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Reply #22: I think we are all waiting for an answer to the "zell" question... [View All]

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hlthe2b Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-07-03 11:12 AM
Response to Original message
22. I think we are all waiting for an answer to the "zell" question...
The only answer seems to be, he is just another REPUG sellout. Not unlike Colorado Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, except the latter had the decency to make it official and leave the Democratic Party. (excuse my mix of the off-quoted analogy, but a Native American swapping to the Repuglican party is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders).

I would never defend either one. To understand their actions though, is simply to acknowledge that they made the conscious decision to exploit the conservative tide that was coming to their State.

To somehow use Zell as the example to explain what is going on in the South is unfair, I think, except to acknowledge the Repub stronghold that has gripped the state, (like Colorado). But there are surely liberal strongholds, (e.g., Atlanta), just like there are in Colorado (Denver, Boulder, Aspen). No monolith here, just as there is no monolith in Georgia. And, as one who was largely raised in the South, issues of race and heritage are complex. Black and white "takes" on these issues do us all a disservice.
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  -A question about Zell Miller Southern Democrats posts chaumont58  Nov-07-03 10:14 AM   #0 
  - Personally  La_Serpiente   Nov-07-03 10:16 AM   #1 
  - Well  3CardMonte   Nov-07-03 10:18 AM   #2 
  - Zell's FDR quote  chaumont58   Nov-07-03 11:43 AM   #27 
  - I was raised in the South and I am  GumboYaYa   Nov-07-03 10:29 AM   #3 
  - I moved from NY to NC  3CardMonte   Nov-07-03 10:36 AM   #4 
  - Race relations in the South  CheezDawg   Nov-07-03 10:46 AM   #7 
  - Is this a large perception?  chaumont58   Nov-07-03 12:15 PM   #31 
     - Look at it this way.  GumboYaYa   Nov-07-03 12:48 PM   #35 
        - I agree with most of what you say  chaumont58   Nov-07-03 03:56 PM   #45 
  - I still don't see Zell  mmonk   Nov-07-03 10:41 AM   #5 
  - I agree  in_cog_ni_to   Nov-07-03 10:44 AM   #6 
  - Miller is  jarab   Nov-07-03 10:48 AM   #9 
  - Zell  CheezDawg   Nov-07-03 10:55 AM   #14 
     - Just what we need  in_cog_ni_to   Nov-07-03 11:01 AM   #16 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Nov-07-03 11:12 AM   #21 
        - Save the Democratic Party? That's a WHOPPER!  haymaker   Nov-07-03 11:21 AM   #25 
        - And whose head is up their posterior?  in_cog_ni_to   Nov-07-03 11:37 AM   #26 
        - Are the republicans stealing votes?  3CardMonte   Nov-07-03 12:38 PM   #33 
           - I'm sure the Democratic party  in_cog_ni_to   Nov-07-03 01:05 PM   #37 
              - I agree, the real issue is to stop using stolen votes  GumboYaYa   Nov-07-03 01:10 PM   #38 
              - Ya, just ignore it  in_cog_ni_to   Nov-07-03 01:20 PM   #39 
                 - "I'm not saying that diebold/bbv is not a big issue,  GumboYaYa   Nov-07-03 01:26 PM   #40 
              - I wonder  HotAndSpicy   Nov-07-03 01:46 PM   #44 
                 - Yup,  in_cog_ni_to   Nov-07-03 05:00 PM   #47 
        - You can be suspected of being a Freeper just by the tone of your post...  chaumont58   Nov-07-03 11:58 AM   #30 
     - ZELL MILLER IS F***ING DISGRACE  Skittles   Nov-07-03 11:04 AM   #18 
     - I AGREE!  in_cog_ni_to   Nov-07-03 11:05 AM   #19 
     - You are drastically misinformed.  haymaker   Nov-07-03 11:13 AM   #23 
     - Eh?  IAmJacksSmirkingRevenge   Nov-07-03 11:44 AM   #28 
     - Mid term elections  chaumont58   Nov-07-03 11:55 AM   #29 
     - So all the people in Georgia who were going to  in_cog_ni_to   Nov-07-03 12:17 PM   #32 
        - By the way, did Miller ever weigh in on the Chambliss behavior?  CBHagman   Nov-07-03 01:30 PM   #41 
        - I haven't heard him speak to that.  in_cog_ni_to   Nov-07-03 01:38 PM   #42 
           - Just learned that Miller did indeed back up Cleland.  CBHagman   Nov-07-03 04:22 PM   #46 
              - Miller did that huh?  in_cog_ni_to   Nov-07-03 05:07 PM   #48 
        - I think what the repukes did to Max Cleland is a god damn disgrace  chaumont58   Nov-07-03 01:45 PM   #43 
     - Dean is trying to do that. Zell hates Dean most of all.  Classical_Liberal   Nov-07-03 12:48 PM   #36 
  - A DINO?  CheezDawg   Nov-07-03 10:47 AM   #8 
  - Democrat in Name Only  Patriot_Spear   Nov-07-03 10:50 AM   #10 
  - Welcome, CheezDawg !!  jarab   Nov-07-03 10:56 AM   #15 
     - Thanks!  CheezDawg   Nov-07-03 11:13 AM   #24 
  - Happens in my state all the time...  Patriot_Spear   Nov-07-03 10:51 AM   #11 
  - The Confederate flag is not a Nazi symbol.  Ripley   Nov-07-03 10:54 AM   #12 
  - any attempt to ban the confederate flag  3CardMonte   Nov-07-03 11:01 AM   #17 
  - imo - Zell is doing the bidding of the Repukes - divide & conquer  cosmicdot   Nov-07-03 10:54 AM   #13 
  - Zell Miller is a Democrat the way that Jim Traficant was a Democrat...  random   Nov-07-03 11:10 AM   #20 
  - I think we are all waiting for an answer to the "zell" question...  hlthe2b   Nov-07-03 11:12 AM   #22 
  - Zell is voting repuke  Classical_Liberal   Nov-07-03 12:45 PM   #34 

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