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Reply #30: he is trying to send the message "what, me worried? no" [View All]

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don954 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Oct-20-05 01:59 PM
Response to Original message
30. he is trying to send the message "what, me worried? no"
but, if you notice, his face is way too tense, this is the fakeist smile i have ever seen.
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  -Delay mugshot on CNN tgnyc  Oct-20-05 01:45 PM   #0 
  - Of course he is!  Tennessee Gal   Oct-20-05 01:46 PM   #1 
  - why no numbers?  rodeodance   Oct-20-05 01:46 PM   #2 
  - it sure does not look like a mug shot to me.  rodeodance   Oct-20-05 01:47 PM   #5 
  - That was the point  tgnyc   Oct-20-05 01:47 PM   #7 
  - Good question  tgnyc   Oct-20-05 01:50 PM   #12 
  - why shouldn't he?  nadinbrzezinski   Oct-20-05 01:46 PM   #3 
  - From the Smoking Gun:  Jessica   Oct-20-05 01:47 PM   #4 
  - And what about the profile shot?  cat_girl25   Oct-20-05 01:48 PM   #10 
  - That's no mugshot, bet we get the real one later  MadJohnShaft   Oct-20-05 01:47 PM   #6 
  - cnn said it was the official mugshot that had been released.  rodeodance   Oct-20-05 01:48 PM   #8 
  - By which official? The law enforcement people or Delay's  Skidmore   Oct-20-05 01:53 PM   #20 
  - Apparently, that's it. He knew the world would see it. It had to make it  tgnyc   Oct-20-05 01:48 PM   #9 
  - Didn't show that spot on the back of the head right?  goclark   Oct-20-05 01:51 PM   #13 
  - msnbc just said-believe it or not-this is his mugshot.  rodeodance   Oct-20-05 01:51 PM   #16 
  - Bingo  demobabe   Oct-20-05 01:52 PM   #18 
  - Yes, that is a mug shot. He's not spending time in jail or prison yet  Walt Starr   Oct-20-05 01:53 PM   #19 
     - ...and a good lookin' rug it is, too! n/t  nickyt   Oct-20-05 01:57 PM   #26 
  - It's the photo you see beside the dictionary definition of  BlacknBlue in Red NC   Oct-20-05 01:50 PM   #11 
  - Can't be, Have you ever tried to smile when your asshole  madokie   Oct-20-05 01:51 PM   #14 
  - I thought the date was Friday? ....n/t  WiseButAngrySara   Oct-20-05 01:51 PM   #15 
  - and to think  FranzFerdinand   Oct-20-05 01:51 PM   #17 
  - Only a psychopath  DoYouEverWonder   Oct-20-05 01:54 PM   #21 
  - looks more like an official congressional pic (or something similar).  rodeodance   Oct-20-05 01:55 PM   #22 
  - Must be nice to be a rich white collar criminal. "Booking" means  Marr   Oct-20-05 01:55 PM   #23 
  - the smile does not reach his eyes  hippiegranny   Oct-20-05 01:56 PM   #24 
  - .  Dover   Oct-20-05 01:56 PM   #25 
  - Isn't there supposed to be some numbers in front of him?  Pepper32   Oct-20-05 01:57 PM   #27 
  - Freepers are salivating.  Jessica   Oct-20-05 01:58 PM   #28 
  - Interesting. The best pic I have ever seen of him.  cassiepriam   Oct-20-05 01:58 PM   #29 
  - he is trying to send the message "what, me worried? no"  don954   Oct-20-05 01:59 PM   #30 
  - WHERE'S the freaking NUMBERS?  calmblueocean   Oct-20-05 02:04 PM   #31 
  - Difference between Houston police and Houston county  toska   Oct-20-05 02:31 PM   #39 
  - Looks like a shifty car salesman  dogday   Oct-20-05 02:05 PM   #32 
  - Yes, it's true...vampires really DO show up on film......  TK421   Oct-20-05 02:06 PM   #33 
  - That smile ain't gonna last once  shraby   Oct-20-05 02:07 PM   #34 
  - This is an INSULT and SLAP in the FACE  symbolman   Oct-20-05 02:09 PM   #35 
  - Jeez, you think he might have been a bit coached on this one?...  SidDithers   Oct-20-05 02:10 PM   #36 
  - Ha! Given his activities, he's probably been preparing for years!  alcibiades_mystery   Oct-20-05 02:22 PM   #38 
  - LOL: Good pic!  alcibiades_mystery   Oct-20-05 02:19 PM   #37 
  - Ahhh...  shenmue   Oct-20-05 02:32 PM   #40 
  - Dont' they do a side shot too? n/t  Uncle Joe   Oct-20-05 02:40 PM   #41 
  - Does anybody know what's on the lapel pin?  LoZoccolo   Oct-20-05 02:43 PM   #42 
  - can someone...  lizlib   Oct-20-05 02:53 PM   #43 
  - Just Released! Second Shot!  DistressedAmerican   Oct-20-05 02:54 PM   #44 

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