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Reply #18: The latter, I'd say. Although instead of "sex fiend" I'd say... [View All]

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belle Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Oct-25-03 05:32 PM
Response to Reply #2
18. The latter, I'd say. Although instead of "sex fiend" I'd say...
Edited on Sat Oct-25-03 05:39 PM by belle
plain ol' fiend with some *serious* sexual disturbances.

But, yeah. Carol Queen actually coined a terrific term for these people, which I unfortunately can't remember. Groups together conservative anti-gay screamers like Jesse Helms and this guy along with anti-sex crusaders of other political flavors (Andrea Dworkin, etc.) ("Contrasexual," was it? Anyway). Basically, her theory was it's not just projection on the moralizers' parts (i.e. that they secretly want to do the things they rail against)--that's pretty much a gimme. But also, they specifically get off on getting outraged. The idea was that the screaming and ranting and book-burning itself was a weird sort of erotic charge. Actual, more straightforward sex with the reviled object in question (women, teenaged boys, leathermen, whatever) is optional. Clearly, though, it's not enough for these people (the actual, straightforward sex), even if done strictly in the closet. The revulsion they feel, while a mask, is also real; somehow, their sex drives got warped so that they can't get off unless they're disgusted. Fun, fun, fun!
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