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Reply #20: Most people think it should be privitized if nesscary [View All]

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JohnKleeb Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Oct-14-03 10:53 PM
Response to Reply #1
20. Most people think it should be privitized if nesscary
Edited on Tue Oct-14-03 10:54 PM by JohnKleeb
I dont think it should either.
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  -Has anyone here ever had their mind changed about an issue after reading AP  Oct-14-03 08:41 PM   #0 
  - I have found that most DU'ers and I think alike  Clete   Oct-14-03 08:46 PM   #1 
  - I've learned a lot here...  deseo   Oct-14-03 09:01 PM   #8 
  - Let me explain something to you.  Clete   Oct-14-03 09:11 PM   #10 
  - Most people think it should be privitized if nesscary  JohnKleeb   Oct-14-03 10:53 PM   #20 
  - Yes,  Stevie D   Oct-14-03 08:50 PM   #2 
  - I've changed my mind several times  Walt Starr   Oct-14-03 08:50 PM   #3 
  - What issues did you change your mind about?  AP   Oct-14-03 08:52 PM   #5 
     - For example, today in the pledge of allegiance thread...  LittleApple81   Oct-14-03 09:00 PM   #7 
  - Yes - the latest posts about Pat Buchanan  laura888   Oct-14-03 08:51 PM   #4 
  - What I learned at DU  RatTerrier   Oct-14-03 08:53 PM   #6 
  - hmmmm...  bpilgrim   Oct-14-03 09:07 PM   #9 
  - Two Big Ones, Thanks to IG  DoveTurnedHawk   Oct-14-03 09:13 PM   #11 
  - Broadened.  LWolf   Oct-14-03 09:15 PM   #12 
  - Read this:  AP   Oct-15-03 02:38 AM   #22 
     - Interesting, as well.  LWolf   Oct-15-03 07:44 AM   #25 
  - I changed my mind...  jbm   Oct-14-03 09:28 PM   #13 
  - I've become a lot more tolerant of Democratic moderates  0rganism   Oct-14-03 09:59 PM   #14 
  - None of us are so wise as to never make mistakes  BeFree   Oct-14-03 10:34 PM   #17 
  - the thread about outing a gay politician who votes against gay issues  Skittles   Oct-14-03 10:02 PM   #15 
  - I've changed my views on a few things, but the problem is that  blkgrl   Oct-14-03 10:32 PM   #16 
  - I came here with my opinions pretty fully formed.  Finnfan   Oct-14-03 10:46 PM   #18 
  - Interesting. Lots of enlightenment. Little changing of minds.  AP   Oct-14-03 10:52 PM   #19 
  - Enlightened is right, AP!  DemEx_pat   Oct-15-03 08:50 AM   #33 
  - I've wised up about a lot of things  Eloriel   Oct-14-03 10:55 PM   #21 
  - None Changed  REP   Oct-15-03 05:11 AM   #23 
  - No, not so far, but I'm a relative newbie,  diamondsoul   Oct-15-03 06:19 AM   #24 
  - I have had my views "tweaked" a few degrees....  rasputin1952   Oct-15-03 08:28 AM   #26 
  - By reading these forums...  jfetoe   Oct-15-03 08:35 AM   #27 
  - Yes I have.  MrsGrumpy   Oct-15-03 08:36 AM   #28 
  - It confirmed my suspicions about the govt. involvement in 911  janekat   Oct-15-03 08:39 AM   #29 
  - Not that I can think of...  curse10   Oct-15-03 08:40 AM   #30 
  - Boring  HFishbine   Oct-15-03 08:42 AM   #31 
  - yes..i use to support Powell...DU pointed me to many past evils this man  ElsewheresDaughter   Oct-15-03 08:48 AM   #32 
  - In some ways, DU has turned me into a political bigot  GregW   Oct-15-03 08:54 AM   #34 

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