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Reply #21: He gained 15 points [View All]

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dsc Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Dec-13-03 11:04 AM
Response to Reply #8
21. He gained 15 points
with the worst campaign in American History. He got a higher percentage of the popular vote than such horrid campaigners as Clinton (twice), Kennedy, and Truman. His margin of votes was higher than both Kennedy and Truman. The only Dems to beat his percentage since 1948 were LBJ and Carter. LBJ ran as heir to a martyr against a far right loon who everyone knew was a far right loon and Carter ran against the guy who pardoned Nixon. Yeah his campaign sure sucked. You are spreading Republican lies when you say that and if you don't believe me go to and do some reading.
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  -Will Bill Clinton split the Democratic Party? littlejoe  Dec-13-03 10:32 AM   #0 
  - Did Gore already split the party by making his premature, preemptive  chimpymustgo   Dec-13-03 10:40 AM   #1 
  - It can only be split  littlejoe   Dec-13-03 10:42 AM   #2 
  - No. The gauntlet was thrown. It's split. Face it  robbedvoter   Dec-13-03 10:58 AM   #17 
  - I agree 100%!  INTELBYTES   Dec-13-03 02:01 PM   #48 
  - Hilary Split The Party!! She was taking all the limelight. GORE WAS MAD  Sensitivity   Dec-13-03 11:35 AM   #29 
  - Couldn't Disagree More...  GR   Dec-13-03 10:43 AM   #4 
  - But it was okay for Gore to endorse - Gore who ran the worst campaign  chimpymustgo   Dec-13-03 10:48 AM   #8 
  - Let us remember that, if it weren't for Katherine Harris  littlejoe   Dec-13-03 10:52 AM   #10 
  - But Gore did NOT run the worse campaign  rock   Dec-13-03 10:54 AM   #12 
  - He gained 15 points  dsc   Dec-13-03 11:04 AM   #21 
  - excellent post dsc nt  vidali   Dec-13-03 01:51 PM   #46 
  - Right.  Old and In the Way   Dec-13-03 12:09 PM   #32 
  - Glad you are ready to hate him for what might happen  robbedvoter   Dec-13-03 11:00 AM   #20 
  - Sounds like you have some issues.  littlejoe   Dec-13-03 12:04 PM   #30 
  - You obviously already have "issues" with Clinton.  saywhat   Dec-13-03 12:47 PM   #42 
     - Yes, I will have an issue with Clinton, if  littlejoe   Dec-13-03 01:32 PM   #43 
        - I mean an issue about his sexual exploits.  saywhat   Dec-13-03 01:54 PM   #47 
           - Sexual exploits? Where did that remark come from?  littlejoe   Dec-13-03 02:01 PM   #49 
              - I meant to reply to someone else. Sorry.  saywhat   Dec-13-03 02:02 PM   #50 
                 - No problem. Peace.  littlejoe   Dec-13-03 02:12 PM   #51 
  - You 'heard' Gore was an 'opportunist'?  Q   Dec-13-03 12:07 PM   #31 
  - Slightly off topic here, but end result will be the same...  Catch22Dem   Dec-13-03 10:42 AM   #3 
  - I Believe Dean Can Handle Nader...nfm  GR   Dec-13-03 10:44 AM   #5 
  - Let's hope not.  littlejoe   Dec-13-03 10:52 AM   #11 
  - no, and it's already split  Iverson   Dec-13-03 10:46 AM   #6 
  - Excellent point. Clinton is a statesman.  robbedvoter   Dec-13-03 10:51 AM   #9 
  - While I do respect your opinion,  littlejoe   Dec-13-03 10:55 AM   #14 
     - clarification  Iverson   Dec-13-03 03:12 PM   #54 
  - It almost seems as though . . .  wndycty   Dec-13-03 10:46 AM   #7 
  - Someone said: Gore had to defend himself fron the Clinton's ambitions  robbedvoter   Dec-13-03 10:55 AM   #15 
  - On the contrary. I don't mean to sound like a  littlejoe   Dec-13-03 10:58 AM   #16 
  - But you do sound like a Clinton basher. Your post reminds me of Ruslut's  robbedvoter   Dec-13-03 11:06 AM   #22 
     - I'm always amazed at how things can get turned around  littlejoe   Dec-13-03 11:11 AM   #24 
     - I guess my problem is. . .  wndycty   Dec-13-03 11:18 AM   #26 
     - Labeling me a Clinton basher doesn't make it so.  littlejoe   Dec-13-03 11:17 AM   #25 
        - I did too  Jerseycoa   Dec-13-03 12:43 PM   #41 
           - Would you still be saying this, if  littlejoe   Dec-13-03 01:35 PM   #44 
              - Probably, because, every Clarkie would be defending  tameszu   Dec-13-03 03:29 PM   #55 
                 - You don't see me laughing. I live in the real world.  littlejoe   Dec-13-03 07:08 PM   #60 
  - Reason has  asjr   Dec-13-03 10:59 AM   #18 
     - And an excellent opinion it is. let the past be the past. It's the future  robbedvoter   Dec-13-03 11:07 AM   #23 
     - In a perfect world I would agree, but...  littlejoe   Dec-13-03 11:20 AM   #27 
  - The Clintons aren't going to be endorsing anybody  Droopy   Dec-13-03 10:55 AM   #13 
  - Another article said Clinton was on the phone w/ Dean when Gore  party_line   Dec-13-03 11:21 AM   #28 
     - I can't tell who called who  Jerseycoa   Dec-13-03 03:49 PM   #59 
  - Clinton won't split the party......  deminflorida   Dec-13-03 10:59 AM   #19 
  - I find it amazing that you would say such a thing,  littlejoe   Dec-13-03 12:11 PM   #35 
  - You are, of course, not serious....right?  Old and In the Way   Dec-13-03 12:22 PM   #39 
     - Dean wil be down 15 points or more in most states before the election  billbuckhead   Dec-13-03 12:32 PM   #40 
        - So you think Dean would be worse than another 4 years of Bush?  Old and In the Way   Dec-13-03 03:07 PM   #53 
  - The party was split a long time ago  rucky   Dec-13-03 12:10 PM   #33 
  - You ain't seen nothing yet, if  littlejoe   Dec-13-03 12:12 PM   #36 
  - It always amazes me  retyred   Dec-13-03 12:10 PM   #34 
  - They hadn't liked each other since selection 2000, what's the point?  HypnoToad   Dec-13-03 12:15 PM   #37 
  - No.  in_cog_ni_to   Dec-13-03 12:16 PM   #38 
  - the party is already split  TorchTheWitch   Dec-13-03 01:45 PM   #45 
  - Actually, most of the people are Clark are Gore people  tameszu   Dec-13-03 03:31 PM   #56 
  - He won't split the party but he wil endorse clark brefotrr the NY and CA  John_H   Dec-13-03 03:00 PM   #52 
  - Clinton won't endorse BEFORE the voters have spoken.  TexasSissy   Dec-13-03 03:38 PM   #57 
     - Clinton won't endorse because that is a public act  IndianaGreen   Dec-13-03 03:44 PM   #58 

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