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Reply #31: Watch or listen to Mary Landreiu on C-span2 instead. She is pissed. [View All]

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Pirate Smile Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Oct-06-05 09:26 AM
Response to Original message
31. Watch or listen to Mary Landreiu on C-span2 instead. She is pissed.
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  -We need a volunteer with a strong stomach to watch at 10:10 today. IdaBriggs  Oct-06-05 09:01 AM   #0 
  - oh come on---  rodeodance   Oct-06-05 09:02 AM   #1 
  - I become physically ill and begin to vomit  bowens43   Oct-06-05 09:03 AM   #2 
  - Just remember - educated men put him there because he can and will  higher class   Oct-06-05 09:52 AM   #33 
  - I'll do it. - What channel?  Midlodemocrat   Oct-06-05 09:04 AM   #3 
  - We've got your back, Midlodemocrat  marylanddem   Oct-06-05 09:06 AM   #8 
  - Thank you! You are a brave soul!  IdaBriggs   Oct-06-05 09:08 AM   #16 
  - I'm not actually watching, mind you, just listening.  Midlodemocrat   Oct-06-05 09:11 AM   #20 
  - Has he announced our invasion of Iran yet?  No Exit   Oct-06-05 09:32 AM   #32 
  - I can't stand looking at him  BobbyinPortland   Oct-06-05 09:04 AM   #4 
  - Can't look at him, can't listen to him  marylanddem   Oct-06-05 09:04 AM   #5 
  - "The Long War"  jhain   Oct-06-05 09:05 AM   #6 
  - He's playing to a room full of fellow war mongers  shadowknows69   Oct-06-05 09:06 AM   #9 
     - Beautiful Description! Wow! nt  IdaBriggs   Oct-06-05 09:10 AM   #19 
        - I'm crass but to the point  shadowknows69   Oct-06-05 09:13 AM   #25 
  - But if you don't watch.....  Chimpys_Last_Stand   Oct-06-05 09:06 AM   #7 
  - I'm on it as long as I can stand  shadowknows69   Oct-06-05 09:07 AM   #11 
  - Don't have the stomach today...  Digit   Oct-06-05 09:06 AM   #10 
  - I am assuming that it starts in a few minutes  pointblank   Oct-06-05 09:07 AM   #12 
  - He's started to speak  highplainsdem   Oct-06-05 09:08 AM   #13 
  - "Amurrikans are proud to have played their role in this great story" - jaw  highplainsdem   Oct-06-05 09:09 AM   #18 
     - all i can take sorry  shadowknows69   Oct-06-05 09:11 AM   # 
  - The Stephanie Miller' show is going to play it live, and mock and ridicule  Pirate Smile   Oct-06-05 09:08 AM   #14 
  - I am listening through her show.  Debau2005   Oct-06-05 09:11 AM   #21 
  - I ALWAYS watch when he's on, just in case  dogfacedboy   Oct-06-05 09:08 AM   #15 
  - I am going to try  Debau2005   Oct-06-05 09:09 AM   #17 
  - Should have taken a flight sickness medication  Mr_Spock   Oct-06-05 09:11 AM   #23 
     - Listen on Stephanie Miller  Debau2005   Oct-06-05 09:13 AM   #26 
  - The applause seems half-hearted.  highplainsdem   Oct-06-05 09:11 AM   #22 
  - I think so, too.  Midlodemocrat   Oct-06-05 09:12 AM   #24 
  - He said "reason" instead of "region".  lumberingbear   Oct-06-05 09:18 AM   #27 
  - Who writes this crap? n/t  marylanddem   Oct-06-05 09:19 AM   #28 
  - Sorry, I Had To Bail  Tace   Oct-06-05 09:20 AM   #29 
  - "We were not in Iraq on September 11, 2001."  TahitiNut   Oct-06-05 09:22 AM   #30 
  - Watch or listen to Mary Landreiu on C-span2 instead. She is pissed.  Pirate Smile   Oct-06-05 09:26 AM   #31 

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