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ThirdWheelLegend Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-09-03 01:34 AM
Response to Reply #21
24. hmmm...
He is the ultimate ABB advocate? I could probably find someone on DU who has done more relative to their ability and power to support ABB.

Why is he clearly the most motivated? Did he show you that by backing down during the election controversy? You would think if he reallllllly wanted Bush out he would have done more to keep him out in the first place.

I am still not sure what you mean by 'most credibility'.

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  -Of EVERYONE, Gore has the most credibility BullGooseLoony  Dec-08-03 11:27 PM   #0 
  - A matter of opinion  mmonk   Dec-08-03 11:28 PM   #1 
  - I'm Estatic that Gore endorsed Dean but  zidzi   Dec-08-03 11:31 PM   #2 
  - Thanks zidzi. I respect Gore but I will decide for myself.  Myra   Dec-09-03 02:13 AM   #25 
  - Not at all  mikehiggins   Dec-08-03 11:32 PM   #3 
  - Times have changed, though, and he does nothing but think  BullGooseLoony   Dec-08-03 11:36 PM   #5 
  - Drink the Kool-Aid, Ok!  dobak   Dec-08-03 11:36 PM   #4 
  - Drink the Kool-Aid?  BullGooseLoony   Dec-08-03 11:37 PM   #6 
  - yes...  dobak   Dec-08-03 11:49 PM   #14 
     - No, the Dean-bashers Can Drink the Kool-Aid  BullGooseLoony   Dec-08-03 11:56 PM   #17 
        - Optimism = Good / Arrogance = Bad  dobak   Dec-08-03 11:57 PM   #19 
  - Exactly - Ted Kennedy backs Kerry  kerryistheanswer   Dec-08-03 11:39 PM   #7 
  - Kennedy endorsing Kerry is no surprise.  BullGooseLoony   Dec-08-03 11:48 PM   #12 
  - Senator Byrd hasn't endorsed anyone yet  party_line   Dec-08-03 11:42 PM   #8 
  - A lot of lefties despise Gore, though  grasswire   Dec-08-03 11:46 PM   #9 
  - lefties may dislike Gore...  Terwilliger   Dec-08-03 11:48 PM   #10 
  - I haven't found that sentiment to be so widespread  party_line   Dec-08-03 11:49 PM   #13 
  - if byrd endorsed  meow mix   Dec-08-03 11:48 PM   #11 
  - no, but what does that matter?  Terwilliger   Dec-08-03 11:49 PM   #15 
  - Oh, I just saw this:  BullGooseLoony   Dec-08-03 11:54 PM   #16 
  - I just wish Gore had decided to run again  HEyHEY   Dec-08-03 11:57 PM   #18 
  - What kind of credibility? As in from which angle?  ThirdWheelLegend   Dec-09-03 12:00 AM   #20 
  - He is clearly the most motivated to get Bush out.  BullGooseLoony   Dec-09-03 12:03 AM   #21 
     - hmmm...  ThirdWheelLegend   Dec-09-03 01:34 AM   #24 
  - I'm amazed at the angst/elation about this thing  John_H   Dec-09-03 12:06 AM   #22 
     - You know, those are good questions.  BullGooseLoony   Dec-09-03 12:14 AM   #23 

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