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TahitiNut Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Dec-15-05 12:18 PM
Response to Original message
6. ((Bending over.))
Johnny Cash came to our NCO Club at Long Binh in '69 and gave a 'concert' that included June Carter. I, along with about 25% of those there, walked out after the first 10-15 minutes. He was disgusting. Totally. Besides dropping f-bombs every 10 seconds, he engaged in the kind of brain-dead, nasty derision of officers and NCOs that only those with a cartoonish comprehension of military people perceive. Even in Viet Nam, we had better things to do than sit and listen to a foul-mouthed asshole. Up until that time, I'd thought Johnny Cash was decent music and experienced in the "school of hard knocks." He portrayed himself as clueless and immature.
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  -It seems the latest DU trend is to fight about movies CatWoman  Dec-15-05 11:59 AM   #0 
  - I saw the movie and loved it  MadisonProgressive   Dec-15-05 12:01 PM   #1 
  - actually looking forward to it myself  sui generis   Dec-15-05 12:06 PM   #4 
  - thicker skin is what we should mass produce  sui generis   Dec-15-05 12:04 PM   #2 
  - mass produce it AND bottle it.....  jus_the_facts   Dec-15-05 12:05 PM   #3 
  - that's the ticket, Amber!!!!  CatWoman   Dec-15-05 12:13 PM   #5 
  - ((Bending over.))  TahitiNut   Dec-15-05 12:18 PM   #6 
  - this is the first time I've heard/read someone describe that side of him  CatWoman   Dec-15-05 12:25 PM   #7 
  - June Carter wrote that!  MadisonProgressive   Dec-15-05 01:01 PM   #17 
  - He was all durgged out during that period  MadisonProgressive   Dec-15-05 01:02 PM   #18 
     - Well, he could've mailed in his performance and done better.  TahitiNut   Dec-15-05 01:36 PM   #23 
  - DUCK SEASON!!!!  RandomKoolzip   Dec-15-05 12:26 PM   #8 
  - BWAHAHAHAHAHA  CatWoman   Dec-15-05 12:31 PM   #9 
     - LESS FILLING!  RandomKoolzip   Dec-15-05 12:32 PM   #10 
        - ONCE AND FOR ALL --  CatWoman   Dec-15-05 12:32 PM   #11 
        - D'oh!  RandomKoolzip   Dec-15-05 12:37 PM   #12 
        - No kidding.. I posted a thread  walldude   Dec-15-05 01:09 PM   #20 
        - "Holiday season" = nutmeg.  TahitiNut   Dec-15-05 12:54 PM   #15 
        - No it's Wabbit Season! n/t  walldude   Dec-15-05 12:45 PM   #13 
           - Duck season! Whaddya think the "D" in "DLC" stands for?!  RandomKoolzip   Dec-15-05 12:58 PM   #16 
  - Johnny Cash was one of the best live shows I've ever seen  Loonman   Dec-15-05 12:46 PM   #14 
  - I loved "Walk the Line", I was disapointed in "Capote" though.  tjwash   Dec-15-05 01:08 PM   #19 
     - Capote got excellent reviews, tho  CatWoman   Dec-15-05 01:25 PM   #21 
        - Just my opinion, but It was just a bit darker than I thought it would be.  tjwash   Dec-15-05 01:27 PM   #22 

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