-03 03:08 AM   #147 
  - debunkers < truth seekers  thisday   Dec-30-03 10:50 AM   #148 
  - Disbelievers- please read this post  Tinoire   Dec-30-03 11:03 AM   #149 
  - Tinfoil hat time n/t  SmokingLoon   Dec-30-03 11:18 AM   #150 

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